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Online Casino Games And 6 Best Devices To Play Them

You may think you already know all the ways that online casino games can be played, but do you really? The rapid progress of technology is constantly creating new avenues and opportunities for business and innovation.

These days, there is a number of new trends and technologies adding to the list of devices, and allowing for ever greater, more versatile, more enjoyable, and more convenient ways to access and play casino games.

Of course, we are all familiar with the standard devices, which will be mentioned first, each containing its own particular advantages and drawbacks.

1. Laptops & Desktop PCs

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PCs have generally always been a popular choice having a larger screen size than most other devices, and also being the first to ever be used for online casino games. After all, PCs were the standard device when online technology and casinos were first being established in the late 90s and early 2000s, and it was nearly a decade later that mobile devices, namely smartphones, entered the stage.

Desktop PCs also have a very accessible keyboard and easy-to-use mouse for control, which many still prefer over the control mechanisms of other devices. They are, however, generally immobile. Laptops afford greater mobility, though not quite as much as smartphones.

2. Smartphones & Tablets

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Considered by many as one of the most revolutionary devices in recent history, the smartphone is undoubtedly one that most people now consider essential, arguably even more so than the PC.

Since they were first popularized in the late 2000s, largely thanks to Apple introducing the iPhone to the world, the advantage of smartphones has always been their great mobility and convenience. With ever-improving screens and visuals, ease-of-use, the versatility of apps, and the inclusion of web-browsers, smartphones, and tablets have been a major factors in the huge and ongoing success of online casino games.

Smartphones and tablets will also likely continue to be the most popular types of devices for online casino games for some time to come.

3. Smart Televisions

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Moving on to newer devices for playing online casino games, we have the smart TV. Though expensive and very much immobile, smart TVs, however, have the biggest screen, and the best sound. Many smart TVs are now made to have their own internet and browsing capabilities, though alternatively, they are generally also able to become the monitor and sound system for a connected PC, smartphone or tablet.

It may be a bit of an overkill for most people to use a TV, though keep in mind that many new online casino games are improving greatly in resolution, graphics, and immersion, and if you want to see all the numbers, stats, and relevant info displayed large and clear as can be, it might be worth a try.

4. Wearables

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“Wearable” is a new term referring to any device that is worn on the body and provides some sort of communication, internet browsing, entertainment, or other function that is usually offered by mobile devices, PCs, or other gaming devices.

Smartwatches are a common example of wearables and are swiftly becoming more and more popular thanks to their even greater mobility and convenience than smartphones, while also having many of the same functions. This very much includes the ability to play online casino games.

The obvious drawback is that smartwatches have a very small screen size. With highly innovative methods of touch screen control, and games designed for it, though, this device may yet grow in popularity for online casino gaming in years to come. Technically, with many smartwatches even having browsers these days, regular browser-based games could be played, though you’d probably need very good eyes and dextrous fingertips.

Another type of wearable device is smart glasses. These devices allow the exciting possibility of AR, augmented reality, which holographically projects images, information, and games, over your vision and onto reality around you. Though still limited in comparison to other devices, there are nevertheless several online casinos that offer games made for smart glasses to be found on the internet.

5. Virtual Reality

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Another type of wearable is the VR headset. VR has become a hugely popular and exciting way to play games, and much more, and there are now a number of VR casino games, as well as the beginnings of whole virtual casinos, being made available to play. They can be found at many of the leading online casinos and are otherwise being released by many top casino game developers.

VR is basically the most thrilling and immersive way to play games ever invented and will transport you into another reality, where a virtual online casino and game await to be played and experienced with child-like glee and wonder. Very soon, and they’re very nearly there, VR casinos and games will become so detailed and convincing that you will have no problem believing what you see around you.

Which might be an exotic casino under the sea, or on the red sands of Mars, or virtually anywhere the imagination of game developers can dream up.

6. Cloud Gaming

Source: techradar.com

Cloud gaming is not a device in itself, but rather a new kind of technology that allows any game, casino or otherwise, to be played on virtually any device, so long as it has a decent internet connection and a browser. This means that PC games can be played on mobile devices, and vice versa, no matter the size and specs, without any fuss of installation, and with greater ease than ever before.

An even newer version of this is Edge gaming, which utilizes different technology but for the same general purpose, though allowing for even greater connectivity and accessibility to people all over the world than ever before.


Though PCs, smartphones, and tablets, still hold the most benefit for online casino gaming at sites like grandrush.com, it’s generally still always a good thing to have some variety and choice. With technology moving so rapidly, it could also be that the next best device is just around the corner.

We will have to wait and see, though, in the meantime, any of the above devices are bound to keep us more than adequately entertained.

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