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The 5 Jaw-Dropping Casino Hotels of the Bahamas

Traveling to some exotic destination is something that practically every person in the world dreams about. We can see that numerous commercials show us just how pleasant of an experience we can have when visiting these. At the same time, many people are interested in the luxurious aspect of traveling.

When we say that, we talk about a wide array of different elements. For instance, the luxurious aspect encompasses 5-star hotels, huge resorts, beautiful beaches, and many more things. Sometimes you just want to travel in style and experience all the luxury the world has to offer. That’s why you should visit the Bahamas which is one of the most luxurious places of them all.

One of the most important factors for a lot of visitors is having a casino in their hotel, even though we have a lot of online casinos these days. If you want to check some of them out, be sure to visit mr-gamble.com. It’s no secret you see so many celebrities visiting this place. So, if you’re looking to have a high-end holiday, you’ll need to find the right spot to do it.

In that regard, here are some of the most exquisite hotels you can stay in:

1. The Royal at Atlantis

Source: booking.com

The Royal Hotel is fit to accommodate a king or a queen, so if you want to feel that way, then you should book an apartment there. We are talking about one of the finest places you will find in all of the countries. It has established quite a reputation for the service tourists are provided with, as well as a wide array of different casino games you can enjoy in the hotel’s casino.

It looks like a royal palace and as such it makes sure to offer plenty. The rooms are excellent and you’ll find plenty to do there. Casino fans will be happy to learn that a casino is apart from the ground of The Royal. It offers 85 gaming tables as well as over 700 slot machines. As you can see, you are bound to find a game that will complement your needs and preferences.

High-rollers and newbies are welcome to visit. It’s a beacon for the casino industry which has moved online and is catering to the needs of casino fans at dedicated sites. A variety of casino bonuses and games is a must for the players. But the main thing about these sites remains: make sure to enjoy them responsibly.

2. The Cove at Atlantis

Source: booking.com

This is the best spot on the Atlantis complex as you’re likely to see many celebrities staying there. Floor-to-ceiling windows are part of all the apartments in this hotel as it also offers terraces with a magnificent ocean view. Some of the amazing facilities you’ll have access to include a golf course, a water park, as well as 11 pools, one of which is a four-tier masterpiece.

Along with all of these elements that make a luxurious hotel what it is, you will be happy to see that this resort has one of the most popular in-house casinos on the whole island. Millions of people from all over the world visit it. So, this results in millions of US dollars in revenue every year. The money is invested pretty smartly. That’s why we can see that the complete resort becomes better every year.

3. The Ocean Club

Source: vladi-private-islands.de

The thing about this hotel is that’s a bit older than the other ones. But don’t worry as it hasn’t lost its shine in years and it’s full of guests each year. If you’ve seen Casino Royale, one of the best spy movies ever, then you might have seen a glimpse of what to expect when entering an apartment at The Ocean Club. A picturesque view and luxurious rooms are what’s offered, only the finest for agents like 007 and any visitor to this hotel.

Because of how old it is, we can see that it is not just a place for people to stay. Also, it is a place of culture where visitors can relive some older times and experience how the ancestors of the islands popular have lived a century ago. Plus, it is interesting to be in a place that is in use for more than a hundred years. We have no doubt you will have a good time here.

4. Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

This is another great resort you can visit, and it comes at a sensible cost. Once you check into the Hyatt, you’ll have access to the many spa facilities and sports as well as 40 restaurants. Another great addition to this resort is that there’s an adult-only area, so if you’re looking to relax you can visit it.

When you take a look at all the services this place can offer you, we are pretty sure you will find all of them quite interesting. Therefore, you are bound to return to Grand Hyatt Baha Mar whenever you get the chance. If you are in the Bahamas, not visiting this place would be a great mistake. So, be sure to visit it when you have the chance.

5. Melia Nassau Beach

Source: trivago.com

Melia is a well-known brand and its resort on Nassau Beach doesn’t disappoint. As they stay true to the brand’s name, you won’t be turned down when it comes to all sorts of luxuries including luxury spa treatments and 7 restaurants with amazing cuisine. Trying some of the local dishes will provide you great pleasure, you can be sure of that

Over the years, this place has established its position as the most visited resort on the island. If you ask us, we believe that the reason is its location. We mean, who wouldn’t want to be at a beautiful Nassau beach every moment of their holiday. Be sure to take a look at some images of this beach online and you will see what we are talking about.


Although you’re staying at some of the finest hotels in the Bahamas, you’re not limited to all the activities you can do there. So, make sure to explore a bit and you won’t be disappointed as to what you’ll find. Here, you can take a look at some of the best places where you can stay. Be sure to check them out if you have the chance.

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