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How Much Compensation Do You Get For A Back Injury In A Car Accident?

On the roads all around the world, a huge number of people suffer from car accidents every day. Some researchers suggest that over 1.25 million people die in traffic accidents worldwide each year – while almost twice as many suffer from serious injuries sustained in traffic accidents. Statistics say that back and neck injuries are the most common in car accidents. How to exercise your rights to compensation in these cases? We will try to reveal it to you.

The Number Of Car Accidents Isn’t Negligible

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Although the police often increase control on the roads – the number of car accidents is still very high. Speeding, not using a seat belt, driving intoxicated, talking over a cell phone while driving, etc. – these are most often controlled and punished traffic offenses. Unfortunately, we are facing the fact that there are still many arrogant drivers who drive at excessive speeds – but that a tragedy can happen even if you do something that you think is completely harmless for just one second. Typing messages, talking on a mobile phone, or with people in the car, too loud music reduces attention – and accidents are almost inevitable.

Lack Of Experience And Fast Cars

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Inexperienced drivers are also a big problem, and as soon as they get a license, they get behind the wheel of fast and strong cars. The Traffic Police Administration points out that young drivers who drive vehicles are developing great speed – and they are probably encouraged by their youth, desire to prove themselves and show themselves in front of the opposite sex. Experts also cite inadequate training as one of the main problems.

Accident Procedures

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It is very important that the moment we find ourselves in a car accident, we are calm and act following the law and ethics. The behavior of traffic participants in the event of a traffic accident is defined by law, to prevent new casualties, ensuring efficient rescue of victims, providing an official investigation by the competent traffic police, and regulating the damage. First of all, the participant in the traffic accident and every participant in the traffic who is on the spot is obliged to protect HIMSELF and prevent new suffering. Thus, he may be able to help others who were injured in a car accident and provide their effective rescue.

Injuries Of Back And Neck Are Among Most Frequent Ones

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Traumatic injuries to the head, neck, spine, and back are most common in car accidents. Many of these injuries may cause some serious and long-term consequences – and some of them can result in permanent disability. Therefore, you must react instantly, right after the injury occurs. Namely, sometimes it happens that the injured do not feel in the first moment that an injury has occurred. Sometimes it takes time, days, or even weeks to feel some of the effects of certain injuries. It also happens very often that the symptoms of such injuries go almost unnoticed or do not seem to be related to the accident that you have experienced. Therefore, it is very important to consult a doctor immediately after experiencing a car accident. All medical documentation that is then attached to you – will help you later in the process of compensation.

How Much Compensation Do You Get For A Back Injury?

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Compensation for bodily injuries can be very different – and varies depending on the degree of injury. Certainly, injuries to the back, neck, or spine are serious injuries whose treatment can be long-lasting – and can also lead to certain consequences, such as disability, psychological disorders caused by the fear, stress, etc. Neck and back injuries are often interconnected, so it is necessary to accurately determine the degree of your injuries by contacting a doctor in time – and collecting all the necessary medical documentation. After that, it is very important to find a good lawyer who deals with this area of law. When you decide on choosing a law firm that will protect your interests – take a good look at their website – or talk to your back injury compensation lawyer about what exactly you have the right to ask for as a settlement. Also, you can count on payment and compensation for mental pain.

Neck and back injuries can result from minor to almost catastrophic ones. In such severe cases, compensations can even amount to millions. When it comes to minor back and neck injuries, in these cases the compensation ranges from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000 – although with a good lawyer you may be able to get more. However, the only real way to get a more precise explanation based on your injury claim is to consult a lawyer.

Why Is So Significant That We Seek The Help Of A Lawyer?

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You have suffered injuries during the accident either as a driver, co-driver, passenger, or pedestrian in a public area – and you haven’t adequately reimbursed the damage. Lawyers specializing in this field are at your disposal to quickly and efficiently collect the damages  – and protect your rights. By hiring a law office promptly – you can quickly, efficiently, and professionally exercise your rights in the fastest way – and collect the compensation for the damage you have suffered. Lawyers offer you professional assistance in completing the documentation and help provide evidence related to the validity of your claim. You will be informed on time about the course of the compensation procedure to collect the damage quickly – and get the maximum compensation for the traffic accident you have suffered.


When claiming damages from a car accident, it is necessary to obtain a report on the investigation of the accident, medical findings, discharge lists, a report on vehicle damage, and other appropriate documentation proving the damage that you have suffered. A good law firm will also assist based on which they later submit a request first to your insurance company in an out-of-court procedure but then, if necessary, a lawsuit in court.  When collecting insurance for minor or serious bodily injuries, some insurance companies often use the inexperience of the injured party and offer the parties a significantly smaller amount than the real one. Such payment is additionally conditioned by the request that the injured parties waive further claims. Therefore, if one agrees to such an out-of-court settlement and a clause on waiving further claims, it is no longer possible to conduct court proceedings. Your lawyer will additionally instruct you about all this.

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