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8 Tips To Commute Safely Using Your Electric Skateboard – 2024 Guide

Every time you open your phone, you see awful news involving an accident that fills your mind with various safety questions.

Electric skateboards are no exception. Even a transportation medium with wheels that goes up to 25 miles per hour can be a little risky while riding. If you want to check some of the best electric skateboards check meepoboard.com.

The safety precautions while riding an electric skateboard is basic: wear a helmet and know your vehicle. But, other than that, what more can you do to ensure your safety? Safety isn’t always the most entertaining topic to discuss, but it can’t hurt (pun intended).

Therefore, here are eight tips you can consider to commute safely using your electric skateboard.

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1. Make sure you’re wearing a helmet

img source: unsplash.com

When participating in any extreme sport, your head is the one portion of your body that you must protect. The same is true while you’re casually riding your bike or commuting to work on an e-skateboard. When traveling at any speed, the forces exerted to the head on impact are enormous, and the potential of life-altering injury is just too great.

It is not the time to be concerned with your appearance. Just make sure you’re wearing a helmet. Finding a robust helmet fulfills all necessary regulations and, most importantly, choose the one that fits you well because it is a matter of life and death. A helmet that isn’t adequately fitted will give much less protection and may even be dangerous in and of itself.

2. Know your skill level

User error is by far the most significant contribution to the electric skateboarding injury statistics. And, in most cases, this entails sprinting before walking. Of course, we understand that you’ll want to jump right in and use it as recklessly as possible.

It’s important to remember, too, that it only takes one major off to get nowhere fast. For a while, at least. As a result, understanding your skill level is critical.

If you’ve never ridden a skateboard before, you’ll need to be patient and learn how to ride it properly before attempting to establish any land speed records. Learning how to handle speed wobbles at full speed is another excellent method to stay off the pavement.

3. Practice

img source: unsplash.com

Yes, it’s a cliché, but practice makes perfect. Or, at the very least, it means you’re less likely to fly down a highway. Take your time acclimating to the board and how it operates if you’re a beginner rider. Some folks are taken aback by the initial acceleration, so plan accordingly!

Practice because you don’t want your first recollection with your board to be of picking yourself up off the floor. A basic understanding of traditional skating is mandatory to master your skills here. You don’t have to do anything flashy.

Simply learning how to stop manually with your foot eliminates the risk of remote failure. It goes without saying that being able to steer and control the board is vital. If you practice on a foot-powered board first, you’ll be considerably less likely to crash into a wall.

4. Don’t ride recklessly

If you plan to ride in public, be aware that your electric skateboard will draw a lot of attention. Because they’re still new, your friends and even strangers will approach you to inquire about your board.

You’ll be under pressure to demonstrate how cool your board is, which can be dangerous, especially if you’re not used to riding or aren’t an experienced rider. Allowing peer pressure from friends or even strangers to persuade you to undertake something that could result in catastrophic injury is not a good idea.

Before attempting any tricks, be sure you’ve learned the fundamentals of riding the board. Failure to do so could result in severe consequences for you and your board.

If you want to listen to music while riding, keep the volume down so you can hear what’s going on around you. It is especially vital if you’ll be cycling in regions where there’ll be traffic, either vehicular or pedestrian.

5. Wear shoes with a firm grip

img source: unsplash.com

It’s probably not a brilliant idea to try to ride an electric skateboard while wearing flip-flops. You won’t be able to stay on your skateboard for long, and you’ll wipe out before you can say “electric skateboard.” Wear shoes with sticky rubber bottoms that will help you stay on the board. Also, wear footwear that will keep your ankles from becoming uncomfortable, reducing the need to ice them.

6. Skate where you are visible

Bike lanes are available in some regions, making it easier for cyclists to travel around without fear of getting hit. If bike pathways are available on your journey, utilize them; if not, make sure other people can see you, which is especially crucial at night. You can put the glow-in-the-dark gear on your helmet or your electric skateboard to make yourself visible. You may take it a step further by adding lights to your board.

7. Keep up your skateboard

img source: unsplash.com

To prevent your bearings from seizing, you must keep your skateboard in good shape. Oil your skateboard regularly or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Replace the batteries in your remote on a regular basis to ensure that you can halt it when needed. When your trucks become old, you should replace them to avoid shaky rides.

8. Buy an electric skateboard that works for you

E-skates come with a variety of characteristics that are tailored to specific uses. Some skateboards are designed for long distances, while others are designed for rapid speeds. Furthermore, electric skateboards are suitable for riders of various skill levels.

Longboards are always the most excellent choice for beginners since they provide more stability. Electric skateboards with multiple riding modes allow beginners to control their skateboard speed and enhance their riding skills.


You should be safe with a little practice if you choose the right board, even if you’re shopping for cheap electric skateboards, and make sure you take all the precautions and wear a helmet and the necessary padding. The safest electric skateboard is one that is used correctly. With a bit of practice and caution, you should be able to ride an electric skateboard securely in no time. Not to mention that you’ll be having the time of your life!

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