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How to Grow Twitter Followers and Likes

You shouldn’t be too worried about it, but sometimes it does matter how many followers you have on Twitter. Maybe you have an important message to send, and you want more people to hear it, or it’s a simple competition between friends. But, when it comes to brands, it gets more complicated. Every business growth needs to expand the number of their following. It’s not about vanity.

Today we live in times of social networks and having followers mean something to the onlookers. It’s all about the numbers. More people means more influence. With influence, you’ll have it more comfortable to spread the good voice about your company. Twitter is one of the best networks to talk directly to your customers. This is easy to do once you have them on your account. But, how to attract and consequentially keep them? This is the real question. It’s not too hard if you know how to do it. In this article, we’re going to explain how to grow twitter followers and likes. Let’s dig into the matter.

More Tweets, More Everything

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Social networks have a lot in common, but they also have many differences. Twitter, for example, wants you to approach it with energy and aggression. This sets it apart from Facebook and Instagram. When you start followers and likes hunt, you need to post more. It is said that anything between three and seven tweets will do the trick. But, this doesn’t need to be your limit. Some brands do not sop at this but follow through as much as possible, going for twenty a day. Whatever your choice of approach is, it is always better to go for more than for less. Posting nothing won’t move you an inch.

Furthermore, it would be best if you also remembered that it’s not all about promoting your brand. You can also post unrelated stuff. It’s about gaining followers and likes first and your brand later. The amount of things you can post is limitless, so don’t put a strain on yourself to picking the right ones. Just go for it; followers are waiting. If this is not your cup of tea, you can always read more about other ways of getting followers and likes.

Timing is Vital People

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You can’t know all of your customers personally, but in general, you can know a little bit about them. The first thing you need to learn is when they sleep. Be careful about when you post on Twitter. Releasing stuff into the ether when everyone is asleep has no benefits whatsoever. Instead, your post is going to go unnoticed. You need to push through in the morning, during the day, and early in the evening. It’s all about engaging people. If they can’t see a Tweet, they’re not reacting! These are the basics of all social networks.

So, once you choose your audience, beware of their working habits, time zones, and issues like that. You want to expose yourself to the audience while they’re fully awake and focused. This is the best way to get them on your side. Getting to all the people you need is essential, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s not like Twitter needs you to use it twenty-four hours a day. You have the option of scheduling your posts; use it!

Text is Fine, But go Visual

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If you have a message to push through, words are necessary. But, while you’re in the process of looking for followers and likes, visual content is the king. It is known that it will catch people’s eyes and attention generating more likes and follows. Posts that lack images or pictures in the early stages of your Twitter account are going to be ignored by Twitter users. So, in addition to having your brand promoted in words, you can also go with visual content that not only is promoting your brand but’s attractive to people who see it. You wouldn’t believe it, but bright colors attract people, just like we’re insects. In the worlds of the great band Metallica – it’s like a moth into a flame.

Use Hashtags

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Twitter is not Wikipedia or Google, but people do spend time searching for stuff on it. To make your posts easy to find, you should use many hashtags to point to your posts. They’re like traffic signs that will direct users towards your account and your brand. Twitter has an SEO of its own, and hashtags are a vital part of it. Many studies show that posts that include at least one hashtag have more engagement on them than those that don’t use them. You don’t have to use too many, but a couple will do the trick, and you’ll see an increase in engagement on your posts. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do this, as it doesn’t take anything out of your time, but can give you great benefits. Simple hashtags such as #SEO or #marketing can do the trick, but you can go with more personal, including yours on the name of your brand.

Before Engaging, be Engaged

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With hard work, the followers will come. But, before you gather followers on your account, you need to become a follower yourself. It’s not only about engaging people to your account; you need to be involved on Twitter to get there. Spending time on these platforms means you need to be the ones following, commenting, and re-tweeting posts of other people and brands. It is never about being one-sided. Twitter goes both ways. In order to receive, you first need to give. This is not hard to do, as this social platform allows you to tag other users, read and comment on their posts, and support them by re-tweeting their posts. Everyone new on Twitter uses this approach, and so should you. The road to success starts with small steps. If your goal is to get followers and likes, following the advice we laid out for you above is the key. Please read our article carefully and start the work today.

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