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Best European Mutual Funds 2024

Investing in mutual funds is a very convenient and easy way to secure your future. Just following a few simple and basic steps like gathering the foundations of companies can help you plan to invest in mutual funds.

Your wishes, possibilities, and goals determine the way of investing and the choice of the type of fund in which you invest. If you want to generate additional income by investing in domestic and global capital markets (compared to, for example, interest on a deposit), but without large financial burdens or initial capital, you can invest through a standing order. You can use different types of investment funds for this – equity, bond, mixed and other funds. The amount of the monthly payment into the investment fund and the investment deadline is determined by you, depending on your financial possibilities, investment goals, and circumstances on the capital markets.

Before investing in a fund, you look at all of your assets, current and future cash needs, and risk appetite depending on the type of investment. You then choose the right fund based on the risk you are willing to take and your expected return. After investing, monitor the value of your investment and remember that the higher the potential return on investment, the riskier the investment is and vice versa. Europe as a market is home to many attractive mutual funds, and this article will give you a list of the most desirable in 2024.

Allianz equity

Source: allianzgi.com

No doubt one of the world’s most famous fund, operating in Europe’s soils as well. Its goal is to achieve a stable increase in the value of shares over a longer period of time, respecting the principles of security, diversity, and liquidity of investments, and adjusting the investment policy to the market situation.

The investment goal, on the other hand, is sought to be achieved by investing in stock markets in the ratio of not less than 70% of the Fund’s net assets, mainly in the territory of EU Member States.

The global company is actively managing the Fund, therefore, having directional right in choosing the investments.

Upon request, the Investor may redeem shares in the Fund every working day by sending a Request for the redemption of shares. All profits are reinvested in the Fund.

However, this Fund is not suitable for investors who intend to withdraw their money for up to five years.

As it was mentioned, it’s a global family operating in a large number of countries. To find out more about its fund’s availability in Asia, visit this site.

Fidelity Europe

Source: finance.yahoo.com

Also, part of the global family, operating also in Asia, the Middle East, and South America. With half a century of experience in the area of investment, they have collected almost a third of the world’s population as their clients. Speaking of Europe, it’s especially active in the UK where they have more than one million clients, and where they’ve opened in the seventies. It’s a huge fund, managing more than 300 billion pounds.

Yearly reviews and analysis have shown that this Fund has been on the list of the best performing in this sector, for a very long time. Some have even shown that 18 funds belonging to them have the highest performance rating by the users. They should be proud to say that some of them (11% to be exact) are constantly surpassing more than 70% of the funds from the same sector.

PBZ Global

Source: privredni.hr

The investment goal of the Fund is to achieve growth in the value of investment funds through the realization of a return that will be comparable to a portfolio composed of shares listed on regulated markets around the world and debt securities.

The Fund primarily invests in equity investment funds exposed to shares of companies from around the world, in debt securities, bond investment funds, and in cash deposits with credit institutions and UCITS cash funds.

It’s suitable for investors with basic pre-knowledge in the capital market, investment funds, shares, and their characteristics; and with moderate risk-taking handling.

Investments in option and futures contracts and other financial derivatives may be used for the purpose of risk protection and to achieve the Fund’s investment objectives, i.e. increasing returns.

All income of the Fund is reinvested. However, this fund is not suitable for investors who intend to withdraw their money within a year.

Janus Henderson European Focus Fund

Source: prnewswire.com

Present in almost 30 cities around the world, the company is rather young. Formed by merging two giants three years ago, their assets exceed 275 billion. It’s a huge family with more than 1900 employees, based in London.

Approximately 12% of their individual funds have received a five-star rating among the users. The group has a total of 66 funds within their portfolio.

Generali Europa

Source: obr.eu

The aim of the fund is to safely and professionally place the collected funds and ensure the liquidity of the fund so that investors have a constant and safe opportunity to redeem the unit, with the highest possible return on investment and take appropriate risk.

It invests mainly in the equity securities of issuers from developed European markets and issuers operating in or generating most of their revenues in those countries. The Fund may also invest in debt securities of issuers from developed European markets, in equity and debt securities of issuers from emerging markets in Europe and OECD members, and in other UCITS funds, money market instruments, and deposits. The issuers of these debt securities can be governments, local governments, legal entities, and collective investment entities.

It primarily aims towards all the subjects with long term investment plan, and those with a higher tolerance towards the risk, wishing to achieve the possibility of gaining higher yields from the stocks.

Mutual funds are becoming increasingly popular in the investment market, mainly because of the fact that they carry more chances of profit. Comparing to a single stock investment, which ties you only to one particular investment (company share, for example), these funds carry the advantage in their diversity.

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