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Refined Retreats: Luxury Homes that Cater to Your Newly Found Freedom

After years of hustling between work, carpools, and piano lessons, you have earned some well-deserved “me time”. Now is the moment to create a refined retreat – a peaceful oasis tailored for this exciting new chapter as an empty nester. Whether downsizing or building new construction, all you need to do is search for a ‘home builder near me’ to find the perfect partner such as Jamestown Estate Homes, who will introduce you to today’s luxury homes that offer elegant finishes and amenities to indulge your interests and this newfound freedom.

Smart Homes Provide Comfort and Convenience

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Imagine waking up naturally with the sunrise, then relaxing over coffee as the motorized window shades ascend to reveal lovely garden views. Your voice assistant reads the day’s headlines and weather forecast on command as you start your morning routine. Motion sensors activate path lighting on the stairs and in the bathroom as you move through your home.

Luxury Outdoor Living Areas Extend Your Living Space

Now that the kids are grown, reclaim your yard as an adult oasis. Extend your living area into the great outdoors with luxury deck and patio features. Cozy up next to a fireplace or fire pit placed beside comfy seating perfect for entertaining or quiet reflection. An outdoor kitchen complete with high-end grills, beverage center, counter space and dining area makes alfresco meals a breeze.

Retractable screens create an insect-free environment to enjoy regardless of weather. Integrated lighting and music transforms the space into your own private resort—right in your backyard! With smart landscaping and hardscaping, you can relax poolside one moment, then stroll through flowering gardens or meander down softly lit garden paths.

Custom Home Offices Indulge Hobbies and Interests

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As an empty nester, you finally have time to indulge hobbies and interests neglected over the years in favor of work and family obligations. A refined retreat features space designed specifically with your plans in mind. Finish the basement into a craft studio complete with storage, workspace, and specialty lighting. Construct a workshop in the garage tailored to your preferred projects. Install a computer station and built-ins customized for genealogy work, writing memoirs, or designing travel blogs.

Downsize Without Compromise

Rather than rattling around in the oversized family home, many empty nesters choose to downsize to a smaller house better suited for two. But smaller square footage does not mean you have to compromise on luxury. Look for homes with open concept floor plans to eliminate closed off rooms you will likely not use as often anymore. Soaring ceilings and large windows give an airier, more expansive feel.

Upscale finishes like quartz countertops and spa-like bathrooms ensure everyday indulgence. Smart home features provide convenience and peace of mind. And less overall space means less time spent cleaning and maintaining your refined retreat. For luxury scaled to suit your lifestyle, today’s downsized homes let you indulge in every moment.

Live Refined, Your Way

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Empty nester life is defined by newfound freedom. Create a refined retreat tailored to make the most of this next chapter, your way. Smart home features deliver convenience at your command. Luxury outdoor living spaces extend your domain of refined relaxation. Custom offices cater to hobbies and passions. And smaller custom homes let you live large while right sizing your space.


With the kids out of the house, it’s your turn to indulge in the luxury lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, but somehow never found time for until now. Work with a talented home builder to bring your unique refined retreat vision to life.

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