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Discover the Less Common Postures During Sex

Do you know all the positions?

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Everybody has the impression of having practiced everything, especially those who have been in this world for quite some years now. But let me tell you that we have news for you, you are wrong, there are still hidden postures that you do not know and have not practiced. We are not talking about the classic and sometimes absurd postures of the Kamasutra, but about postures that you can practice with anyone you want in your daily life. This is a great help both for stable couples, in case they experience something never practiced before, and for adventurers who usually have different sexual experiences.

The basics to get you started

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No one on their own is able to guess what it is that other people truly desire. Besides, it is necessary to naturalize the fact of asking some questions that can guide you on how to satisfy in the best way. It is important to note that not everyone has the same experience in bed, so positions that are basic for some are completely new for others. That’s why we’ll make a quick analysis of which are the most common and extended ones most have ever practiced, both with boyfriends, couples or even with the escorts and babes in Skokka.

  • Missionary: A highly desired position for both men and women. For this position it is important that the person to be penetrated lies on their back and their partner is placed on top. It promotes vaginal or anal penetration, as well as conception. A classic of yesterday and today, but as they say, classics never die.
  • Cowgirl: It’s time to take control. The boy needs to lie on his back and let himself be “mounted”. Of all the positions, this is considered one of the most sensual, because the woman is in charge of the rhythm and depth. Your partner can caress your breasts while you take care of the rest. Moreover, at any time the penetrator can help and increase the satisfaction of this posture with their hip movements.
  • Spoon: This time both you and your partner are lying sideways, your partner needs to be behind you and enter into that position. It’s said to be one of the most comfortable and a good ally in pregnancy. This will depend on how you like it. Some like the leg in the air, others a closer position with the breath in the ear. It all depends on the moment and the occasion.
  • Four points: For this position you must keep your body on hands and knees facing forward and your partner behind you. This is also a classic and is known as the doggy position. However, it is a position very much desired by most men where there is a feeling of power as well as a sense of excitement due to seeing the beautiful forms of women in this position.
  • Lap dance: This time it is essential to have a chair where your partner sits on top, either facing each other or with their back towards you. This is when you can play in a very ardent way, between letting in and letting out. It is even the perfect time for the woman to feel very powerful and in control of the situation.

Let’s get serious

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Once we have finished reviewing all the most basic positions that are usually used on a daily basis and which to many seem monotonous, we move on to glimpse which is the least used positions. Once tried, they will never be forgotten. Nothing is impossible for those who have the desire and a companion that wants the same thing. In the end, good sex allows you to experiment and learn about what’s new.

  • Butterfly: On this occasion, you should be lying on a flat surface. They should lift your hips so they are in line with yours. From here, your partner can penetrate you while resting your legs on their chest or shoulders, as they use their hips to push deeper.
  • The Blessed Cross: With your partner in front of you and on your side, lie down perpendicular to them with their legs on your hips. It is necessary to get close enough for penetration to take place. Yes, it requires communication and a little work, but it’s worth it. In any case, if in the end it is too complicated, there are many other positions to be known.
  • X-men: Lie down and have your partner sit in front of you, with his or her legs crossed over each other to form an X. This position looks simple but gives an intense amount of pleasure. You won’t forget it.
  • The Waterfall of Pleasure: On this occasion, the woman will be at the top. Have your partner lie down with his or her torso outside the edge of the bed while you jump on top. This is a very special variation, as all the blood that flows to your partner’s head will create a mind-blowing sensation during the climax.
  • The Golden Arch: To begin with, your partner has to sit with their legs stretched out, and then you sit on top of them with your knees bent over your thighs. Then you both lean back and let the pleasure begin.
  • “Bonus” The Divine Bridge: Place your feet on the bed and raise your hips in the air, while your partner penetrates you while kneeling between your legs.

A lot to practice

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We could go on and on listing a list of options you have when it comes to having sex with your partner, but the important thing is to get out of a rut and enjoy sex freely. Studies show that most men practice more extravagant positions mainly when they spend time with independent escorts, or with ladies who have more experience in giving pleasure. One of the websites that provide such escort services I recommend is Lovesita. However, when you are in a relationship there are also alternatives to be able to release pleasure in different ways. However, in addition to all the positions that may exist to be experienced, using pillows, lubricants and other accessories can be the key to having the best moments of pleasure. So you know, practice what you’ve learned!

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