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The Best Dragon Quest Game for PlayStation 2

There are several versions of the Dragon Quest game, but one that stands out is Dragon Quest VIII.
Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King is a video game which includes role-playing. It was created by Level-5 and while Square Enix published it for the PlayStation 2. In 2004 it was published in Japan, in North America in 2005, and worldwide in 2006. It is the eighth version of the highly popular Dragon Quest game series. A version of this game for Android and iOS was released a few years later, worldwide in May 2014.

Dragon Quest VIII has cel-shading for the scenery and full 3D environments and characters. The main character of this game is the silent Hero and he makes allies in order to defeat the wicked Dhoulmagus. Dhoulmagus threw a dark spell on the kingdom of Trodain. He turned the King Trode and his daughter Medea into a troll and a horse. It’s Hero’s duty to return the king and the princess to their human form and save the kingdom from the dark magic. Dragon Quest VIII had a huge critical and financial success, which is why it became a Sony Greatest Hits game.

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In this game, you control the character in a fully three-dimensional environment. Players can turn the camera for 360 degrees and use a first-person perspective mode. The game presents various landscapes and full-size cities and buildings. Battles occur in no order and are turn-based. Characters from different sides are enemies and they take turns attacking each other. The scenes have improved visually from the previous years. During the battle, characters have the ability to attack the other characters, use items, magic and skills. Characters improve through experience levels and develop their own skills. After defeating the enemy, the player gains experience points and gold. With gold, the players can buy items and weapons.


Dhoulmagus steals an ancient scepter and casts a dark spell on Trodain kingdom, turning the inhabitants into plants. There’s only one Trodain guard who is unaffected and has to save the castle. Yangus, Angelo and Jessica are his helpers. The group hunts down the evil Dhoulmagus, kills him, but that does not remove the spell. They all need to figure out the way to save King Trode, princess Medea and people who still live like plants.


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The main star of the game is an eighteen-year-old royal guard. He is brave, has swords, spears, boomerangs and uses magic. Yangus, a former thief helps him defeat the enemies. Jessica is a sorceress from Alexandria and Angelo is a noble who grew up in a monastery.


Koichi Sugiyama wrote this game’s original song. The official soundtrack was published in 2005 by Aniplex. The Japanese version of the game includes sequenced music, while the American features the symphonic suite orchestral recordings. Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra performed the soundtrack for the North American version.

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