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Planning on Making a Blog about Pets? Here Are Some Topics to Tackle – 2024 Guide

For a pet lover, blogging about pets might be the best thing to do. If this is also your line of business, then it might be all the more reasons to start blogging. With that in mind, how should you tackle the blog? What topics should you write about? Well, you may go for anything that brings you interest – but for starters, here are some topics you can try to tackle first.

1. Holiday Gift Guide for Your Pet

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Are you anywhere near a holiday? Or perhaps you may target pet owners who have birthdays coming around for their pets? In that case, you might want to consider blogging about gifts that you can make or give your pet. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a guide on physical gifts – but instead, tips to make sure your pet feels loved and appreciated around the holidays.

2. Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During Summer

Summer is a great time to have some fun outdoors with your pet. The problem is that while the outdoors holds promise, it holds dangers as well. This is why you may want to write a blog on how to keep pets safe from sunburns, allergies, ticks, heatstroke, and dehydration. Teach owners how to make sure their pets have fun as well.

3. The Pros and Cons of Microchipping

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Many owners debate whether or not they should microchip their pets. As a blogger, you can take this opportunity to keep them informed. Tell them about the advantages, as well as the drawbacks of putting a microchip in your pet. Based on the facts, they should determine whether microchipping is the right route for them to take.

4. What to Give Your Pet as a Treat

Good boys and girls deserve treats. Perhaps their dog learned a training command. Or maybe they managed to go the whole day without barking at the mailman. In that case, they deserve some tasty treats. You can suggest standard healthy alternatives, such as baby carrots or some apple pieces. You may also suggest organic CBD dog treats or any other tasty options for them. Check this website to see a wide selection of organic CBD dog treats.

5. Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

img source: huffingtonpost.com

Traveling is often a family activity, and there’s no way pet owners leave their four-legged family members behind. So, you can write about how to travel with your pet safely. About 15% of pet owners lose their pets, which happens on the road very often. Since they do not want to lose their pets, it’s up to you to teach them how to keep their pets safe.

6. How to Help an Overweight Pet

Pets do not understand the health risks associated with eating too much. Sure, some pets can control their appetite. However, others can’t do that – especially if they like food. More than half of the cats and dogs in the United States are obese. So, for owners dealing with this problem, you might want to write about tips on how to help their pets lose some weight.

7. How to Take Pictures of Your Pet

Unlike people, pets don’t sit for pictures. You have to wait for the right moment, such as when they are too tired to move or focusing on something that has their attention. These tips are sometimes very simple, but owners don’t always know about them – and in the end, take pictures of their pets that are either blurry or unflattering. Use your research skills to tell them how to take a proper picture or what photography tools they should use in that regard.

8. Best Recipes to Make Homemade Dog Food

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Sure, most people buy dog food for their four-legged companions, but that is not always the best alternative for their wallets. This is why many people want to be creative and put their kitchen skills to good use – but rather than just cook for themselves, they want to cook for their pets too. Make a list of unique and tasty recipes that they can try out.

9. Tips to Care for a Shelter Rescue Dog

More and more people are adopting rescue dogs that have been abandoned and left at a shelter. That said, while the action became a movement, taking care of a shelter dog can have its complications. Not only are they untrained, but they might also have some trauma that might still haunt them. Write about the best tips to care for a shelter dog so that owners can help their new family members get comfortable.

10. Top Thing You Learn As a Pet Parent

Life appeared to be very straightforward before you had a pet. Sure, the same unexpected complications can happen to life after your pet – but the difference is that one can say with certainty that some things will change after adopting a pet. It may be realizing that pet-proofing will take up a great part of your life, or that trips cannot be gone on without them (or without someone to care for them). Write an article and talk about the main things you learn after you become a pet parent.

11. How to Pet-Proof Your Home

img source: ksat.com

Pets are, in a way, just like children. They may stick their noses where they aren’t supposed to, break things, go through everything, and overall make a mess of your house. A pet owner who wants to keep both their house and their pet safe will be interested in how they can pet-proof their home. Provide them with some simple steps in that regard.

12. What to Do If You Lose Your Pet

We never want this to happen – but nonetheless, disaster may sometimes strike, and your pet may disappear. For pet owners desperate to find their pets, write a list of things they have to do. This may include contacting local shelters, advertising, or putting their favorite food or training pad outside.

The Bottom Line

You can tackle numerous tactics as a pet blogger, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. Simply put yourself in the shoes of a pet owner – or if you already have a pet, write about your daily curiosities and adventures.

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