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6 Ways to Know If Your Human Hair Wig Is High Quality 

There has been a lot of word about wigs in recent years as they are enjoying a period of a renaissance due to several factors. Despite being around for literally thousands of years, fake hair in the form of wigs you wear to either cover up your baldness or to achieve a new look has never been more popular. They are much cheaper than they ever were, there are numerous types, lengths, and colors, and you can find them more easily than before. This kind of diversity and availability has made wigs a normal thing even for people who have perfectly healthy scalps and hair.

However, in such a world where you can find what you need rather easily, there is a certain problem at hand. That is of course finding a quality product to suit your needs. Although wigs tend to look and feel similar, not all of them are of equal quality and therefore do not last as long or look as good. If you wish to purchase a high-quality wig, there are certain things worth knowing and considering. In the article before you, you will learn all of them. What is more, in case you wish to purchase a top quality headband wig from a trusty source with good reviews, make sure to click here.

Determining the Quality

Let us now explore the factors that make a real human hair wig top quality. There are a few things to talk about here and they are all equally important.

1. Price

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Just like everything else in life, good quality is more expensive than average and especially poor quality. The same goes for human hair wigs. Of course, this again does not have to always be true since oftentimes things are overpriced for no good reason. A good rule of thumb is to never go with the cheapest option nor the most expensive option. Try to remain somewhere in the upper half when it comes to price as this is where the best price and value balance exists.

2. Manufacturer

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It is understandable if you have no idea who the best players are in the wig game, rarely anyone is as it is not something to think about on a daily basis. Therefore, if you are looking to make a purchase, reading reviews, and doing some research online is crucial. You can find all you need on the web so use it to check if your current wigs are real or not based on the manufacturer and the model, and more importantly, browse for some reviews and comments about your next target wig to determine its quality.

3. Look and Feel

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The best way to distinguish a real one from an artificial one is to look at it closely and touch it. You know what human hair should feel like and what different hair types look like since you have seen numerous people in your life. Even when someone’s hair is of poor quality or in need of a makeover we can easily tell. Therefore, use your life experience to determine how healthy and nurtured the hairs are. If it looks and feels like plastic, it is definitely artificial and therefore of very poor quality and versatility. High-level products look perfect, like a healthy head of hair was taken from someone who invests time and money into their locks. It should be thick and rich, and a pleasure to run your fingers through.

4. Easy Styling

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If you have no trouble styling your human hair wig, it is probably of higher quality because that means the hairs are nurtured and cared for giving it a shinier and stronger texture. Tying the hair in braids and buns, brushing it daily, and even dying it should not feel any different than if you were doing that to your own hair. Synthetic wigs cannot be stylized nearly as easily or versatile as the real alternative. Basically, if nobody can tell you are wearing someone else’s hair.

5. Washing and Heating

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Another big issue with poor quality wigs is that they are a nightmare to wash and dry. First of all, you cannot wash the hairs easily since you must not use shampoos and conditioners, especially not some other beauty products and chemicals. The synthetic and bad quality hairs will become damaged if you wash it improperly, which is basically anything except water and therefore hardly enough. Drying is also a problem because heat ruins synthetic wigs, eliminating the possibility of blow dryers and irons. A wig with human hair poses no such troubles because everything is the same as with regular hair. Wash it and condition it as you please, blow dry it after, and then do anything else you want. Easy peasy!

7. Long Lasting

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Last but not least, we have the question of how long a wig can last. With top quality human hair wigs, you should be fine for anywhere between a year and three years, depending on the quality, texture, length, and hair type. Their soft and shine will fade over time, but for that amount of time they will look exemplary well. The less a wig is capable of surviving the poorer the quality. You can prolong its life somewhat with proper care but after around three years it is time for a new one.

Conclusion and Takeaways

As you can see, there is quite a lot to think about before you can tell with certainty whether or not the wig you have bought is of good enough quality. All of these factors are worth thinking about because the last thing you want is to invest in a wig that turns out not to be to your liking. Moreover, a bad wig can damage your scalp and your own hair, as can the fact that you cannot clean it as you should. To prevent such problems in the future and have a positive experience with human hair wigs, make sure to do your best in examining the quality before you make a purchase and you will ensure a great few years of regular wig-wearing!

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