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7 Ways to Know If Your Home Is Mold Free

It is said that more than 70 percent of the households will have mold at least once. The spores and the fungus are the number one cause for serious health issues including allergies, headaches, breathing issues, and other conditions that could lead to serious complications. It is said that there are more than 300 different types of mold, and some of them can be extremely difficult to notice. In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the ways to know if your home is mold-free. Continue reading if you want to learn something new and if you want to find out how to notice the early signs of fungus and spores.

1. No smell

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It is said that the easiest way to notice that there is mold in your home is to constantly feel the musty or damp smell. When the spores first appear in your house, you may not be able to notice them, but you will definitely feel the smell. If there was a flood recently in your house, this may be the first sign. Note that damp smells are normal before everything gets dry, but if the smell persists, it may be a sign that there is a moldy spot.

Note that when you get rid of this issue, you will start smelling the fresh air, and when you sit down somewhere, the smell of musk will not suddenly appear. Most of the homeowners say that these smells were something that bothered them constantly, and when they finally got rid of the spores, the smell disappeared as well.

2. No moisture spots

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Now let’s talk about something that is extremely common, and that is one of the best ways to check if there are spores in your home, or if it is mold-free. According to elitemoisture.com, moisture spots can appear on your ceiling or walls right after a flood, pipe damage, and they can also be a sign that there are spores in your house. You need to react as soon as you notice them, because the sooner you address the issue, the easier it’s going to be to solve it.

In case you had pipe damages, and there were several wet spots in one or more rooms when the problem is tackled, you will notice that the walls are dry, and even though the discoloration will still be there when you touch the wall, it won’t be damp.

3. Better health

Source: medicalnewstoday.co

It is said that spores are the number one reason for allergies, cough, and flu-like symptoms. People who’ve been living in moldy houses say that when the spores first appeared, their health got extremely worse, and they always felt like they are having a cold. Many parents say that their children have been coughing all night long, even though they didn’t have any health issues.

So, if you notice that yours and your family’s health is getting better, if you don’t feel the urge to cough all the time, and if you feel like you can finally breathe without having a dusty feeling in your nose or throat, that is a sign that your home is in the perfect condition.

4. No visible mold

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Even though the mold can be hidden behind furniture, or it may not be visible with the naked eye, it is said that if you used to have these issues, and if you can no longer notice it, it usually means that your problem is solved.

Note that even if there aren’t any leaks in your house, mold may appear. This could be because of faulty insulation or a flood. So, always make sure you check the common spaces where spores are most likely to appear, including the basement, attic, ceilings, and walls. Check behind the counters, behind large furniture pieces, and know that if you cannot see or smell anything, chances are, your home is safe.

5. Your nose bleeds have stopped

Source: healthydirections.com

One of the biggest health issues that can occur when there are spores in your home is nose bleeds. People say that even if they never had a nose bleed before, when there are spores in the house, they start getting them on a daily basis. The issue with this is that we first think that we have a hidden disease or that there is something going on with our blood pressure.

We usually end up spending thousands of dollars on health checks, and when the doctors cannot find anything, we are left wondering. Know that nose bleeds can be an indicator that there is a fungus in your space, and if they stop after cleaning and renovating your house, chances are, you’ve gotten rid of the problem for good.

6. No water leaks

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Experts suggest that when there is a water leak in your home, chances are, you will get fungus. These things will not appear overnight, and you may not even notice the first signs. Because of it, if you know that there is a leak in your home, starting from pipe damages, up to roof issues, and even gutters, you need to act as soon as possible. If you know that there are no leaks, if your walls are completely dry, and if there hasn’t been a flood in your house, you are most likely safe.

Note that in some cases the damp spots may appear long after the leak has occurred, and the leak may be so small that it takes months for it to cause any visible damage. To protect yourself and your family, you should maintain and inspect your home regularly. There are a lot of services that can help you out with this, and they will also be able to fix the issue that might have occurred.

7. Improved air quality

Moldy Corner

The last indicator that will show you there are no spores, fungus, or mold in your home is the improved air quality. Many people think that they need to spend a lot of money on air purifiers, or similar devices and that they just live in an area where the air is too humid and they need to clean it constantly. If you own a device that absorbs moisture, and if you notice that it fills with water really fast, chances are, the is moisture in the walls.

When you get rid of the spores, the air will become fresher, easier to breathe, and you won’t need to invest in any device that is supposed to clean it. Before spending money on things, you may not actually need, always check for underlying issues that may be the cause, and see if you actually need to get rid of a bigger problem.

Living in a mold-free household will improve your health, your mood, and the overall value of your house. Always do the necessary checks and inspections, and if you notice even the smallest damp spot in your home, act right away.

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