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4 Reasons You Need to Insulate Water Pipes in your House

When it comes to home repairs, renovating, or remodeling, one thing that can be of great importance and that we often overlook is insulation. Money always plays a huge role, of course, but money shouldn’t be a reason not to invest in something that can have a great effect on protecting our home. Every home builder will recommend that insulation should not be an option but a must thing to do, especially when it comes to exposed water pipes.

There are a number of reasons why one should insulate water pipes in their home, and for those who are still uncertain whether investing money in doing so is beneficial or not, we will further discuss this topic, check out some facts, and present you with the top FIVE most important reasons why insulating water pipes in your home should be on top of your to-do list about your home. So, let’s start.

It prevents freezing

Source: clevelandwater.com

Now, even though many would think that this reason should only influence the decision for those who live in colder areas where the temperatures can be freezing, it is actually suited for everyone, no matter the climate and temperatures. But, let’s start with the obvious, as particularly in the areas where temperatures during the winter months can drop significantly, not insulating exposed water pipes can be a huge issue and lead to many problems with households. One of the biggest problems is pipeline freezing because it can lead to cracking, and once when the pipe is broken, it is necessary to change t, which is not an easy job. Sometimes freezing can lead to the breaking of all pipes, and once the temperature starts rising, it can lead to leakage, so all of them need to be replaced. The insulation can prevent freezing, so once you do that, there is no need to worry about cold winters since it will be almost impossible for your pipeline to freeze and crack. That can save you a lot of effort and money since it is easier to insulate them once than to change them every year. And for those who live in places where cold weather is not an issue but still have troubles with too many hot days during the summer, insulating them can actually help control the water temperature, meaning that it will not get too hot. Of course, this is mainly for pipes that are exposed.

It will extend the life of the pipes

Source: thespruce.com

This one is where people often make a mistake, and even though they pay more and get pipes of great quality, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the job is done. Specifically, by installing quality water pipes, you will not have to worry about fixing them or entirely changing them in the near future, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot extend their life. No matter the quality of the material pipes are made from, they are not completely heat resistant, and when the temperature is constantly changing, the pipes extend and contract, and if there is no insulation to control that, it could significantly reduce their lifespan.

It can save the heat

Source: nachi.org

In most cases, if the pipes are not insulated, the water is cooling while it comes from the water heater to the shower, and because of that, it is necessary to turn the heater on the maximum to have warm water for showering. It might not look like a big problem to you since it is enough only to turn the button on the heater, but once it comes to the bills, you will see that they are much higher than they should be. Since the heater is always on the maximum, it needs to use more electric energy, so that means that more money is spent than in a situation when the pipes are insulated, so it is not necessary for the heater to work on the maximum because the water will not cool down until it reaches the shower. It may look like a small thing to do, but it will save you a lot of money, and when you calculate how much it will cost to insulate the pipes once and for regular maintenance, the costs will be much lower than those for the bills that you pay every month.

It can keep the pests away

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Like any other animals, pests need water, so the leaking pipes are attracting them, but on the other side, even the intact pipes can provide them enough water for drinking and attract them too. The reason for that is condensation which is a regular occurrence when we speak about the pipeline for the cold water, and it happens when it comes in contact with warmer air. Many pests are capable of living with a small amount of water, so the condensation is perfect for them. It provides them enough water, so they live in the walls near the pipeline, and they can stay there for years and cause you a lot of problems. Insulation is preventing this because it is preventing condensation and leaving them without a source of water, so they need to find another one, and on the other side, it is making their place for living much smaller. Some of the materials used for insulation are not too attractive for pests, so they will probably avoid your walls and sinks. Now, if you think that pests are not that big of a problem, condensation can actually damage the pipes in the long run, and insulation can regulate the humidity in the entire house. That is why insulation is a great weapon against mold and water staining.

Final thoughts

It all comes down to whether you want to invest in a house in such a way so that you will not have to worry about any leakage or condensation or not. That, and how much you will save by insulating water pipes in the long run, should be enough reason to at least consider doing this, as it is always better to act before any problem occurs. If you know where and what to look for, even investing in insulating them shouldn’t cost much, and if you don’t have time or don’t know where and how to find trustworthy companies to help with pipe insulation, check pipelagging.com, and get all the info and help you may need.

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