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4 Most Effective Kratom Strains To Relieve Bad Pain  

Alkaloids and mitragynine are the main elements of this plant found in the leaves. They also act as analgesics due to their sedative effect.

Thanks to opioid receptors, kratom has the ability to relieve pain. Another good thing about this plant is that it raises serotonin levels. This encourages the release of positive emotions in the body and reduces the bad ones caused by pain.
It has been proven to have a positive effect on establishing better concentration, eliminating fatigue, as it does with chronic pain.


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It is the most common reason why patients see a doctor on all continents. It can vary in intensity, duration, localization, the way it manifests, and especially the way it is experienced. It is a very complex and subjective experience, perception, and feeling that is a symptom behind which there is always some reason that led to the pain itself.

Also, the pain has an evolutionarily defensive, protective role because a person pays attention to what caused him an unpleasant sensation and leads him to turn to someone for help in order to cure the symptom, but also to discover the existing cause.
Precisely because of its complexity, it seems to elude comprehensive definitions and unique classifications. When we add to that that in addition to physical, there is also mental pain, the subject is complicated in many ways, however, in this text, we will talk only about the best kratom strains which will you eliminate it.

Best strains for pain relief:

1. Bali strain

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This type of kratom is formed by a mixture of two and thus a high concentration of alkaloids that relieve pain is achieved. Its availability is wide, you can find it in as many as three colors and thus try the healing properties of green, red, and white.
The strongest one is red. It has been proven that its effect lasts up to 5 hours without stopping. Thus, this is the best choice for those who struggle with severe pain every day, because red kratom not only has a strong effect but also very quickly – up to 10 minutes. This is important if you take it before bed, it is the best time to use this type.

2. Malay strain

Source: kratomexchange.com

Its name originated as an abbreviation of “Malaysian”. This Malay type has a very powerful effect. It is true that it does not have as much of a sedative effect on the body as, say, Bali Kratom, but the time of action and the power of instant relief are the same.
Due to its speed of action, this is the best choice for those who are in pain in everyday functioning and need a fast and safe solution to implement the optimal level of productivity.

So our recommendation to you would be the green color of this strain. Its name is also Super Green Malay. It is a natural remedy for solving several problems at once, and in addition to our main topic, it is anxiety, poor concentration, and mood.

3. Maeng Da strain

Source: kratommasters.com

It can be said that this species stands out from the others due to its uniqueness. What is special about this type of kratom is that it is not part of the basic division of types of kratom. It was created as a completely separate species, grown in specific conditions, and thus a higher content of mitragynine was obtained.

Unlike the previously mentioned types, this kratom has a less sedative effect, but it stimulates more, which makes it easy to use, so you can use it throughout the day.

Since you can use it all day, users usually use it for chronic fatigue, rheumatism, back problems, etc. The only downside, according to kratom rack review is that you could experience nausea when taking this strain for the first time. But don’t worry, the second time you will be fine.

4. Borneo strain

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The effect of this type is to relieve pain with a calming effect. Its strength is enough to relieve annoying pain, and on the other hand, it stimulates yours and that makes it good for those who suffer from anxiety.

Red, green, and white offer different positive effects. If there is a greater balance between the stimulating effect and the sedative, then the best choice is green kratom. On the other hand, white with short use automatically eliminates pain in the shortest possible time.

Our advice is that you consume this plant for preventive purposes during the early hours of the day.

Dosing recommendations

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It is known that the effects of this herb essentially depend on the amount consumed. This means that the most important thing is what do you take and that you can determine the level of relaxation you want to achieve.

Why is this important? We believe that each of you has a different tolerance threshold for any drug, including this one, do not look at others but observe your body and pay attention to things such as your age, body weight, and gender.

For example, by consuming up to 2 grams of this plant, you achieve the following effects: positive emotions, a slight lifting of mood. It is important to go through this phase as a beginner and not to start with higher doses, this is ideal to see how you react to the plant.

Up to 4 grams already offers you a slightly different experience, with this dose you can greatly control the pain and thus reduce the symptoms that are subtle in nature.

The dose of 8 grams is very strong and it just causes sedative effects and a sudden rise in mood. Be careful not to overdo it because exceeding this dose can cause side effects such as constipation and nausea so be careful first and foremost.

How to improve your experience?

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It is best to consume this herb in the morning before breakfast. In this way, you achieve the strongest possible effect, and on the other hand, use it for preventive purposes.

Do not use the same strain all the time. Rotate them over time to avoid potential dependence and the development of resistance to a particular species.

As we mentioned earlier, when determining the dose, it is very important whether you are a beginner or a consumer for some time. Start with the minimum dose, and then slowly increase it to your ideal dose.

Most important: Buy only from a reliable and trusted supplier. Standard is a very important thing when it comes to this purchase. By no means should you agree to less, with this, you can use a plant that will only allow you harmful effects and thus endanger your health.


We hope you have understood the powerful therapeutic effects of this medicine in this text. In addition, never forget the recommended dose, the different effects of several species, and the basic rules of using this fantastic plant.

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