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What Fall Arrangements Are Currently Most Popular?

While it is true that flowers can be relied upon to elevate your mood and the look and feel of your living space throughout the year, the Fall is the season when they become particularly important. A beautiful floral arrangement can cut through the drab color palette of the Fall season and become a breath of fresh air indoors.

Whether it is a centerpiece for your dining table or a hallway floral display, you can rely on a bunch of fresh flowers to add a splash of vibrant colors to your home decor.

Goldie Bouquet

With bright yellow sunflowers, warm orange roses, and alstroemerias, this bouquet is the perfect way to pay homage to Spring and counter the earthy tones of the Fall season. The yellow sunflowers are the main attraction of this floral arrangement, enhancing the beauty of the flowers like roses and peach hypericum berries in the background. With a wide-based vase, this bouquet can be the perfect addition to your dining table or home entryway.

Source: pinterest.com

Purple Spell Bouquet

Beautiful purple mini calla lilies, eucalyptus, and roses come together in this unique floral arrangement to create the ideal attraction for events in the Fall, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more. This bouquet is great for treating yourself or giving a gift to a colleague, friend, or loved one on their special day. Besides the roses, lilies, and eucalyptus, the soft purple chrysanthemums in the bouquet truly bring the floral arrangement to life.

Honey Spark Centerpiece

Nothing makes your dinner table look cozier like this stunning collection of classic flowers, including sunflowers, orange alstroemerias, fresh green leaves, warm orange roses, daisies, and more. To tie this unique attraction together, the floral arrangement features at its center an elegant ivory pillar candle that breathes new life into your living space. The centerpiece is perfect for dinner gatherings with your loved ones and a gentle reminder of how you can find beautiful blooms even in the Fall.

Pumpkin Allspice Bouquet

You know it’s the Fall when you can smell the Pumpkin spice in the air! This bouquet perfectly encapsulates the coziness of the Fall with multi-toned marigolds, beautiful roses, stunning yellow calla lilies, and more. With an assortment of colors that complement the colors of the Fall season, this bouquet is the ideal hit of freshness to your bedroom or living room. The bouquet pairs well with both tall and short vases and can be used in hallways or placed on tables.

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Autumn Sunset Mum Plant

No matter our opinions on the Fall season itself, we can all agree that chrysanthemums are the quintessential flowers of Autumn. There is something quite soothing about a sunset-colored chrysanthemum flower, which is the best way to bring a little piece of the Fall into your home. This collection of beautiful sunset-colored mums comes in a festive-themed stock pot cover that allows the stunning flowers to be on full display. Mixed with fresh green foliage, you can get this arrangement for your indoor plant pots anywhere.

Honeyed Harvest Pumpkin

Nothing says Fall quite like the sight of a plump, orange Pumpkin. This bouquet features a beautiful assortment of flowers, including multi-tinted orange roses, red leucadendron, bronze pompoms, and beautiful green leaves in a Pumpkin-shaped vase that adds a touch of Autumnal warmth to your living space. The rustic colors complement the colors of the season and add to the warm Fall atmosphere in your home.

Honeybee Sunflower Bouquet

A fresh bouquet of sunflowers might be just what the doctor ordered! This bright yellow sunflower arrangement is the ideal way to lighten up the mood of any recipient instantly and is ideal for gifting on celebratory occasions.

You can also get these sunflowers to lift your spirits when you feel down during the Fall season. All you need to enhance the feel of your home is a fresh bunch of sunflowers that provide much-needed sunshine during hard times. The honey bee sunflower bouquet comes in a display-ready clear glass vase.

Source: freepik.com

Sugar High Tulips

Featuring warm hues of the Fall season, these sugar high tulips are a stunning collection of tulips colored orange and red, and everything in between. The long stems of this bouquet pair excellently with a tall living room or bedroom vase, and the fresh flowers are the ideal way to welcome Autumn. Broad green foliage makes a fitting background to give the beautiful tulips center stage.

Goldilocks Bouquet

The Goldilocks bouquet perfectly captures the warm and fuzzy feeling of laying on the grass in the bright sunshine. The bouquet features a collection of bright yellow chrysanthemums and sunflowers that bring a slice of Summer to your home even during the Fall. The cheerful yellow of the flowers is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face and makes a perfect Fall gift for happy occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Marigold Bouquet

Whether it is a henna event or a Diwali celebration, this bright orange bouquet of fresh marigold flowers is the perfect addition to any Fall occasion. The warm orange colors of the marigolds bring out the best in your home decor during the Autumn season, adding a subtle hint of Spring during the off-season. Coupled with a clear glass vase, this bouquet can instantly enhance the charm of your living room or dining table.

Source: freepik.com


Just because the Spring is over does mean that the flower season is. You can send flowers online via Proflowers.com to your loved ones in Fall, with bouquets and floral arrangements that are specially curated for keeping in mind the colors and tones of the season. Bright yellow sunflowers, sunset chrysanthemums, warm orange roses, and daisies are some of the most popular choices of flowers in the Fall that can be mixed and matched to create the ideal bouquet for your flower gifting needs. Whether it is gifting flowers on Fall birthdays or anniversary celebrations or getting a beautiful floral arrangement to enhance the look and feel of your home, Fall flower bouquets can enhance the cozy ambiance of your living space with their bright and warm hues.

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