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Simple Tips On How To Become A Better Video Game Streamer

Video games have been a big part of pop culture ever since the wonderful 1980s. They embedded themselves in the very fabric of our culture and they now offer some of the most original stories and contents when it comes to entertainment. When you consider this, it’s perfectly understandable that most young people and kids today want to play video games and make money doing it. Of course, one of the best ways to combine video games and work is to become a video game streamer.

This profession definitely is fun and exciting, but it’s not as easy as some people may think. There are a lot of factors you have to consider before you start streaming. For example, the matter of payments and transparency of transactions. If you don’t have too much experience with those legal issues, the experts from leiservice.com will help you with the technicalities.

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Other than doing everything by the book, what are the requirements for being a good video game streamer?Here are some simple tips that will help you to be the best streamer you can be.

Create a Twitch or a YouTube Channel

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This one may seem a bit obvious, but if you want to be a good streamer, you have to know where to stream. There are plenty of platforms out there and most of them are really good, but Twitch and YouTube simply offer the best streaming conditions for gamers. What’s the main difference between these two? Well, Twitch is more suitable for live streams, while YouTube offers great conditions for edited videos.

Livestreams or Edited Videos?

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It’s safe to say that this is the ultimate question when it comes to video game streaming. Which one’s better? Well, there is no definitive answer since both of these formats have faithful audiences who are always looking for new and fresh materials. However, the best streamers who have been doing this for a long time, say that live streams are better for beginners. The reason is quite simple. Live Streams tend to be hectic and this kind of material is more appreciated by the livestream crowd. Those people are either ready for unexpected twists or simply enjoy unscripted content.

Edited videos, on the other hand, are a recommended option for those streamers who have been in the game for a long time. They know what people love to see and, more importantly, they know how to create short and sweet videos that shoot straight to the point.

Invest In Good Equipment

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Good equipment is one of the most important requirements. Don’t get us wrong, your equipment doesn’t have to be the most expensive on the market, but it has to be good enough for you to provide your viewers with the quality they deserve. Make sure to do your research and find the best buy options. Of course, don’t forget to indulge your own taste. You are the one who plays the games, you should be able to enjoy your gaming.

Stable Internet Connection

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Unfortunately, this is a thing that doesn’t always depend solely on you and your equipment. You might have the best gear and the newest router, but if the internet provider is not good or reliable, you might have issues with your internet connection. This, of course, can reflect poorly on you and your channel and you might lose a lot of viewers. Therefore, try your very best to find a reputable and reliable internet provider. Trust us, a stable internet connection will save you a lot of money and nerves.

Don’t Forget To Get Comfortable

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A lot of new video game streamers are doing everything they can to accommodate their audience and the most faithful viewers. This is a good attitude and one that will take you a long way in this business. However, you shouldn’t forget to create a comfortable environment for yourself while doing your streams. Why is this so important? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. If you feel comfortable while playing, you will be able to perform on a required level to keep the audience entertained. Also, you will feel more relaxed and this will provide you with the courage to be funny while communicating with the audience.

Entertain Your Audience

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The most important aspect of video game streaming is, of course, entertainment. A lot of new streamers tend to forget this and they sometimes ignore the audience simply because they are completely immersed in the game. Giving your best performance and paying attention to details are important things, no question about it, but you must never forget to entertain your viewers. Sure, they came to watch the walkthrough, but they also came for the show. Therefore, put on your most adorable smile, get your comedy game on, and give them one hell of a show.

Don’t Underestimate The Viewers

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As much as it’s important to entertain your audience, it’s also crucial that you don’t underestimate them. How does one underestimate the viewers exactly? Well, a lot of streamers overexplain things when there’s no need for something like that. Also, some male and female streamers tend to talk about what’s going on on the screen, even though the viewers can clearly see it on their own. This is not a good look because the viewers might feel like the streamer thinks little of them. If you’re trying to hold on to your loyal viewers and attract more audiences, you simply have to give them the credit they deserve.


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Being a video game streamer means that you are in the entertainment business. As you probably know, show business can sometimes be cruel and unforgiving. However, it can also be very kind to you if you know what you’re doing. Every single one of the tips we talked about today will help you to become a better streamer. However, we saved the best tip for last. Whatever it is that you do while making the videos, make sure to be yourself. There are plenty of similar streamers on the internet and the audience wants to see something new and original.

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