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Why Do I Need a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is considered to be essential to modern businesses and private internet users alike. Today the internet has become an essential tool for almost everybody, from checking last night’s scores in the big match, reading the news, share prices, social media, and online banking the list is endless. The internet has become ingrained in our daily life but is it still safe to use?

With our financial details, medical records, and social media posts being available to people who have the skills to hack and use this sensitive information a VPN is often the most trusted way to avoid being a victim of cybertheft. Nowadays, there are many VPN’s to choose from, and the good news is that many quality providers are free. These are some of the main reasons you should consider if you are not using a VPN.

Accessing Streaming Sites

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We have today now more than ever so many sites that offer a huge range of entertainment but, such sites as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney Plus are divided by country content. Meaning what you may see advertised is not always the content that is available in your region. However, there are people who are in the boardroom who ‘decides’ what you should watch. Such an approach denies you the chance to enjoy the content that you deserve.

By using a VPN it is possible to access the content of these sites from anywhere in the world. After all, you are paying for a premium service and should not be limited in your viewing pleasure just because of your regional location. The servers will not find out that you are browsing from a restricted region and thus grant you access.

Legal Downloading

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How many times have you come across content that you may want to save and watch later? It might be more than you can remember. We are spoilt with the options we have for downloading content. Torrent sites offer a vast amount of choices for downloading documentaries, movies, tv-series, and freeware programs. Not all torrents are illegal.

Many regions do not allow downloading from torrent sites, but with a VPN you can bypass these restrictions, enabling you to access torrents from all over the world. You just need to turn the VPN and enjoy fast downloads and make such content available for future use.

Journalism, Blogging, And Research

Unfortunately, in many countries in the world, journalism has now become a dangerous profession. In the last year alone, over 40 journalists were killed just trying to report the news to us. From Mexico to Iraq, the anonymity for an investigative reporter can mean the difference between being jailed, harassed, physical harm, and even death.

Bloggers and journalists are a crucial part of society as they help unearth some of the ills that face society. However, some end up dead while others are hunted for life by the bad people in society. Some of these journalists have been forced to switch careers as they fear for their lives.

Fortunately, with the use of a VPN, they can protect their identity and location from criminal gangs, extremist groups, and government agencies. Allowing them to conduct their profession without fear. Bloggers are in a similar situation depending on your topics.

Research theft costs the industry untold billions of dollars each year. From rival corporations to foreign governments, intellectual property is stolen on mass. A good VPN can hugely help to prevent access to all of the hard work put into a project.

Are You Being Tracked?

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Do you hate the ads that always seem to ‘know’ what you are looking for on the internet? You may be browsing on the internet only to come across ads of similar products you had searched in the past. Most of the search engines and browsers store your browsing history and you may never know who ends up with such data.

By using a standard connection your smart device collects vast amounts of information on you. From your search history, geographical location, and download history. Whilst using a VPN you can stop this invasive practice, potentially avoiding embarrassing situations and securing your privacy.

With the use of smartphones, computers, and tablets today by almost everybody young and old, it has become easier for large corporations to keep track of us. You will thus be coming across popups every time you are browsing on the net. By using a VPN service you can reduce the amount of data companies like Google can obtain.

A Safe Public Connection

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Restaurants, bars, public transport, and public areas in a city often have access to free WiFi for their customers or the general public. Unfortunately, the connection is not usually very secure. Cases have been reported of people/hackers targeting smartphone and computer users in airports and other transport hubs due to the high volume of users congregated.

Using a VPN will prevent access to your device, allowing you to browse or login to sensitive banking sites with confidence. The VPN will keep your device secure and make it hard for hackers to fetch your sensitive data.

Saving Money On Your Purchases

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When you think of online shopping you automatically think of getting a bargain, who doesn’t like a cheap deal even if you have to wait a week or two. But, most online retailers have a different price structure for each country and region.

The same applies to airlines and hotel chains. Depending on where you make a booking can vastly depend on the price of your flight or accommodation. By using a VPN you can bypass this and ultimately save money, giving you some extra cash for your vacation or trip. After all, why should you pay more based on your location when there is another option.


The use of a VPN has become more common and continues to grow as we are enjoying the benefits they provide. After all, privacy is a universal right, and ensuring we get the best price for us the consumer should also be a basic right.

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