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9 Tips for Preparing for Your Testimony in the Hair Damage Lawsuit

It’s understandable if you have second thoughts about suing a hair salon after suffering a hair injury. You know it’s an accident, but you also expected the hairdresser to do better. Besides, hair salon owners are responsible for training their employees and purchasing quality equipment. So if you decide to pursue the lawsuit, you will benefit from it.

Before anything else, you must have an excellent lawyer by your side. You will find hair damage lawyers like the ones at http://shireslaw.com.

They know how to help and ensure you’re getting what you deserve. You will also feel more confident facing the court if you have a great lawyer.

Usually, for hair damage claims, judges will ask both parties to settle outside the court. Even then, you still need someone to guide you. It’s tricky negotiating with an army of lawyers without one yourself. You might not get what you deserve. These lawyers will find a way to twist your arms and let you settle for a smaller amount.

If you can’t settle, you will return to the judge and continue the legal battle. Then, you will testify before the court and prove yourself. While it might seem like a walk in the park, it’s not. Here’s what you should do to prepare for the testimony.

1. Write your memory of the incident

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Make sure you write everything that you recall about the incident. You can’t trust your memory. You might forget important details, and the judge will question you for not telling the truth. You will also undergo a cross-examination. You shouldn’t have a loophole in your testimony. Otherwise, it’s easy to pick on and makes you look bad.

2. Prepare for the cross-examination

The hardest part is going through the cross-examination. It will shake you to the core even if you’re not the defendant. It’s as if you did something wrong when you didn’t. The other party’s lawyers are responsible for allowing your claims to fall apart.

Remember that their clients could pay you a huge amount if they lose the case. Hence, these lawyers will do everything possible to nullify your claims. You must practice answering questions. Listen to your lawyers on what you must and must not say. You can’t go rogue. Practice everything and stick to the truth.

3. Be mentally prepared

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You should be mentally ready for this battle. Again, it can be a grueling process. It can also last long. Imagine being in a state of physical pain due to a hair injury. Add the emotional pain into the mix, and you will feel lost. Hence, you must try ways to prepare yourself mentally and survive. Clear your mind of negative thoughts.

4. Ask questions

If you worry about some details or think you’re unable to answer questions, let your lawyers know. Don’t pretend that you have everything under control when you don’t. You would rather throw these questions out now and receive responses than worry about them later.

5. Find someone to talk to

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Your lawyer will be there to help you with the legal battle. But, it’s still different from having a confidante. You need a friend to share your feelings with. You suffered from hair damage. You’re going through a legal challenge. You might have even lost your job due to the injury. It can be too much, and you need someone who understands what you’re going through.

6. Clear your mind off of things

Focus on the case, and don’t let anything distract you. Make sure your eyes are set on the prize. If you’re going through other issues, forget them first. It will not help if you have too many issues at once. Instead, focus on the lawsuit and deal with the rest later. Once you express your concerns and other problems, it’s easier to deal with the legal battle.

7. Don’t talk to the other party without your lawyer

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You’re going through the legal challenge and already preparing yourself to be in the court. You rejected the settlement since the other party isn’t willing to meet your demands. However, they might still ask you to talk to them privately. The lawyers will convince you to settle without your lawyer around.

It might be tempting to end everything with this conversation, but you shouldn’t. You can only face the other party when you have a lawyer next to you. You might agree to an amount way below what you deserve to get. Again, you’re already giving testimony, and it’s where you must pour your energy.

8. Check your evidence

Apart from your words, it’s also vital that you have evidence to back your claims. You should keep all the pictures and videos taken from the site. You must also ask for a medical certificate to prove that your injuries were from the hair salon.

Your lawyer might use the evidence as an exhibit when you have to testify. It will strengthen your case and prove that you’re not lying. Make sure your words are consistent with the evidence, even if the other side tries to twist your words.

9. Be optimistic

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Even if you hold the truth and evidence, you won’t know how the wind will blow. You can persuade the judge to believe you, but it can also go the other way. Stay positive and calm. You’re doing the right thing, and you want the hair salon to be responsible for such terrible behavior.

You also don’t want more people to become victims of a hair injury. Your optimism will help carry you through the process. You may also find lawyers who will only ask you to pay if you get the compensation. Hence, you won’t have to focus on the legal fees yet. Worry about them later when the battle is over.

Testifying can be horrifying, but you must be true to yourself. Remember to take it easy and focus on the goal. You can do it even if it’s your first time taking the stand.

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