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Perfidy In A Relationship Concerns Both

There come many instances in life where one feels broken and hurt. Out of all the unfortunate incidents that might occur in someone’s life, betrayal in a dear relationship hurts the most. Although it is quite difficult to sequentially arrange the pain caused in different events, yet broken relationship does cause a lot of pain.

It is not wrong to say that modern times are witnessing heartbreaks happening in almost every 2nd case.

Have you ever tried to wonder how we humans tend to behave this way, that is to say, why does someone even cheat on their partner in the first place? Is cheating really a serious issue or we are just habitual of considering it depravity for no reason? And does unfaithfulness mean the end of the story? In this blog, I will try to answer all these questions and help you build a different perspective about perfidy. Why? Because you deserve all the happiness in your life, that why!

Let’s try to find the answer to the most fundamental question. Why do we cheat on our partners?

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Most people will say that the answer to this question depends on numerous factors. But I will try to summarize all those factors among two categories. So, someone cheats on their partner because either one of them was never in love or they lost the heat after some time.

When you see a relationship from these two perspectives, you would conclude that both the partners, though in unequal proportion, are responsible for the sufferings. Be careful, I am not alleging both partners to be responsible for the unfaithfulness, but I mean the suffering could have been avoided if one of them would have been careful.

Is there any other cause of cheating?

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I will come straight to the point; yes, there is a third factor that creates relationship issues. It is associated with the personality-related characteristics of the person cheating.

To be clear, let us assume that one of the partners visits a new place on a business trip. He/she, out of nowhere, decide to hook up with someone else. Or suppose the same person visits a restaurant, gets acquainted with a stranger, and eventually starts getting attached.

It is possible that before something actually happened in both cases, the person involved in perfidy was on good terms with their partner. It is very hard to ascertain why someone would cheat in this abrupt fashion even when they were a part of a healthy relationship in the first place.

Escort in Oklute & other experts says that human desires are not bound to time or limit. One person may want to do stuff without being aware of such needs some time ago. Thus comes the angle of personality-related characteristics.

Why perfidy concerns both partners?

Until and unless it is not a casual relationship, both partners will develop deep sentiments for each other. They will rely on each other in some form or other and have expectations. Moreover, they will want other’s constant attention, care, and love. A person, while involved in a relationship, expects his/her partner to pamper in a way they never do for someone else.

In case a relationship fails, it becomes a tragedy for both. Both will, not necessarily equally, suffer from the pain of betrayal. In the case of a person being cheated, the feeling of anger, jealousy, rage, revenge, etc. might end up adding to their pain.

The person who cheated usually realizes their mistake after a while and suffers from sentiments like embarrassment, guilt, etc. in addition to the pain of separation. These are the reasons why it is not wrong to say that perfidy concerns both the partners, even when only one of them is responsible for it.

The most baffling question-whether or not you should forgive?

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Once get cheated, what should you do next? Should you forget about what your partner did and forgive them? Or should you engrave their unfaithfulness deep inside your heart to such an extent that ending the relationship becomes inevitable?

I would suggest you deal with such a situation objectively. There are basically two sorts of perfidy, emotional & sexual. Emotional unfaithfulness means your partner develops deep emotional attachment with someone else without coming out clear with you. Sexual unfaithfulness simply means extra-relationship sexual intimacy.

In a general scenario, people consider sexual perfidy more grave than emotional perfidy, but I think otherwise. There is a scope for mutual understanding and working out the issues in case one of the partners commits sexual perfidy, but if one partner develops emotional sentiments for someone else, he/she is no longer the same person for you.

But whatever the case may be, never give up so easily. Try to communicate with your partner about your grievances and initiate discussion. Make every possible effort to save your pampered bond.

You might not believe it if I say there have been many instances where one of the partners committed perfidy, got caught or confessed out of guilt, properly communicated the emotional imbalances with their partner, and the bond between such partners turned out to be growing even stronger.

A few steps gone wrong don’t necessarily mean the beautiful journey has to end. Being said that, I can anticipate the circumstances where a person who is cheated is left with no other option except to abandon the relationship. Just try to explore the possibilities, if any!


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Relationship or its terms are not defined anywhere. People anticipate the nature of their relationship independently. Most individuals don’t even logically think about the relationship. They behave in the exact same way their emotions drive them to. Yet, there are some common understandings regarding a true relationship, such as honesty, trust, faithfulness, and the exchange of emotional and/or physical love. Communication is the glue that sticks both partners together forever.

Always make sure that you are communicating everything with your partner. Inform your partners about your dissatisfaction, desires, intentions, needs, and expectations. Team up with your partner and create a world together that is yours forever.

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