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Summer Camper Trailer Hacks

Riding the roads, without any obligations or goals, is one of the best examples of being free. During these travels, you can learn a lot of things and meet a lot of new people. Not to mention that there are numerous sites that you yet have to see. For that reason, many people decide to commit their retirement to this. But that doesn’t mean you need to wait until you’re old to do something like this. Camping is a common way you much of the world that surrounds you and still have fun in the process.

Camping in the summer is fun, especially if you have a camper trailer. You can drive the trailer around and have fun with your family. You can also park the trailer in an RV camp and settle for some time. Passing by some landscapes is simply not enough. You would want to stay and experience as much of them as possible. Whichever option you go with, you will spend a lot of time in your camper trailer.

This post will teach you hacks that will revolutionise your camper trailer use. Since we are focusing on the summer, most of the hacks in this list will be tailored toward the season. Thus, prepare to learn hacks that will forever change your summer camping experiences. Without further ado, let’s check some of them out.

Insulate the windows

Summer is always hot, and you need sufficient protection from the heat. The first hack is to insulate your windows with covers or curtains. Naturally, not all RVs you come across have these devices when you buy or rent them. If your RV does not have reflective insulation, you should consider purchasing one. This insulation reflects the sun away from your trailer to keep the interior cooler. When the heat of summer is beating down on everyone outside, you can enjoy the coolness of your trailer’s interior. We cannot stress how important it is for anyone to install one of these and prevent this sort of problem, which is pretty common, especially during the summer.

Get a Shade

Another way to protect yourself from the harsh weather is to have shade wherever you are. Once again, we are talking about a way to shield yourself from the direct effects of the sun. Australian summers can get very hot, and not every camp has trees to provide shade. Get yours by using an umbrella, a tarp, or a portable gazebo. With that, you can set up camp in any spot without concern. Sure, when you pick a place that’s surrounded by numerous trees, you will not need one of these. However, the chances of you always coming across an appropriate location are not that high, especially in Australia.

Image via: Cub Campers

Solar Panel RV Kit

The use of solar energy has recently changed the way campers pack. Instead of lugging a generator around with fuel, you can opt for a solar panel. A good solar panel can charge your phones and laptop while traveling. You can also use it to set up lights and operate a fan in your camp. Using solar is eco-friendly, which is a plus in many people’s opinions. If you are fortunate enough to come across a solar panel kit that is both powerful enough and comes at an affordable price, then you will be able to provide power to much more than just laptops or phones. Still, we don’t believe this will be possible in every situation.

Fill the Esky with Ice

You can never have too much ice while camping in summer. A nifty trick is to make your ice at home if you have enough time to prepare for your trip. The ice you make at home is better than those from supermarkets and service stations. Pack enough ice packs and frozen water bottles in your esky to last your camp. Not only that, but you can also have a device that can keep the ice stable for a much longer time, which means you will be prepared for any scenario. Not being able to predict what awaits you is one of the elements that make camping so much fun, don’t you agree?

Source: healthday.com

First Aid

A first aid box should be a fixture in your camper trailer. It is necessary to treat minor cuts and insect bites you get while camping. These little injuries are common in summer camps, and your first aid box should contain disinfectants, bandages, pain relievers, sunscreen, insect repellants, and other essentials. Sure, having one of these doesn’t mean you will be able to find a solution for all the injuries out there. However, it is of the utmost importance to keep even the smallest one under tight check. With that in mind, you can see that having a first aid kit should be one of your priorities. Thankfully, obtaining one of these is not a problem at all. You can find it in numerous places around you. You just need to know where to look for it.

Get Tension Rods for Your Fridge

If your camper trailer has a fridge, that is a perk you must maximise. Just think about it, you will be able to keep the food you have in proper condition for a much longer time than before. Keep all the perishable items and secure them firmly with a tension rod. It will help to keep your fridge’s contents from tumbling out whenever you open the fridge. That element is crucial since it will not only help you to keep the food in the best possible condition, but you can also count on the fact that food will be protected during the transport.


You must be adequately prepared when planning a summer trip with a camper trailer. While this may sound like something everyone is aware of, you would be surprised how many of these things are simply overlooked by many people. There may be some times you have to improvise, but you should keep those minimal. Try the hacks above to improve your summer camper trailer experience. We have no doubt you will find all of these hacks both informative and helpful.

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