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Common Injuries In A Construction Accident

Inexperienced or unskilled people working at a construction site are prone to injuries. Moreover, in some cases, even experienced or skilled labor may encounter accidents while working at a construction site. Construction is one of the essential jobs to improve the infrastructure, but it is also one of the most dangerous jobs.

It has been noted that thousands of accidents occur at construction sites and hundreds of them are fatal. The owner of the construction site or the manager is usually held responsible for the accident, and the family of the victim can demand compensation for their losses with the help of http://www.quinnlawyers.com.

Common injuries encountered in a construction site accident.

1. Broken bones

Source: msheltonlaw.com

Fractures are one of the most common injuries encountered by victims of construction site accidents.

2. Back and spinal cord injuries

Lifting heavy weights and working with heavy machines can damage a victim’s back. They might suffer from a slipped disc or disc herniation.

3. Burns

Source: florinroebig.com

It is common for a machine to blast or catch fire at a construction site. Victims often get affected and suffer from second to third-degree burns.

4. Chemical exposure illnesses

Victims working at drug or perfume factories are exposed to harmful chemicals all the time. These chemicals could severely harm the respiratory pathway.

5. Brain and head injuries

Source: hansfordlawfirm.com

These are some of the most severe injuries encountered. Moreover, the aftereffect of brain injury may leave a victim impaired.

6. Eye injury and vision damage

Injury to the eyes can occur at chemical factories. Victims may not be able to see again or have a compromised vision.

What to do after a construction site accident?

A victim of a construction accident should follow the following steps to preserve their compensation and manage their injuries in the right way.

  • Check for injuries

Victims should look out for the injuries they have sustained. For example, a victim should check if they have pain, bleeding, or other injuries due to the accident.

  • Seek medical attention

Source: oconnorpersonalinjury.com

If a victim has encountered non-fatal injuries, they should get immediate medical attention to avoid adverse complications.

  • Try to collect evidence

A victim should take photos and videos of the accident site to get fair compensation for the injuries sustained.

  • Let your supervisor know about the accident

The supervisor or manager of the construction site should be aware of the situation. Moreover, a victim should not explain too much in-depth.

  • Contact an attorney

Source: robertsjoneslaw.com

An experienced attorney can help a victim get compensation for their injuries and damages. It is essential for a victim as insurance companies and other representatives try to lower their compensation amount.

Getting injured in an unfortunate accident can be traumatic, especially if it happened because of the other party’s neglect, intent, or wrongdoing. Regardless of other factors, seeking legal counsel and advice is critical for your case.

You could have a valid personal injury lawsuit, which would allow you to recover compensation to cover your losses, such as medical bills and lost income.

Not all Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys are the same, and it makes sense to do your homework when you select a lawyer. In this post, we are sharing more on what you can expect from a reliable and experienced attorney.

  • Expertise in specific cases

The scope of personal injury cases is huge. No matter whether you have suffered because of medical malpractice or were injured in a car crash, each case must be handled differently. Avoid hiring a lawyer who is a “jack of all trades, but master of none”. You need to know if the attorney has worked on cases similar to yours.

  • Experience of court

Source: thewalrus.ca

Experienced lawyers must have recovered compensation from clients through both settlements and verdicts. Most injury lawsuits are settled outside of court, but if the matter has to end up in a trial, you will want your attorney to have the confidence to represent you at a trial. You can ask the attorney as to how frequently they go to court. You can also measure the success rate of a law firm based on its top settlements.

  • Professional response

There is a deadline for pursuing personal injury lawsuits in Philadelphia. You have to act within a reasonable time and file the lawsuit within two years from the accident date. You need an attorney who is responsible and responsive. They should take your case on priority.

No Recovery, No Fee

You don’t have to pay an attorney immediately. Most personal injury law firms in Philadelphia work on a contingency fee, which means that the lawyer only gets paid when the client has recovered a financial settlement from the other party.

You can expect the attorney to extend all kinds of support and not ask for an upfront fee. If there are other expenses of the case, the lawyer may advance the costs until you get paid.

Finding a reliable lawyer is key to your injury settlement. Don’t delay calling an attorney to know the case in-depth and get a free assessment.

Tips for calculating damage costs after a construction accident:

1. Do not let your insurer delay the procedure

Source: travelers.com

Your insurer could be working on a hundred cases at once. Do not let them delay your  process because of them. If you already have an estimate, and if you can afford to pay out of your pocket, you should seek for additional help.

You can demand compensation from your insurance company for the costs. However, it is worthy to note that if you went to an office that provided the highest estimate, your insurer might only reimburse for a lower one.

2. Watch out for low estimates

If the responsible party’s insurance adjuster says that their company has a budget that can make up for costs lower than your estimates, do not agree with them.

It is a tactic used by insurance companies to avoid giving money to you. Insurance companies have deals  that provide them repairs at low rates, but that does not guarantee quality work.

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