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How Often Should You Change Your Window Blinds

Do you remember the time when you changed your window blinds? If it has been a while, you should check them properly. Many people often forget to inspect the window blinds after some time. Due to this, they have to face some problems. There are various signs in which you can identify whether they need replacement or not. In this article, we will discuss all the warning signs in detail.

The window blinds are helpful in many ways. People prefer buying it because they improve privacy. Also, one can control the sunlight coming from outside in the home. It is crucial to invest in high-quality window blinds as they are durable. The main question is, where will you find them? You don’t need to worry as they are available on many online platforms. The best thing about buying them online is that you don’t have to go anywhere. All you need is a device and a good internet connection.

When selecting an appropriate website, you might get confused. Researching will help you in the same. The Blinds Source is one of the most reliable platforms for window installations. You will never be disappointed with their products and services. They also provide a warranty on their products.

If we talk about the life of window blinds, they usually last up to seven years. After seven years, it is necessary to get new ones. You may ask why? Because the blinds won’t work as you want them to. So, you have to be careful.

Now, you might want to know the ways through which you can recognize whether you need new window blinds or not. So, let’s dive deeper into the same without wasting any more time.

What are the warning signs that your window blinds need replacement?

If you are unable to decide if you need to change them or not, you can read the following points:

  • Distorted slats:

Source: blinds.com

It is one of the easiest ways to determine the life of your window shades. If they have become distorted over time, it means they need replacement. This problem happens in areas with extreme temperatures. To prevent this, you can try fabric ones. However, they will also be worn out with time.

  • Color and texture fade away:

Another warning sign of changing the blinds is faded color and texture. The ultraviolet rays are the leading cause behind it. Also, it is an indication that you need to purchase new ones for your home’s windows.

You will see a yellowish layer if you have white coverings. On the contrary, if they are in a different color, you will know that they have lost their vibrancy. Well, it is now the time to get a replacement.

As there are many colors available, you can pick a darker shade. Their color will fade away after five or seven years, but they won’t look bad even if they are pretty old. Yes, you have to change them because they will not give you the expected results.

  • Hard to lift or lower down:

Source: blinds.com

Sometimes, it becomes challenging to raise the window blinds. You should not avoid this problem as it is strong proof that they have become old. There is always a possibility of injury in some cases. So, it is essential to check them from time to time. Otherwise, you have to face some consequences of not paying attention to the signs.

There have been many accidents that are caused by old coverings. It is always better to spend some money getting new ones than to harm yourself or your family members.

  • Worn cords:

The cords should be in excellent condition. If they are broken or worn out, you can’t expect them to work for you. In such a situation, replacement becomes necessary.

There is no particular reason for damaged cords. It is just a matter of time. As the window blinds become older, the quality of cables also goes down. Nobody wants to get hurt or hurt their family members and pets. Also, the old ones can learn your windows. Therefore, purchasing fresh ones will be beneficial for you. You will never regret making this decision regarding the same.

  • Old design:

Source: realhomes.com

If your window blinds are pretty old, their design has already become outdated. So, what can you do? There is no better way to change them as soon as possible.

The primary reason behind it is that you can enhance the overall look of your room. The modern coverings are made according to the preferences of customers. They will go well with your furniture and interior design. It means that you don’t have to struggle a lot while improving your home’s interior.

Nowadays, you can easily find the best choice for your home. It doesn’t matter what kind of preferences and requirements you have. There are plenty of options to choose a suitable one from them. All you need to do is extensive research before making any decision.

  • Ripped edges:

The main issue with fabric coverings is ripped edges. It usually happens due to wear and tear with time. If their borders have become frayed, you should get fresh ones.

You must not avoid this issue because they will get damaged completely. It will be beneficial to begin searching for new blinds before this thing happens.

  • Loose slats:

Source: kingstonblindsdirect.co.uk

The slats must be tight enough for better placement. It is impossible to fix this problem once it arises. The only thing that can help is by replacing the blinds.

  • Window needs aren’t fulfilled:

Have you ever checked whether your blinds are giving you expected results or not? If not, you should start the process for the same. Sometimes, people ignore this fact. They don’t bother to find it out.

After some years, you will see that the blinds are not working correctly. They will not provide you with anything. So, changing them is the only way to improve their working.

Final Thoughts

We hope you understood how many years window blinds last. You have to pay close attention to the warning signs as discussed above.

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