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Remembering to Quiz: How Trivia Enhances Memory Retention

Trivia or trivialities are quick tidbits of information that invoke people’s curiosity and test their memory power. Trivia quizzes test one’s knowledge about interesting facts, but these facts have very little value or importance.

Trivia Quizzes Help the Power of Recall

Source: psdchallenge.psd.gov.sg

Trivia quizzes are popular among people of all generations. And now, these knowledge-based games are available online as well. So, if you are bored and wish to get invigorated by refreshing your mind and nudging your memory, do not hesitate to play an online trivia game.

Trivia quizzes are great for memory retention, and this blog post discusses some of the reasons why knowledge-based quizzes may help with memory rejuvenation.

Fact-Based Games Evokes a Person’s Interest

One of the reasons why trivia may have a role in memory retention is that it evokes a person’s interest. Interest and motivation to learn something new have long been correlated with memory retention. In the case of trivia, people get their knowledge renewed or learn something new. Thus, the knowledge gained in a trivia quiz generates interest.

It is a known fact that what interests you is easily remembered. For instance, kids remember better if they are shown pictures or animations rather than plain text.

This is most likely because pictures and animations are exciting and interesting to a child. Hence, educational systems often find ways to garner the child’s attention with things that excite them so that remembering lessons is not a burden.

Tact-Based Quizzes Draw a Person’s Attention

Tact-Based Quizzes Draw a Person’s Attention
Source: towardsdatascience.com

Scientists note that any fact or occurrence that draws a person’s attention gets etched in his memory. For instance, if you are asked what color clothes you wore on the first Monday of the month, you will most likely be unable to answer.

However, if your dress got torn on that day, you will remember the color of the dress. The reason you will retain information in the second instance and not the first is because the human brain remembers facts that draw our attention. Acetylcholine is released when the brain focuses on or pays attention to any fact or object.

Trivia quizzes give out information about peculiar facts; hence, people pay attention to those facts, increasing memory retention.

Knowledge-Based Games Jog a Person’s Brain

It is often said about the brain that the more you use it, the better it works. Just like muscles get stronger with time from strenuous exercise, the brain’s memory power increases when under stress. So when you play a memory-based game, you jog your brain, improving your brain’s capacity to remember.


Trivia Games and Crossword Puzzles
Source: androidauthority.com

Trivia games and crossword puzzles have a significant role in improving problem-solving ability and memory retention. Older adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia are often advised to play trivia games or solve puzzles to improve their memory.

Knowledge and fact-based games improve memory as they pique a person’s interest, evoke curiosity, and engage a person’s mind. So, if you know someone who has trouble remembering things, do suggest they play some good online knowledge-based games.

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