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Makeup Trends For 2024: What Do You Need To Know?

First decide which cosmetics are right for you. What you don’t like on your skin: shine or dryness. If it’s shiny, it’s better to choose a matte foundation. But only if your skin has visible pores. If your pores are not visible and your skin is shiny, it’s a sign that your skin is dehydrated and dry. What blushes are right for you? Choose one that will transform you.

When it comes to eyeshadows, opt for matte shades. For every day you may want a light, creamy matte shade, apply it to your unblinking eyelid and under your brow. If you do not use a pencil, you will need dark brown or dark gray shades of matte shadow. You can use them to accentuate the contour of your lashes instead of a pencil.

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The most important thing is the quality of cosmetics. Of course, you can save money and buy a cheaper product, but there is a risk that the cosmetics will be of poor quality or will damage your skin at all. That’s why we advise you to buy cosmetics only from proven brands, such as https://romanovamakeup.us/.

Cosmetics are developed by the best factories and laboratories in Germany, Italy and South Korea.

So, what will be popular in 2024?

Nude and lots of blush – that’s the motto of the most fashionable makeup in 2024. Your cheeks look like they got burnt in the sun, reddened after sport activities or reddened by frost – any blush is in fashion now. This makeup will not only brighten up your cheerless day, it will also refresh your face, because during the rainy season it becomes more and more gray. This makeup version is especially popular at the end of winter and at the beginning of spring, when the lack of vitamins is very important.

A lot of glitter is another motto for makeup in 2024. Glitter in makeup hasn’t surprised anyone at fashion weeks in a long time, but it seems that makeup artists managed to reinvent this trend as well: in the spring-summer 2024 season, the catwalk shone in a new way.

Source: romanovamakeup.com

Glitter can be used on your eyelids, you can use it on your cheekbones instead of highlighter, on your lips even instead of blush. And for summer festival makeup, it is the best of all possible options. This kind of makeup can be done very quickly and easily.


The 2000s are returning to fashion not only in clothes, but also in makeup. The 2000s have been inspiring designers and celebrities for many seasons, and spring-summer 2024 brought back lip glosses: you could see them in the shows of almost all fashion brands.

A good lip gloss is a must-have this year. Bright or transparent, lacquer or shimmering – choose the version that suits you. After the total domination of matte lipsticks in makeup, lip glosses are a breath of fresh air. They refresh the face and make it more relaxed.

Makeup is increasingly becoming a tool not for transformation, but for creative self-expression. And the spring-summer shows gave us a whole bunch of bright examples. It can be glitter, and bright shadows, and even piercings as an element of makeup. Anything – right down to rhinestones in your hair. Don’t limit yourself – especially if you’re not restricted by a strict dress code.

If you don’t like or can’t draw, that’s okay. A natural, as if without makeup face is one of the main trends of the last few seasons, and year after year it does not subside, but becomes more and more powerful. True, here too, you can’t do without makeup – even if it seems like there’s no makeup on your face.

Nude is the most popular makeup look, both live and on screen. It is the most attractive and easy to use, and it will help hide flaws and accentuate virtues. To create this type of makeup you do not need a lot of time or money. It is enough to moisturize the skin, apply concealer if there are any flaws, and then apply foundation or BB cream, a little blush, bronzer, highlighter and mascara.

Source: romanovamakeup.com

The nude is done. Also in fashion is a nude that requires minimal use of makeup. That is, literally, concealer to correct the eye area, blush for freshness, and highlighter, lip gloss, and whatever brow product you are comfortable with. Images with this minimum of makeup always look very successful. By the way, top highlighters are available at romanova makeup.


A nude with an accent is another current makeup option. Add active lashes to the nude, or a bright lipstick, or an accent of blush and highlighter, or an arrow. An important point: it is important to choose something alone as an accent.

Minimalism. The principle of minimalism is relevant not only in clothing, but also in cosmetics. Less is better. Your cosmetic bag should not resemble the suitcase of a professional makeup artist. Focus on quality, not quantity.

Hairstyles, of course, are also an important element of the image – along with makeup. And there are a few fashionable options here as well

Source: glaminati.com
  • Caught in a downpour? Consider yourself lucky: the rain has provided you with one of the most popular hairstyles of recent seasons. There were a lot of wet hairstyles at the fall and winter shows, but now the elements are in full swing. The wet hair effect always looks incredibly stylish, and the effect is sure to be on trend in 2024.
  • Sloppy styles. They are easy to do with a hair iron or a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. Straight hair, on the other hand, has noticeably lost its position. Leave perfectly straightened strands with a flat iron for later.
  • Lightweight curls. It does not matter how you make them – with a curling iron, large diameter curlers, a modern styler or curlers. The main thing is lightness and effect, as if you just got out of bed.
  • Light volume. Here there is no smooth hair and strong volume, which can be achieved by using goffer or volume powder. Just a freshly washed head effect is exactly the option that is most fashionable now and that always looks very beautiful and spectacular.

Some trends are also related to self-care. Specifically:

Source: healthline.com
  • Minimalism. Obviously, care is a very, very individual thing, but the principle of minimalism is important here as well. Not so long ago, we were still learning about the difference between acids and retinol and whether or not we should use sunscreen after using vitamin C products, but now it’s important to just choose a care line for your own skin needs and react as little as possible to advertising promises and, of course, to consume less. Makeup remover, cleanser, serum, cream, toner or toner and eye cream – believe me, that’s enough.
  • Careful skin care. Again, high percentages are fine if they are prescribed to you in the form of products recommended by your dermatologist or cosmetologist. But if you choose your own care, it’s important to choose “safe” products with which you won’t harm yourself.
  • Glowing skin. This is the common ground that can be found between makeup and grooming trends. Glow with care and glow with makeup – that’s the motto for the coming year.
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