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Golden Hearts Casino Promo Code – Get $20 Free Coins on Registration

Golden Hearts Games stands out distinctly from the myriad of social casinos available online. Recognizing its uniqueness, we’ve meticulously crafted one of the most comprehensive reviews for Golden Hearts Games available to the US audience.

We believe in ensuring you’re equipped with all the vital information to enhance your gaming experience. And here’s a special tidbit just for you: by using our exclusive Golden Hearts Games promo code WELCOME2023, you’ll receive an additional $5 for FREE play! Dive in and make the most of this generous offer.

Welcome Bonus Offers at Golden Hearts Games

Welcome Bonus Offers at Golden Hearts Games
Source: betandslots.com

In the realm of US social casino reviews, nearly every operator offers enticing welcome bonuses to draw in new enthusiasts. This trend is consistent with Golden Hearts Games, but with a unique twist. While most platforms provide a standard set of virtual coins to every new player, Golden Hearts Games takes a more philanthropic approach.

Golden Hearts Games collaborates with charities, and the volume of your donation determines the number of Golden Hearts (their virtual currency) you receive. These virtual coins can be utilised to purchase bingo cards and engage in slot games. Essentially, the more coins you possess, the more extensive your gaming experience.

The intriguing part about their bonus system is that your initial donation’s Golden Hearts value is doubled, mirroring the concept of a 100% deposit match familiar to seasoned online casino players. To sweeten the deal, by applying the Golden Hearts Games promo code WELCOME2023, you’ll be gifted an additional $5 in FREE play!

Another commendable aspect of this bonus is its absence of wagering prerequisites. Typically, players are required to wager their bonus multiple times within a specified timeframe. However, at Golden Hearts Games, such constraints are non-existent. You’re free to use your Golden Hearts at your leisure, and they remain valid indefinitely unless there’s a lapse in activity exceeding 6 months on your account.

Benefits from Golden Hearts Casino

Although Golden Hearts Casino might appear as a typical social casino on the surface, delving deeper into its reviews reveals a distinct operational style, setting it apart from its counterparts in the US. The charitable dimension is a notable difference, but the game offerings and their acquisition methods also stand out.

Unlike most social casinos that mirror the game selection of real-money casinos, Golden Hearts Casino emphasizes scheduled bingo games and ‘QuickPlay Games’, encompassing slots, select table games, and scratch-off games.

Navigating the platform is a breeze. The bingo schedule is easily accessible, and so are the slots and other games. The layout deviates from conventional online casinos, but its user-friendly design ensures a seamless experience, even for first-time visitors.

Essential player account information is conveniently located at the top right, as one would anticipate. The site’s vibrant yet easy-on-the-eyes color palette enhances user engagement. Helpful resources, including the FAQ section and customer service contact links, are positioned at the page’s bottom. In essence, while Golden Hearts Casino boasts a commendable design, it’s not the kind that typically garners accolades.

Rewards & Loyalty Program – What Sets Golden Hearts Games Apart?

Rewards & Loyalty Program – What Sets Golden Hearts Games Apart?
Source: casinoalpha.com

Golden Hearts Games, like many online platforms, offers a loyalty program. However, it diverges from the typical model, such as the one seen in our Fortune Coins social casino review. Instead of accumulating points through gameplay or daily logins, the VIP program is anchored in a monthly subscription donation.

Starting at $19.00 a month, the bronze subscription provides 10500 Golden Hearts and 32 bingo cards for any game. Subscriptions can be upgraded anytime, allowing players to jump to higher tiers without progressing sequentially.

Additionally, players can benefit from promotions like the daily bonus spin, reminiscent of the ‘Wheel of Fortune’, which can grant up to 2500 Golden Hearts. This ensures regular visitors enjoy consistent perks.

Game Selection

Golden Hearts Casino offers a unique gaming experience, primarily divided into two distinct categories. Firstly, there’s the scheduled bingo games, which commence every 10-15 minutes and come with cash rewards.

Players can purchase up to 100 cards for each game using their Golden Heart virtual coins, or they might be automatically enrolled a certain number of times if they have a subscription. This bingo segment is the heart and soul of the platform, and we’ll delve deeper into its intricacies shortly.

Then, there are the ‘QuickPlay’ games, encompassing slots, table games, and scratch-off games, available for play at your convenience. While some classic slot games are on offer, the platform doesn’t feature widely recognized titles. Instead, games like Pirate Looty and Monster Moolah take center stage. Every game comes with a paytable at its top, and some games even present the opportunity to win prizes as high as $2,500.

