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How To Find The Right Can Machine Manufacturer For Your Business?

Finding the best can machine manufacturer is easier said than done. With tons of can manufacturers lying around, it can be a bit tricky which one to opt for what’s best for your business.

If you are having this kind of struggle, then seeing you in this article is no surprise. Because below, we are going to list some of the best recommendations in choosing the best canning manufacturer.
So without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and continue to read on.

Do a Reputation Check

img source: canit.co.za

The first part of choosing your ideal can sealing machine manufacturer is to check its reputation, click here for more info. The better the reputation, the more confident you are that your business is in good hands. Do your research online before jumping in their contact details.

Take for example logos-pack.com, a leading manufacturer of packing pouches that have been in the industry for more than 15 years. Experience, reputation, and branding are essential points to consider when choosing a manufacturer.

Read reviews from other businesses so you will have an idea of their quality and integrity. There’s nothing worse than hiring a can manufacturer and finding out that they are only good on paper. So save your business from trouble by doing a reputation check before diving in.

Should You Go Local or Overseas?

You have plenty of options to choose from when opting for a can machine manufacturer both overseas or locally.

However, you need to weigh both of their advantages and disadvantages so you can choose as you see fit.

Local Machine Manufacturers

img source: businesscasestudies.co.uk

If you have the money for it, then hiring a local can machine manufacturer is your best bet. This option is ideal for small businesses that are still new in the market. You also won’t have a problem when it comes to communication since you are in the same time zone.

The best part? You can assure that they can produce top-notch quality sealing too. Not to mention, you don’t have to wait long for your products to be shipped. Depending on the manufacturer, they can ship your canned products in just a week or even less.

The disadvantage, however, is the manufacturing costs are a tad higher compared to the overseas option. This is bad news for smaller businesses that are on a budget.

Overseas Can Machine Manufacturers

Since we are now talking about manufacturing costs, then you will definitely love the overseas option. Most machine overseas manufacturers have lower costs than local ones because of a country’s labor cost differences.

What’s more, you have plenty of manufacturing choices to opt for as well that might not be available locally too.

The more options you have, the more freedom to choose which will fit best for your products.

The downside, however, is the longer shipping time that might take a couple of weeks or even months. This is because the products will undergo custom clearance before being shipped to your home country that might take too long as expected.

Also, putting into consideration our current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic will make the shipping time much worse. If you want your products to be risk-free from the virus, then you might want to take the local option in the meantime.

Request for Product Samples

img source: mibiz.com

Before negotiating with the can sealing manufacturer, it’s best to request their product samples first. This gives you a clear vision of how your products will also look based on their can packaging.

Not to mention, you can also determine the quality of the materials they use in this way too. If you think reading reviews from other businesses might not be enough, then doing this method is your best bet in determining the manufacturing quality.

Negotiation is Key

Getting the best deals for your chosen can manufacturer is as easy as negotiating. We understand that negotiating can be tricky sometimes, especially if you are still new in the business scene.

However, it can yield results that you might not expect that can be beneficial for your business. If your chosen can manufacturer always says no, then don’t give up to negotiate with other ones that might be available.

Factory Quality Check

img source: themanufacturer.com

We mentioned earlier that checking the quality of their product samples is a must. However, this is not only limited to that aspect, but also to their equipment and machinery too. If you choose the local option, then take a visit to their factory.

Take a look if their equipment and work ethics follow industry standards. There’s nothing worse than letting a manufacturer pack your products only to find out their equipment is filled with grime, rust, or any kind of mock.

So always do a factory check before getting down to business. This can be a bit tricky if you’ll take the overseas option. The best thing you can do is look for reviews from businesses that have the same location as these overseas manufacturers.

There’s a high probability that these businesses have already checked their factories. Thus, giving you an idea of how their operations work along with the equipment and machinery they use.

Clear Communication Is a Must

Lastly, having clear communication with your chosen can sealing manufacturer, be it personal or virtual, should never be overlooked. This helps build trust between you and the manufacturer, assuring that your products will be in safe hands.

So don’t hesitate to ask them about anything including prices, material quality, recommendations, and more. Keep in mind that your products lie in their manufacturing capabilities. So it’s better to assure everything is clear and ready through the help of communication.

Also, in case something wrong has happened unexpectedly, clear communication is your saving grace that will not put your business at a much greater risk.


There’s no denying that finding the best can machine manufacturer is no easy feat. But by following the considerations we have listed above, rest assured that your business is off to a great start.
Whether it’s local or overseas, you have the freedom to pick what you think is right for your products. So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to hire a can machine manufacturer than now.

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