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Benefits of Group Conference Calling 

Living in the world of advanced technology brings many advantages to our lives. Indeed, there is also a negative side to the Internet. However, we need to highlight that the list of benefits we got is much longer. Those benefits influenced all aspects of our life. The most visible changes are those associated with communication. You can now connect with people from all parts of the world with a couple of clicks. An opportunity like that is extremely important for business owners. They can now organize group conferences without investing a lot of effort. 

The ability to have a secure conference call is an effective way to bring groups of people together for real-time communication. Conference calling is not new. However, cloud communication has made it more readily available. It has allowed for the addition of features like screen sharing, video sharing, instant messaging, call recording, and file sharing.

Being able to make a secure conference call is no longer considered a luxury but a requirement for successful enterprises. The following are a few of the benefits organizations receive from secure conference calling, according to brandedbridgeline.com.

Benefits Secure Conference Calls Can Offer 

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Everything we said about secure conference calls seems nice in theory. However, it may not convince entrepreneurs to use it more often. Because of that, we would like to highlight some of the benefits that secure conference calls can offer. 

Cost Reduction

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Using conference calls as opposed to face-to-face meetings saves money. Businesses may spend thousands of dollars on travel and venues when hosting an event. This does not include costs for food, entertainment, and lodging.

When a business can make a secure conference call using web conferencing solutions, they can easily present detailed ideas. Conference calls offer a financially sustainable way for businesses to collaborate. Switching out a face-to-face meeting for videoconferencing means there’s no need to travel.

Conference Calls Are Efficient

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Video conference calls are the quickest way to bring people together who are separated by enormous distances. Since these calls are location independent, they can be scheduled at any time and a moment’s notice. Scheduling face-to-face meetings on average requires seven days of lead time. Conference calls can be initiated immediately, allowing for an expedient resolution of problems.

Let’s forget about the money for a moment and talk about time. You have probably heard many times the phrase “Time Is Money”. The quote explains exactly how important every second for entrepreneurs is. Imagine that you live in the USA and you are collaborating with people from Australia. Having a business trip to Australi would probably take you 2 or 3 days. Despite that, you will need to spend hours on the plane.

All these concerns won’t exist if you decide on organizing a group conference call. While sitting in your office, you can make different agreements with people miles away from you. 

Environmentally Friendly

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Environmentally conscious businesses appreciate a conference call’s ability to allow everyone to share notes digitally, eliminating the use of pen and paper. A round-trip flight from London to New York for business might account for one-quarter of a person’s yearly carbon footprint. Conference calling can drastically reduce that.


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We are not talking here about the security of the conversations that you have with other people. As you know, the business world is full of surprises and uncertainty. In most cases, the surprises we get are negative. Because of that, we should always have a plan B that will help us handle all the unexpected problems.

However, it is hard to make a plan B when you go to another country at a business conference. If the conference or meeting is canceled for some reason, the only option you have is to get back home. 

Re-organization and rescheduling of the video conferences are not going to cause big damage. You can do that by sending a message to all the members of the meeting. In most cases, the video conferences cancel because some of the members don’t have a stable Wi-Fi connection. Fortunately, the problem like that won’t cost you a lot. You can always move the group conference for an hour or two or the next day. 

In the end, things are not different if you have a meeting in your town. Traffic jams and crowds usually cause certain problems. People sometimes get stuck in the crowds and they arrive late for the meeting. If that happens to one than one member, a loss of productivity is something you can expect. Because of that, deciding on a group conference call would be a much better choice. 

Once again – Security!

Okay, we need to highlight the true security of the group call conferences. As you know, a service like that is available to everyone for 24 hours a day. You can access them from different devices such as mobile, laptop, etc. However, you should know very well that group conferences are extremely safe. All of them use a personalized security code and encryption. Thanks to that feature, you can be sure that all conferences are protected from any outside lines. 

 Is Video Conference Calling Right for My Business?

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In today’s business environment, saving money is everything. Businesses do not want to unnecessarily spend on the technology they are not going to use. However, a business that needs to hold meetings with employees, customers, and vendors who are located a far distance away or a business that holds multiple meetings requiring employees to meet in one central place may benefit from conference calling. When you look at the rates for conference calling systems, it may surprise you to realize that they are less expensive than what you are paying for telecommunications. They also offer features beyond what you are currently receiving.

What to Look for in Conference Call Software

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Security is an important feature in conference call software. Data breaches are happening with greater frequency, costing businesses money and their reputation. Free conference call software that is not secure might leave a business open to malicious activity.

Conference call software should allow people to connect regardless of where they are on the globe. The connection should be seamless and should promote your brand and company. Dedicated lines, local dialing numbers, call management, the ability to join from a browser, toll-free numbers, call recordings, call transcripts, and unlimited connections are just a few of the other features you should demand from a conference call software.

Conference calls are not going anywhere. In fact, as more people are working from home, a secure form of communication will become more important. Conference call software will continue to play a role in a company’s ability to successfully compete.

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