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Can One Claim Tax Deductions Without a Receipt? Here’s What You Need to Know

It is complicated and risky to claim tax-related deductions if you do not have any expense receipts. Through deductions, the refund you get on tax improves. You can expect to get all the money you spend on things that are required for your occupation.

Generally, it is necessary to have receipts for all the expenses you made before claiming the refund. But sometimes, you lose receipts or need help to read a single word as it fades. Somehow, you can claim tax deductions even without any proof.

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How is It Possible to Claim Return on Tax Without Any Receipt?

It is possible only under strict restrictions. All your expenses should come in the category of ‘Allowable’. It means that the expenses you made should be related to your occupation, you must pay them by your account, and you did not receive any reimbursement from any employer.

Under all the conditions, you can show all your transactions as expense proof and ask for a deduction. But you must be careful because if any of your expenses are disallowed, you must pay them back. You must know about all the expenses you can apply for the claim.

Things on Which Claim is Possible Without Receipt

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It is necessary to know all the claimable items so that you can calculate the amount you will receive in return by using the Income tax calculator. Following are the things on which you can claim deductions:

  1. Fees of Membership: It involves a summary of the income you receive from the employer. It is okay if you do not have receipts because all your documentation is sufficient.
  2. Fuel: If you have a logbook with how many kilometers and fuel details are recorded, you can use it for a claim. You can get a fuel deduction in your return, and you can get help in sorting things with the agent. If you still need the logbook, you must count the kilometers you drive for work, and you will get a maximum of 5000 km return.
  3. Computer Components: If you purchase any computer component, it is okay if you do not have the receipt. But you must have the package photo along with the receipt.
  4. Stationery Items: Your credit card statement is enough to show the purchase of stationery items. You can also show the pictures of the products you purchased.

The Bottom Line

Even without any receipt, you can claim deductions on a few things. You must remember all those things and know about other documents that can replace the need for the receipt. If you purchase any item related to your occupation, you can easily ask for a return from the government, but it is reasonably necessary to show the purchase receipt.

But if you do not have any for any reason, you can still claim a few products easily. Make sure you know all the tax details before claiming anything.

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