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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Telephone Counseling  – 2024 Guide

Life can sometimes be tough. Many things can bother us every single day. Yet, we need to be aware that we are all different. Each individual has a different character, mentality, and mental power. Some people are strong enough to handle all the problems that they have. However, others are not that strong.

If you are the part of the second group of people, you should not put yourself under pressure. People with psychological problems usually feel useless when they see that other people know how to stay strong. Indeed, you should not except that your mental power is low. However, that doesn’t mean that you are less valuable than others. Imagine someone who has a problem with a lack of kilograms. Does he have the chance to be in good shape if he practices? The answer to this question is obvious. Things are not different for you at all. You just need to work on the improvement of your mental strength.

However, the gym for something like that does not exist. Everything you need is to talk with someone who knows how to help you. Going to a psychiatrist is one of the ways how you can solve this problem. Yet, thanks to the advanced technology, you can talk with him from your room. You can have therapy over the phone.

Some people have a problem with this type of therapy. Indeed, there are also some disadvantages of this way of counseling that you should know about as well. However, that doesn’t mean there are no benefits that you can count on. If you think that this method of boosting your mental power is inappropriate, we recommend you visit BetterHelp. There you can find many valuable pieces of information that will make things clearer to you.

We must stay objective and talk about the good and bad side of telephone counseling. Let’s find out together the advantages and disadvantages that you can get.

Advantages of Telephone Counseling

Logically, we will start with the positive side. The list of benefits is longer than the other one. However, keep in mind that all these benefits you will get if you find the right person to talk with. The link that we previously attached will help you with that as well.

Great Option for Remote Areas

Source: mychicagotherapist.com

Telephone (or online) therapy is a perfect choice for people that live in rural or remote areas. Unfortunately, in most of these places, you can’t find the right place to ask for help. Most of the people from these areas will have to go to the nearest city. More precisely, it might happen that the form of mental health treatment doesn’t even exist in their places.

We know that budget is also one of the reasons why people do not visit psychiatrists. Traveling to each treatment brings some additional traveling costs. Fortunately, with this option, those problems do not exist anymore.


Source: bespeakinc.com

We will continue in the same manner. The treatments itself are also an expensive thing. However, this type of treatment is a lot cheaper comparing to the traditional ones. The reason for that is simple. You will get the treatment while you are sitting in the comfort of their room. The psychiatrists that will talk with you do not have to ensure bigger spaces for their clients. In other words, they do not have all the costs that traditional psychiatrists have. Logically, they will charge the treatment for less money.

Good for Skeptical People

Source: womenassist.com.au

Okay, this might be the biggest advantage of all. People set some boundaries that are not logical at all. They feel bad for some reason. For instance, something bad happened to their life and they start being depressed. However, they are a bit skeptical and they believe that they can solve everything on their own. Indeed, everyone who has this type of problem will solve them alone in the end. However, mental health treatments are there to give you directions and explain how to do that. One telephone call can completely change your way of thinking. You will see how the entire treatment is functioning.

It Is Education and Motivational

Source: thera-link.com

Telephone counseling is not only a good choice for people that have mental problems. You can also make this type of call even if you are mentally feeling good. However, motivation and education are always necessary for people. Because of that, you can make a call to find out how to stay even stronger.

Despite that, it might happen that someone around you is having mental problems. He doesn’t want to ask for help because of the reasons that we previously mentioned. Well, you can make a call and educate yourself a little. We do not want to say that you need to start pretending that you are an expert. Yet, the pieces of advice that you get might convince that person to ask for help. There are some methods of how to convince people to decide on such a move. People that offer telephone counseling know very well how to do that.

Disadvantages of Telephone Counseling

Our intention is not to represent telephone counseling as a magical tool. There are some disadvantages that you should know about. We would like to highlight the most important ones.

Not Good For Critical Cases

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Online therapists can help a lot. However, they can’t help a lot if the situation is critical. There are no conditions that they react quickly and effectively. This especially counts if the client is experiencing suicidal thoughts. In this case, it would be almost impossible to provide direct assistance. The therapist needs to be too lucky to react promptly in this case. However, luck in these cases is not something you can count on.

Insurance Coverage

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Okay, this can be a potential disadvantage. It depends on the insurance that you have. This way of mental health treatment is relatively new. The laws of some states haven’t made a plan for this way of treatment. Because of that, some insurance companies are not covering online therapies. Before everything, we recommend you check that.

Conclusion: Your Privacy Remains Safe

Source: q961.com

We know that this is the problem of most people. However, you do not have to worry. Telephone counseling and online therapies are completely confidential. Every patient is entitled to the same level of confidentiality that you have during in-person sessions. However, you need to be sure that the provider that you pick is licensed. That piece of info will guarantee that everything will be good.

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