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5 Interesting Facts About The Human Brain And Intelligence – 2024 Guide

Human brain was and still is, one of the most fascinating things about us humans. What is the reason behind this? Compared to other species, we as humans have significantly higher brain abilities, which is a matter of evolution and numerous other factors. Can you imagine a lion or a tiger being able to think abstractly about something, or to learn one of our languages (or to speak whatsoever)?

Although we can see animals in cartoons being able to imitate humans, we’re all aware of the fact that it could never happen in reality. However, it is something people usually don’t analyze and they don’t put much thought into it. Still, it all comes down to the human brain, and it’s power, greatness and magnificence.

But what abilities do our brains have anyway? Although we know these abilities are outstanding, they are not being emphasized enough on a daily basis, while we learn the lyrics of the new songs we like, read an article on Google or communicate with foreign friends, using a different language. These core abilities or in other words – skills, are there to allow us to do everything we normally would, and that includes processes such as thinking, learning, memory, problem solving, making decisions, being able to pay attention to things and people, and finally, reasoning.

Our ability to absorb, analyze, and store information, is something only we, as humans, are capable of, and whether our lives and jobs consist of a lot of learning or not, we still have to admit, that we usually learn things spontaneously, and that it comes naturally to us, while we can, and we do – learn things intentionally as well.

Have you ever thought about intelligence? What does it consist of, where does it come from, and is there anything special about it? The answer is simple. There is more than that. It is usually defined or described as being able to solve complex problems that consist of many different parts and factors, make decisions or interact with other people, depending on the type of intelligence we talk about. That being said, there are different intelligence types such as linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, mathematical one, musical or interpersonal.

The list is quite long. However, when people usually mention intelligence, they usually have the famous IQ in mind. What does this mean? In case you didn’t know that, IQ stands for intelligence quotient, and it can be measured in numbers, which is usually a tempting thing to know, which is why they usually love indulging in testing, solving different problems and being able to actually measure their intellectual abilities and share that info with others.

That being said, reputable online IQ tests such as iq-global-test.com are a fantastic thing to do if you want to have fun, challenge yourself and get one of the most wanted info about one’s personality and persona, and that is – how big their IQ is. Tests like this are pretty accurate, so if you choose a reputable source, you can really believe the results.

It has been scientifically proven that the human brain is built differently, compared to all the other species brains, and by saying that, we mean that it has significantly or drastically more cognitive abilities, no matter the size of our brain. It’s due to its neuroplasticity, not the size. The fascination with the human brain seems like something that is never going to stop, and the more science tries to explain everything about this organ, the more they continue the research, since there are so many things and facts about it, for us to discover.

Therefore, knowing that our brain is not the biggest in all the mammals species on the planet, is only one of the many facts about us and the central organ of our life, or in other words – our brain. Let’s dig into it:

1. Our Brains Need Oxygen And Fats

img source: unsplash.com

Did you know that our brain needs more oxygen than any of the other organs in the human body? This can be explained with another fun fact about our brains, and that is – it is able to generate watts and watts of power, which means that our brains, simply put, need a lot of fuel to be able to function properly. Whether it is oxygen or fats, you need to keep in mind that you should eat a lot of healthy fats, since this organ comprises somewhere near 70% of fat, but another shocking fact is that it’s almost entirely made of water. Our body also produces oxygen, and a big percentage of it goes exactly to this organ. So the best thing you can do is to do breathing exercises, or at least have a couple of minutes of deep breathing on a daily basis.

2. There Is More Neurons Than You Can Imagine

img source: unsplash.com

We all know that there are a lot of neurons in our brain. When talking about that, people usually say that humans are not that different compared to animals, since they also have a lot of neurons in their brains. However, it is a special set of different factors that has an impact on the high development of our brains. It has been scientifically proven that there are more than 100 billion neurons in our brain. Now imagine how all they work in synergy with you when you are trying to study or do a complex task!

3. Your Headache Might Have A Different Cause

img source: unsplash.com

There are several studies that show that having a headache is actually a chemical reaction that has a lot to do with your brain and its chemical reactions, combined with other elements such as nerves and spasms, your muscles etc. So next time when your head hurts, be aware of the fact that it might be your brain hurting!

4. Information’s Are Fast

img source: unsplash.com

Did you know how fast all the new information you get is fast? In case you didn’t know, information travels between neurons at a tremendously high speed, which is usually faster than 250 mph. Fascinating, isn’t it?

5. There’s A Huge Blood Flow In Your Brain

img source: unsplash.com

Do you know that the blood is constantly flowing through your brain, supplying it with fresh blood and helping it function? In fact, almost 1,000 milliliters of blood flow through the brain every 60 seconds!

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