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How to Pack your Moving Boxes Like Professionals?

When it comes to relocating, the very first thing you have to do is to start packing all the home belongings as soon as it is possible. Right? But before you pack all the boxes, you should know the right way to pack the boxes so that all the home belongings can be transported safely to the destination. While it is recommended to hire one of the reliable local companies listed on iMoving to keep the entire things organized, you can also choose to DIY if you know how to. If you are looking for ideas that how you can pack the moving boxes just like professionals then have a look at this guide:

Get the right tools

Source: artisanmovers.com

You should have essential tools in your hands like newspaper for padding, tape with great adhesive, packing boxes like cardboard boxes and so on. You should have the right tools in a bag in your hands to start packing. The toolkit should include items such as bubble wrap, a box opener, zipper bags for storing items, and dust rag. So, before you start packing, get all these necessary tools in a bag so that the entirepacking becomes a smoother and efficient process for you.

Buy sturdy moving boxes

Once you are ready with the packing tools then it is time to buy all sizes of boxes including small, medium and large as per your needs and requirements. There are a lot of hidden costs present in moving. Start buying the moving boxes, if you are not flexible in budget then you can also look around or the free sturdy boxes as different shopkeepers can provide you moving boxes for free.

You can get those boxes for free from grocery shops, restaurants, or liquor stores. But make sure you inspect them well as there could be bugs inside these boxes. So before you use these boxes, you should be careful that there is no bug inside these boxes.

Prepare these boxes

Source: homedepot.com

Once you collect the sturdy boxes that can transport the items safely, it is time to prepare these boxes for packing. First of all, you should build a strong foundation and that could be done only by the padding. So start padding from the bottom of the box. This padding will strengthen the boxes and will give an extra layer of protection. This padding will strengthen the boxes and will give an extra layer of protection. This is the best way to transport items at the destination with complete safety. Use the wrapping paper as padding to provide strength to the box.

Start padding of items

Start the layering of padding from the bottom of the box. Extra cushions always provide more protection and strength to your boxes. Then you should start wrapping the newspaper around the items that you want to pack in the box. Keep larger zip lock bags to keep kitchen and bathroom drawer things together Apart from the newspaper, you can also use bubble wrap and dish towels for the wrapping of the items.

Pack the lighter stuff in large boxes and vice versa

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Usually, people think that they should pack the heavy items in large boxes but this is wrong because it will make the lifting of the items difficult. There are some heavy items like books, canned goods, and CDs present in the home and it is recommended you put all these items into small boxes so that the weight of the boxes could be maintained.

Once you put the heavy items in the box then you should put bubble wrap or newspaper or padding so that the items do not move while transportation. Apart from this, you could also use clothing items for padding by doing this we can prevent fragile items from breaking during the Transport.

Apart from that small boxes are great for stuffing fragile items. You should also pack items like kitchen knives, knife guards into small boxes. But it is recommended you to double or triple wrapping the items that are very fragile before you pack these into boxes and then make sure that there is enough padding in the box to provide complete protection to the items that you have stuffed into the boxes.

Yes, you should stuff the bulky items in the large boxes. And when you have to stuff both the light and heavy items in the same box then you should first place the heavy items at the bottom of the box and then the light items in the box so that the weight of the heavy items doesn’t damage the light items inside the box . This keeps the weight distributed in the boxes so that the lifting of the boxes becomes easier.

It is recommended you put extra padding on the left and right of the boxes so that the entire items could be transferred safely.

Flop the tops of the boxes

Now the padding has been done properly. Now you have to close the box flaps with security. Then you should use the moving tape to close the box and you are ready to transport the items. Remember that one piece of tape is not enough to provide complete protection.


Source: balcproject.org.uk

Before you toss those items in the garbage, consider saving the planet, and helping out those in need, by donating the items. While each charity has different guidelines and ways for you to give, all of them will be pleased to receive your old stuff, whether it’s used books, clothes or an old furniture.

Bottom line

This is how you can pack the boxes just like professionals so that the items can be transported with complete safety. Use these packing tips and enjoy a safe relocation to your dream home.

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