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Best and Safest Smartphones for Your Kid – 2024 Guide

Today’s youngest generations have different habits and interests compared to kids 20 years ago. The improvement of technology is the main reason why we have a situation like that. Kids now show the desire to use smartphones when they are still small. That can be a good and bad thing for them at the same moment. Because of that, many parents hesitate if kids even need to have a smartphone or not.

Well, the answer to that question requires an in-depth analysis. However, the point here is to ensure that security and comfort to your child. Kids need time to realize how the world of advanced technology works. That especially counts when we talk about the online world. The usage of spy software will probably be the most effective way to ensure the security of your kids. There are many of them like GetCellphoneSpy that will bring the results you are expecting.

Despite potential dangers in the online world, keep in mind that kids are not so responsible. It often happens that they accidentally damage their smartphone which will only bring additional costs. Fortunately, you came to the right place to find out the best and safest smartphone for your kid. There are many models of smartphones out there, and choosing the right one is a challenging task. That is the reason why the list we prepared for you is going to be helpful. Let’s find them our those models together!

1. Palm Phone

Source: theverge.com

Purchasing a smartphone with a huge screen for your kid would not have any sense. As we said, kids usually do not pay attention to how they use their smartphones. Despite that, their hands are too small. They can harm their mobile even when you teach them to act responsibly.

Anyway, the Palm Phone is a small model, and it has the size of a credit card. Because of that, it is one of the most suitable smartphones for kids. Still, the size of the mobile is not the only feature that deserves your attention. It is also water-resistant which makes it perfect for kids. Despite that, it comes with a Gorilla Glass that is thin, light, and damage-resistant. The manufacturer’s design is to be more portable and less distracting. That is another reason why purchasing Palm Phone would be the right choice.


  1. Small Screen
  2. Water-Resistant
  3. Damage-Resistant
  4. Portable

2. Samsung Galaxy J3

Source: phone4u.rs

Spending a big amount of money on a smartphone for a kid would be unnecessary. Keep in mind that young adults do not think a lot about the price, quality, and other stuff. Their only goal is to have a smartphone where they can play games, use social media, etc. Because of that, you should chase those devices that are cheap. One of them is Samsung Galaxy J3 without any doubt.

The device has some great features that will satisfy kids of all ages. First of all, it has an HD display as well as a good quality front and rear camera. You know how big kids desire to record themselves, take selfies, etc. Well, Galaxy J3 is going to allow them to do that. The layout features simplicity, and it is easy to use. Your child does not have to be a wunderkind to realize how to use the device. In the end, it has expandable memory in case your child wants to save many files on the device.


  1. The Smartphone Is Cheap
  2. HD Display
  3. Good Quality Camera
  4. Easy to use

3. iPhone SE (2020)

Source: businessinsider.com

The iOs devices may be a more complex type of smartphone for kids. However, some parents (as well as kids) are big supporters of the iPhone. Because of that, they should know which options they have.

The small screen is the first reason why kids will easily use the device. Despite that, the price is not so high compared to some other iOs smartphones. More precisely, it is the cheapest one from the iPhone family that you can find on the market.

The model was released at the beginning of this year. That is the reason why its users will get software updates for at least four years. In the end, when you buy it in a store, you will get headphones as well. Keep in mind that kids love to listen to music. Because of that, they will be more than happy to get that item together with their smartphone.

As we said, the entire family is a big supporter of iOs in some cases. If that’s the case, you will all get the chance to use iMessage chat together. Additionally, you can easily share different types of files over AirDrop. Because of that, we can say that iPhone SE is a multi-practical device.


  1. Suitable Screen Size for Kids
  2. New on the Market (Updates for the next 4-5 years)
  3. Affordable
  4. Good for Families that Purchase iPhones Often

4. Moto G8

Source: bajtbox.com

We will end the list with another Android device that deserves your attention. As we said, spending a fortune on a smartphone does not have any sense. Fortunately, Moto G8 is an amazing mobile affordable for everyone who struggles with a lack of cash flow.

Believe it or not, it comes with the latest Android 10. That is a good sign that shows how good the performances of the mobile could be. Despite that, it also has a good quality camera that is going to be great for your kids to take selfies, and do other stuff. The battery is durable, and your kids won’t have to recharge it many times during the day. Finally, it comes with a 64GB storage which is usually enough for the children.

Yet, there may be one disadvantage that some parents would not like. The mobile is made of plastic, and you may need to additionally protect the device. However, we need to say that plastic is good, and it won’t smash as easily as you may think.


  1. Affordability
  2. It comes with the latest Android 10
  3. Camera is decent
  4. Battery is strong
  5. 64GB Storage


  1. The mobile is made of plastic
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