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15 Better Alternatives to Everyday Products

Using eco-friendly alternatives for your everyday needs is a great idea. However, there are some regular products you can easily replace with smart and eco-friendly options that are good for the environment as well as your budget.

Here, we are going to have a look at ten better alternatives for everyday products you will be glad to know!

Water bottles

Source: unsplash.com

It is a much better option to purchase and go on with a reusable water bottle rather than using the regular plastic water bottle. Apart from being an eco-friendly option, reusable water bottles are convenient to use and are more durable than regular water bottles.

Rechargeable batteries

Batteries are composed of various chemicals and materials that are not good for the environment. Simply throwing them into the garbage is not a very environment-friendly step. That is why you should purchase a couple of sets of rechargeable batteries and regular recharge then off instead of going out and purchasing more single-use batteries.

Reusable grocery bags

Source: womansworld.com

People use hundreds of millions of plastic bags every year across the world, which is a significant figure. Unfortunately, the first thing that most of us end up doing is throwing away plastic bags or putting them into a cupboard. Rather than repeating the same thing, try to purchase a few reusable grocery bags and start taking them along with your next grocery shopping.

Smart investments

While this tip may seem a bit offtopic, it is not. There are some digital products you might be using your daily life, and find great alternatives for. Betting in lotteries is a great way to win big money. For a suggestion, Mini Lotto is the cheapest lottery option where you can increase your chances of winning millions. So, buy your ticket and try your luck with lottoland today!

Beeswax Wrap

Source: sustomi.com.au

One of the biggest struggles with using plastic cling wrap is trying to get it to work properly. Save your efforts and the environment by starting using beeswax wrap instead of the regular plastic cling wrap. It works just as well as your regular cling wrap and is much easier to use.

Natural Deodorant

Deodorant is one of the products that slowly destroys our environment. However, a large percentage of deodorants use ingredients that are not particularly environment-friendly, including aluminum. These are free from aluminum and are made up of natural ingredients.

Bamboo straws

Source: oneerth.com

A better option for personal use at home and a subtle replacement for plastic straws are stainless steel or bamboo straws. You can wash or throw them away once you are done with them. So, always consider using bamboo straws instead of regular plastic straws.

Natural cleaning products

The problem with regular chemical products is that they do no good for the environment and are even worse for overall hygiene. If you want to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the home without causing a threat to the environment, consider using natural cleaning products instead of regular chemical products.

Reusable coffee filters

Source: ordersustainable.com

Instant coffee systems are the new trend but cost heavy. Alternatively, you can consider using fresh ground coffee with a reusable filter pod. It is a great way you said your space and money.

LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs are up to 80% more efficient than regular lighting options. It is because 95% of the energy in the light bulbs is converted into light, and only 5% is wasted as heat. These LED bulbs use much less power, which reduces the demand on power plants and decreases greenhouse gas emissions. Also, you can operate them through Wi-Fi and Alexa to control them by your devices.

Biodegradable trash bags

Source: anphatbioplastics.com

Wrapping up your stuff and throwing away all the items that you don’t need next time or can be recycled must be a regular thing. However, doing so will not help you in exercising your eco-friendly capability if you continue to use plastic garbage bags. Instead, it is better to go with biodegradable trash bags that do not pose any threat to the environment.

Compostable coffee cups

A lot of single-use coffee pods are made up of plastic that is not recyclable. It is why most of the coffee machine orders throw away the pots every single day, which adds to the landfills. Instead, it is better to use 100% compostable coffee pods that are made of compostable materials.

Fabric Napkins

Source: roughlinen.com

No matter how hard you try, you are likely to spill off something. If it is a common thing in your household, you are likely to end up needing paper towels. So, rather than going for an entire roll of paper towels every week for a month, it is much better you have a pile of fabric napkins that you can use in such situations. It’s because these fabric napkins are reusable and last longer before you need to replace it. Also, the amount to wash a pile of fabric napkins every week is a lot less in comparison.

Menstrual cups or cloth pads

When it comes to traditional sanitary napkins,  it has more plastic in it than anything else. Also, tampons are made of cotton and pray on which is nonbiodegradable but are wrapped in plastic. So, instead of adopting these conventional ideas, it is better to use reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups as they create low waste, are reusable and durable as well.

Eco-friendly cutlery

Source: thegreatcoza.com

It is not always convenient to use the regular stainless steel products especially, spoons and forks. However, choosing eco-friendly cutlery instead of the regular Steel products is a much better option. For instance, you can go with wooden spoons and forks, leaf, or Bamboo plates and cups, and other edible cutlery. Therefore, it is far better to use eco-friendly cutlery instead of going with the regular plastic cutlery.


There are hundreds of reasons as to why going with eco-friendly products is the most ideal thing you can do. Making changes on a mass level is possible only when we take small steps towards a better tomorrow!

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