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5 Best CBD Oil Absorption Methods For Bioavailability

Medication does have its own efficiency level or the extent to which it is absorbed in the blood flow. Some drugs might not get absorbed and excreted out of the body resulting in a severe loss. The same happens in the case of CBD oil, which is a remedy for stress and a series of other medical symptoms. But consumption directly might not work to the maximum potential.

This is referred to as the bioavailability of a drug, to which extent it gets absorbed into your blood flow and determines its effect on your health. So in this article, we will discuss a series of methods that would make it easier for people to increase the bioavailability of CBD oil.

Various Ways To Absorb CBD

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CBD is well known to reduce neurological disorders and acts as a symptom reduction for several other diseases. This oil is obtained from hemp and goes through several steps to become a miracle healer. Massapothecary.com is the CBD store which contains various forms of this medication. Some ways to enhance its absorption are discussed below in detail.

1. With Fats

There is an elementary logic behind absorption, which states that absorption of a particular product is inversely proportional to its size; as the size keeps increasing, the absorption rate will decrease. To increase the absorption, the primary molecule needs to be broken down into smaller molecules easily for the surface to absorb. Direct consumption of CBD will not allow the compounds to break down into smaller molecules, so users can intake it with a series of fatty products, reducing the size of CBD molecules and allowing users to absorb it to the maximum extent. Some common rich foods suitable for consumption with CBD are listed below.

  • Cheese

Cheese enhances the taste of various products and is rich in fats, making it suitable for CBD catalysts.

  • Eggs

Eggs are rich in fats and proteins, so users can intake CBD with eggs as this would allow them to meet their daily protein requirements.

  • Avocado

Avocado is the protein king of fruits and vegetables as it has the highest amount of protein and a fantastic taste.

  • Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates are known as a remedy for stress and a series of other diseases, and it has 60-70% fats, so consumption of CBD with dark chocolate can be a great choice.

2. Oral Consumption

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Direct consumption of CBD is a good choice, but one needs to keep various things in mind when consuming CBD orally because if it is finished without proper measures, it will excrete without being absorbed in the body. CBD has water repellent properties, making it challenging to soak in the blood flow. The water repellent property of this drug resembles fats in the body, so when it enters the body, the digestive acids start acting on it and reacting with its surface. These digestive acids are highly corrosive, so when these acids react with CBD, a significant part of CBD is destroyed in the reaction.

So oral CBD remains in the bloodstream for very little time, and when it passes through the lever, the liver releases its juices which treat it as fat and metabolise it, further reducing its effect.

3. Smoking

The fluids require interaction and reaction with other liquids, which can be either adhesive or corrosive, depending on the products. In the case of CBD and the body, it’s corrosive to the heart, so the body absorbs a tiny proportion of CBD with a reduced half-life of upto 3-4 hours. So users can consume it as a form of smoke, which fuses it directly with the blood flow and allows the maximum consumption and half-life of up to 30 hours.

The hemp seeds are placed inside a hemp cigarette, and then it is smoked, and the hemp smoke gets inside the body and starts showing its beautiful features. Some users have shown some side effects of long-term use, which are damage to their lungs, but with limited and advised use, users could prevent this.

There is another alternative to smoking that does not pose damage to your lungs, and this method is known as vaping. In this method, a vaping pen is used, and it contains CBD oil; when it fuses with the source, then it turns into vapour and can be directly inhaled by the user.

Some users have shown some lung irritation signs, but it is less risky than smoking and more efficient. There are various other ways of inhaling CBD in vapours, including nebulizers and nasal sprays, which converts it into the form of a mist that the person could directly consume.

4. Drops And Sprays

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The inner layer of the nose and mouth are covered in mucus, making it easier for users to consume it, so drops and sprays are a reliable method that allows the mucus layer to absorb the CBD and fuse it directly into the bloodstream. This method is reliable as in this option, the inner walls of your mouth play the role of the small intestine and absorb the drug, but over prolonged use, some users have some signs of patches in these inner walls. So users must administer these drops and sprays with extreme caution and guidance.

5. Injections

This is the most efficient method of introducing CBD into your blood flow, but this method has certain drawbacks. The injection has 100% bioavailability of CBD into the bloodstream, but it leaves marks on your body, and intravenous drug infusion can be risky for some people. So these injections should be taken only by medical experts and under well-proven medical conditions.


Hemp seeds have a series of advantages that make it easier for people to overcome their medical symptoms, and it also makes it easier to ease various neurological conditions. So increasing the bioavailability of these drugs could make it easier for users to make the most of minimum consumption of this product. But it has to be used only after medical consultation as it has become highly addictive in some cases.

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