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Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games – 2024 Guide

The excessive amount of research has been conducted over the years regarding the cognitive development and benefits of the video games onto the brains of the ones playing them. The evidence so far has shown that when done in moderation there are significant positive effects on the brain as well as some behavioral changes as well. We have gone through the available and newest research from the famous Universities and got to the few conclusion which will be displayed down below.

Coordination and reflexes

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One of the first conclusions that were made after the assessments of the players was that there is a significant difference in the coordination and reflexes when compared to the regular population. Had to eye coordination and small muscle motor skills are very developed in the ones playing video games, due to the constant usage of hands and making a fast movement with their fingers in order to get the task finished. Due to the speed that the games are run, it is essential to be alert and respond to the stimuli as fast as possible. This leads to a significant increase in the speed of reflexes. Another very interesting thing is that there is a significant improvement in both of these in people who start playing games, so this can be a good exercise for the brain.


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This is another thing that is well known in the population, and it seems like there is an improvement in both speed and quality of problem-solving skills. This is due to the constant stimulation of the brain and the speed that the video game is played. The players are asked to respond fast and solve sometimes very complex problems in a short period of time. By doing so, the brain is further developing problem-solving skills and becomes better and netter after each solved problem. This skill is also transferred into real life, and if we compare the success and the speed of solving problems, we can see that there is a significant difference when we compare the two groups, one that is playing and the other one that is not.


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Each game played requires some levels of personalization, by playing, gamers are freely developing their personal style and are more likely to use this determination and confidence into the offline world. One of the positive sides of this is the development of decision making and be sure that they have made the right call. It has been noticed that the ones playing games are on average faster in making purchases and less likely to dislike or be unsatisfied by their choice.

The game that becomes famous and highly depends on the personalized characters is for sure warframe; it can be played in both single and multiplayer mode and allows the ones that are playing it to use custom made characters that are reflecting their persona. For example, If you want to see the most popular characters in Warframe, go to gamesmobilepc.com and find the one just for you.


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We all know that when someone is playing, that any stimulation from the outside is reduced and neglected. It seems like they are all in the game, and this is a good thing. By playing video games, attention increases slowly, and the brain is trained to be more into the task and neglect all other, unnecessary stimuli that can interrupt them. When it comes to real-life skills, the focus is the key in school and job-related activities, and by training the brain to stay concentrated on the task for longer periods of time without distractions the one becomes more productive and the tasks given to them are faster to be solved with greater quality and attention to details.

This skill improvement has been seen in children who have had difficulties staying focused on the given task and increased the time of interaction as they have started playing. Modern times did lead to a significant decrease in the attention span in both young and adults. It is interesting that some studies tried to improve the attention span in humans that are suffering from ADHD, which results in decreased focus amongst other symptoms. The results are promising.

Working memory

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Since there is a level of multitasking and it is essential to be in the game, there is a significant increase in the working memory capacity. The importance of this is obvious since they can remember more details and process more information in shorter periods of time; the trait facilitates problem-solving. It is very important to state that this change is permanent since the synapses in the brain were formed in such a manner. Some do speculate that this can be used as a sort of help for the patients that are suffering from some degenerative brain condition, but this is yet to be proven.

Big capacity of working or operational memory is allowing so-called multitasking. Even though many a scientist would argue that there is no such thing as multitasking, the research did prove that the brain is just shuffling between tasks very fast instead of doing them all at once. No matter what the scans say, it is evident that the capacity of the operational memory improves this shuffling and enables the brain to do many tasks in shorter periods of time and with greater levels of attention as well as significant quality.


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The brain is an extraordinary organ; it is capable to process any information and to develop for as long as we live. In the past, the thought was that the brain is highly plastic and unable to change and develop. This has all been proven wrong, and what we do found very interesting is that playing video games has such a positive effect on the brain itself. Of course, we do talk about very moderate usage, but the effects are significant and cannot be neglected. Improvement in cognitive skills such are hand to eye coordination and an increase in the speed of reflexes is important in all spheres of life. In addition to this, a good operational memory is a key to problem-solving.

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