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4 Best Anime Like Prison School You Need To Watch

Comedy is a very powerful genre. Believe us, when you are watching some quality comedy, that can even change your day. Most certainly, it can bring back joy to your discouraged self. We love to say that comedy is like a coffee shot you need to drink every day before your daily chores start.

The power of laughter is incredible, it doesn’t matter with whom you are, your friends, your partner, or your family. Anime opened whole another door when it comes to the comedy genre, since their comedic characters are on whole another level, literally. Now, we are going to present you with the best anime like “Prison School”, a legendary anime.


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Since the start of the first episode, “Gintama” will lure in with its extreme humor, quirkiness, and many other, high quality, elements. This show follows Gintama, on his craziest adventures you can imagine. Also, it is important to point out that this show is set in medieval, feudal Japan. Most certainly, this is not the ordinary feudal Japan you have seen on movies and tv shows. Gintama is on a strange journey of finding the right job for himself. Along the way, he battles hideous monsters, a Yakuza clan, and many more quirky enemies.

Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san

Watching this show is like watching an HBO series of the highest quality, due to its crude humor. Literally, every scene you watch is worth watching. The story follows Azazel and Akutabe, two friends on a strange journey. That would be your ordinary story if Azazel doesn’t day almost every second of the episode. How crazy is that? Like this is not enough, one character, a bird named Beelzebub gets excited whenever it sees some fecal matter, and to audience`s surprise, eats it right on the screen. For sure, you didn’t see an anime such as this, and we highly recommend it.

Detroit Metal City

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As we continue our journey of finding similar comedy anime shows to “Prison School”, we are encountering an anime called “Detroit Metal City”. Naturally, with this being a show from Japan, none of its stories is occurring in the city of Detroit. The story follows Negishi, who is bored with his life, and decides that he wants to move to Japan`s capital city of Tokyo. Later, he decides that he wants to be a frontman of a metal band called “Krauser II”. But he is too lazy to actually do it. Sounds pretty random huh? We promise you that it is much better than it sounds.

Seitokai no Yakuindomo

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Seitokai no Yakuindomo” is an exceptional anime that doesn’t have a strong, solid plot, but it provides excellent humor. Plus, there is a high dose of adult humor involved. We are following Tsuda, who is a freshman in Ousai Academy, and he doesn’t what he can expect from his junior year at the academy. But one day when he finds himself surrounded by a plethora of beautiful girls. Things start to pick up after he becomes a vice president of a school council.

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