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COD Warzone _ Take These Tips To Impress Your Pals With Your Skills

We all have those gaming pals whose playthrough we can never get bored of. Their aiming skills, quick thinking, responses, and driving skills make the overall gameplay feel more impressive. Now let’s talk about COD. Call of Duty as a franchise of Shooting games has never disappointed. The same is the case with its Online entry, COD Warzone.

Call of Duty: Warzone puts some interesting spins in the battle royale gaming format to make the gameplay more interesting and addictive.

As a newbie, a player always has the effort they wish to take to feel unique. Something that sets them apart from everyone. Doing things differently may be something not very achievable in the battle royale format, but doing things cleverly can be. And that’s what champions do.

So here we are with some tips for you to impress your gaming buddies in Call of Duty: Warzone. You can also take help from Lfcarry.com 

1. Start eliminating enemies before you land

Source: redbull.com

Since the new updates allow parachute flexibility, always try to shoot some of your enemies down while in the air. This not just helps in reducing competition but moreover, it looks badass.

To do so, just cut your parachute a while before the descent and then start shooting by deploying your parachute again. Try it. It’s not just fun, but proper practice gives you some serious advantage over others.

2. Perfect Aims

Source: pcgamer.com

Before snatching for headshots, for newbies to get used to the game while giving maximum damage, always aim for the chest. It is helpful because that has the maximum surface area within your aim. And depending on the weapons can cause some serious damage to the opponent. It is a safer bet, but often it isn’t the first thing that comes to players for exactly that reason.

Stand out by having a reasonably good aim and delivering maximum damage as a newbie and impress your friends as you start with Call of Duty: Warzone.

3. Always get a UAV

Purchase a UAV. They do not just show you the Maps but also the enemies close by. And that gives you so much advantage as a player. Always know what items to use, and you shall always stand out. It is expensive, but sure do go for it if you want to set a precedent.

4. Stay at the edge of the circle

This is one of those double-edged swords that, with considerable practice, do the trick. It is also one of those tricks that is easier than it looks.

Stay just outside the circle and near to it. The benefit is that the chances of someone flanking you from behind are minimal, and also, you can keep everyone inside the circle under your radar. You can identify enemies rushing into the circles with a depleting health bar, and you can also identify enemies who were just ahead of you in the game.

5. Master the Bunny Hop

Source: charlieintel.com

The bunny hop requires practice, but it is worth it. It enables you to jump along with your regular motion techniques. This is especially helpful in the middle of a close combat firefight. This also helps you to try and confuse snipers aiming at a distance. This movement is a crucial aspect of movement for many pro players, which you should try and master.

6. Know your Weapon

Source: callofduty.com

Some are good with snipers, while some are good with submachines. Always know your signature style of battle and understand what weapons they resonate with. This may not seem like much, but different weapons have different recoil systems and other things that alter your gameplay more than you think. Pick out your strengths and adjust accordingly.

7. Aggression And movement

Very rarely will players not run away but respond calmly to a hail of flying bullets, especially when they can’t see you. COD Warzone is not just about skills but also about minds. Play with it. Be aggressive when you can. It shall result in the enemy losing focus and running around, giving you openings.

Also, understanding your weapons during this is extremely crucial as well.

8. Centering around the Enemy: A sub Point

Source: eurogamer.net

Sometimes, it’s not always about the best weapons or gear if you think deeply. When it comes to Warzone’s Verdansk, guns will probably come in second to movement and overall finesse in Using the environment.

It will save you way more than having any kind of special weaponry, as can be seen with any of the varied Solo Quads players, who can use almost any gun to their advantage merely because of the way they move on the battlefield.

With that being said, keeping your aim at the forefront of your player’s view is key even when moving. This is what’s called centering, leaving the reticle directly at the front of your screen to be able to fire when at the most opportune moment.

Don’t keep your view down or up when in the middle of slide cancel or dodging bullets. That is so because you will always want to maintain your view, whether you want to engage the targets or not.

9. Know your map

Source: callofduty.com

This might seem like an obvious one. But many losses are being incurred when you don’t know your maps. Always go through the guides and their updates to stay aware of the key points on the map. Get acquainted with the intricacies of the maps, and that shall help you know where you stand, where to land and where to move.

It is a given, but you would be surprised at how many folks don’t take this into account.

Final Words

With that being said, Let’s get Gaming! It is time to impress your buddies with your skills and never look back!

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