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4 Ways A Massage Gun Can Help In Muscle Growth

We can notice that many athletes and fitness instructions are promoting and using massage guns. It represents a convenient device that people can use after an intense workout. According to many users, it can replace the standard massage. It is proven that massage can help as a relief after the training sessions. Also, it can prevent inflammations and muscle injuries.

With the increase in popularity of these guns, the market became full of various devices. However, it is important to read more about the features, check the manufacturer, and look for reviews to find the right option. The best solution is to choose a reliable company like rebelpro.ca.

Moreover, while it is known that massage guns can help in relaxation and muscle relief, a lot of people claim how they can help in growing the muscles as well. Here are some of the most efficient methods that you can use to improve muscle growth.

1. Healing is Crucial

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The most common mistake that often leads to injuries and lack of results is when people are forcing their performances too much. There is a reason why instructors are creating plans that include proper rest and balanced sessions. If you are determined to gain muscles, you won’t achieve much by staying in the gym for a couple of hours every day.

The main reason for that is that muscles need some time to recover from the high pressure. Depending on the weights and if you are constantly trying to push some limits, this time will increase as well. You could face serious injuries if you continue lifting weights while feeling the uncomfortable pain in your muscles. Some people think that it should work that way.

However, a combination of proper nutrition and scheduling can make a huge difference. A great way to improve the regeneration of the muscles is by using a massage gun. Therefore, when you finish with the training, you can have some rest and then use this gun to target the areas that you were using the most during that day. Also, you should treat each muscle for only a few minutes for the best effects.

2. It is A Great Pre-Workout Option

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Besides the ability to improve regeneration, it can also increase the blood flow and relax the muscles before the training. That can be even more effective than a typical warming up. It is important to know that warming before lifting can improve performance and prevent injuries.

Also, one of the main reasons why people are feeling pain in the muscles is due to the high release of lactic acid that muscles are using to prevent breaking. However, with the use of a massage gun, you can treat the muscles and release these acids by spreading them evenly. That will reduce the chances of feeling pain, increase the durability of your muscles, and prevent inflammation.

3. You Can Improve Consistency

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As we already mentioned, making a pause and skipping some weekdays is crucial if you want to avoid issues caused by too much training. Also, if you don’t let the muscles regenerate properly, there will be no results that you were expecting.

In that matter, a massage gun can be an excellent way to increase your performance and train more often without the need to worry about potential injuries and results. You will need a proper plan. For example, if you are going to the gym in late hours, the best option for using the gun is in the morning, when it can help you to renegade the tissue, and before the training, which allows you to warm up.

4. You Can Easily Target Separate Muscles

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The feature where this device can increase blood flow is crucial for muscle gain. For instance, if you are planning to deal with some challenging quads sessions, you can use the gun to target that area and prepare it for the pressure. It can significantly increase your performance and helps you to progress much faster. You could reach an excellent result by simply treating specific areas only with the massage gun.

Another advantage is that it will affect the muscles to become more flexible. With higher flexibility, you will be able to set new targets when lifting weights. While it cannot affect muscle growth by itself, it can help the body to spread the nutrients in a better way, and you can be sure that the targeting group of muscles will reach the improvements by massaging that area, and in combination with proper diet.

How to Use the Massage Gun?

It is quite simple to use it. However, be sure to know that there are some limits. Treating the same spot for a longer time while setting an intense speed of this device can lead to injuries as well. If you are not sure how to use it, there are many videos available, and you can always ask a professional to show you. When it comes to standard workouts, you can treat the area of muscles before and after the session. Start with lower settings and find the right option according to your preferences.

While you are passing over the muscle that is causing the pain, you should gently go over that area in circles. That way, the inflammation muscle will stretch and return to its natural position. It became popular to use the gun during the session as well. You can apply it to a targeted area for 10 or 15 seconds before each lifting.


As you can see, while the main purpose of this device is to help your tissue and muscles relax, it can also be a great way to gain muscles over time. The pressure applied by this gun will increase the blood flow, provide faster regeneration, and prevent inflammation, and all of these things are affecting muscle growth. Therefore, your body will become more durable and prepared for high pressure when you are lifting heavy weights, running long distance, or playing some sport.

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