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12 Safety Tips for Seniors Who Wish for an Independent Life 

Living independently could be challenging for seniors. Aging can lead to a host of illnesses that could impair mobility and flexibility. Most seniors can only function with the help of another person. If you wish to live independently, you need to consider these safety tips.

1. Remove moveable rugs

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There’s nothing wrong with focusing on the aesthetic appeal of your home as long as you have safety in mind. For instance, if you want to improve the floor, you can look for colorful tiles or hardwood flooring. They’re better than carpets and moveable rugs. These options are a risk since you might slip and get injured.

2. Keep electrical cords hidden

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Ask an electrician to help you deal with the wires. Make sure you keep them hidden. Otherwise, you might step on them and get electrocuted. If possible, you can have a single controller for all your electrical devices. There’s no need to plug and unplug all of them. Avoid having too many wires to remember since there could be a risk of fire.

3. Avoid stairs

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If you use stairs at home, make sure all of them are sturdy. Check if they’re in excellent condition, and request repairs if necessary. You can also install a chair that automatically moves up the stairs once you sit on it. The best option, though, is to live in a house that doesn’t have a second floor or move all your essential stuff downstairs. You won’t have a reason to go up when you already have everything you need.

4. Walking aids should be available


If you can no longer walk properly, you need to use walking aids. They have to be available in different areas to help you move from one place to another. If you forget one in your bedroom, you can still use the nearest option.

5. Keep a fire extinguisher in every corner

Source: firetechglobal.com

Surviving during a fire might be difficult if you can’t walk well, let alone run to safety. Therefore, it helps if you have fire extinguishers in various corners of your home. You should reach one right away in case there’s fire. You have to put out any fires before they get worse.

6. Discard old furniture

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You don’t want to use old furniture since there could be repair issues that will hurt you. Invest in new furniture that will make you feel comfortable. The right options will also improve the aesthetic appeal of your house. You should also keep the furniture to a minimum to make it easier to clean your house.

7. Keep emergency numbers handy

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You might also have memory issues when you get older. Make sure you save essential contact numbers on your phone. You should also write them on a piece of paper or save them on a computer. Find something that allows you to remember this information easily. Even if you want to live independently, you still need other people’s help at times. Keeping the emergency contact information handy helps a lot. Apart from your loved ones, you need the contact number of the nearest hospital, your personal doctor, a close friend, and your mental health counselor if you have one.

8. Learn how to use modern apps

Source: seniorlink.com

It helps if you can ask for food delivery services instead of cooking your food at home. It’s convenient, safe, and will make you stay away from fire. You can even request grocery deliveries, so you don’t have to go out and buy what you need. If you need to head out, you can use ride-sharing services. Someone will pick you up from your place and take you to your destination. You don’t have to drive or use public transportation.

9. Ensure a safe bathroom

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Most accidents in the bathroom occur because of a slippery and wet floor. Make sure that your bathroom is spacious enough so that it won’t be difficult for you to move around. You should also buy bars and handles so that you can grip on something to avoid slipping. You should also invest in a walk-in tub so that you can bathe easily. You just have to go inside the tub and start bathing. If you need one, consider those offered by JT Spas. You can also buy a walk-in enclosure that comes with a bathing chair. When you have to take a bath, you can use the chair and relax.

10. Improve the bedroom

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Given your mobility issues, you might be in your bedroom most of the time. Therefore, you need a comfortable bedroom. Replace your mattress with something harder and firmer. You want one that is firm enough to support your back. Replace the doorknobs with a single-lever. Pulling it down is easier than turning the knob. In case of an emergency, it’s easier for you to get out of the bedroom.

11. Improve the security at home

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It’s easier for you to be a target of people who intend to steal because they know you’re aging and you live alone. Therefore, it helps if you have an improved home security system. Install security cameras in various areas of your house so that you can spot an intruder. Even if you don’t, it’s still easier to find someone who attempted to steal from your house. It would help if you also lived in a guarded village so that everyone who comes in will have records. Talk to a security expert to determine how you can live safely while you’re alone.

12. Get to know your neighbors

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If you decided to live far from your family, your neighbors are the first people to help you. Make sure you establish a good relationship with them. During emergencies, they will be the first ones to come and save you. Invite them for dinner or introduce yourself to them by giving a present.

Living independently can be challenging, but it also gives you satisfaction. It shows that even if you’re already aging, you can still live alone. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel right if you know that you have to rely on other people to survive. With these tips, it doesn’t matter if you have to be alone at your age.

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