Golden Hearts Games Online Bingo Experience

Golden Hearts Games Online Bingo Experience
Source: kingcasinobonus.uk

The bingo offered at Golden Hearts Games has its unique flair, setting it apart from conventional platforms. Rather than the typical 75 or 90-ball game cards you might find elsewhere, Golden Hearts exclusively features 75-ball games.

Each card displays 25 numbers, arranged in 5 rows, corresponding to each letter in the word ‘bingo’, simplifying the process for those playing multiple cards.

Are Golden Hearts Games Trustworthy?

Determining the fairness of in-house-developed games can be challenging since they aren’t always certified by external entities. However, several factors vouch for the integrity of Golden Hearts Games. They aim to provide players with an experience akin to conventional online casinos or affiliated sweepstakes platforms.

Crucially, all games at Golden Hearts Casino, be it slots, bingo, blackjack, scratch cards, or video poker, operate using a True Random Number Generator (RNG). This ensures that game outcomes are unpredictable and devoid of patterns, preventing players from exploiting any system vulnerabilities. Thus, every player, irrespective of their frequency of play, stands an equal chance at securing wins and cash rewards.

Unlike other platforms where rewards might be given for completing lines or corners, here, the fixed cash prize is distributed among players who successfully mark off all 25 numbers on their card.

Currency System

Currency System
Source: mrsweepstakes.com

Touching upon the Golden Hearts coins, as previously mentioned, players receive these coins daily through a Bonus Wheel upon logging in. Those who opt for a monthly subscription benefit from a more favorable rate for these coins compared to sporadic donations.

Additionally, players have the option to convert some of their cash winnings into more Golden Hearts coins, providing another avenue to boost their virtual currency.

Golden Hearts Games Online Payments & Donations


Before diving into the gaming experience at Golden Hearts Games, you’ll first need to make a donation to any of the 1.5 million IRS-approved charities in the US. The platform offers a variety of familiar payment methods for this purpose:

  • Credit and Debit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.
  • Digital Wallets: Apple Pay and Google Pay.

These options encompass most standard payment methods, ensuring convenience for a majority of users. Additionally, if you’re interested in another payment method, you can reach out to them. The platform is open to expanding its list of accepted methods over time.


Contrary to some platforms like BetRivers social casino, where cashing out isn’t an option, Golden Hearts Games allows players to withdraw their winnings. Here are the available methods:

  • Check in the Mail: This method can take up to 10 days. Withdrawals below $50.00 come with a $1.75 processing fee.
  • PayPal: A quicker option, taking approximately 2 business days. Withdrawals above $25.00 are free, while those below this amount have a $0.50 fee.
  • Bank ACH: This method is free for withdrawals over $25.00, with a $0.50 fee for smaller amounts. It typically takes around five business days, roughly a week in real-time.

Alternatively, players can opt to convert their cash winnings into Golden Hearts virtual coins to continue their gaming journey.

Customer Support at Golden Hearts Games

Customer Support at Golden Hearts Games
Source: casinodaddy.com

Customer support is crucial in any gaming platform, particularly with unique offerings like Golden Hearts Games. Given its distinct model, players might require clarity on its operations.

Thankfully, there’s a comprehensive FAQ section, serving as an informative guide for users. Additionally, the sign-up process offers clear instructions, ensuring players understand the platform’s workings.

While the absence of live chat or phone support might deter some, the platform’s detailed email contact form compensates for it. This form is designed to capture various issues, making it straightforward for users to articulate their concerns.

Final Thoughts on Golden Hearts Casino

Golden Hearts Casino offers a refreshing twist in the realm of online gaming, seamlessly blending philanthropy with entertainment. Their unique approach, where donations to IRS-approved charities translate into virtual currency, sets them apart.

The platform’s commitment to fairness is evident in its use of a True Random Number Generator, ensuring unbiased game outcomes. While it offers a diverse range of games, the scheduled bingo games and ‘QuickPlay’ games stand out, providing players with a rich gaming experience.

The platform’s user-friendly design, combined with a comprehensive FAQ section, ensures even newcomers can navigate with ease. The exclusive promo code “WELCOME2023” further sweetens the deal, offering additional free play. In essence, Golden Hearts Casino is not just about gaming; it’s about making a difference, making it a commendable choice for players seeking more than just entertainment.

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