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Top 9 Ways to Spend Your Free Time in Perth

Finally, your turn has come to go on a trip. We are sure that you are very excited. Who wouldn’t be after spending days or weeks or months working without free time? Sometimes, this can be pretty tiring. Considering the fact that you now have your days off, you should probably check out some of the best places to visit. We recommend you try Perth, a popular city located in Western Australia. It has many tourist attractions that you will surely enjoy visiting.

There are also so many activities that you can participate in here. For instance, you can try visiting various parks, historical places like museums, or go to the white sand beaches and more. Even if you do not have much money, the activities that you can be involved in are relatively affordable. Don’t be surprised to find out that some are even free.

If you have no idea what we are talking about. Then, you should continue reading this article. It will help you understand the top ways to spend your free time in Perth.

1. Hire an Escort

Source: 417mag.com

Are you wondering who you are going to spend your free time with while in Perth? Well, how about you hire an escort? This is one of the best things to do. An escort is simply a professional who offers various services such as simple companionship, adult services, entertainment, and more.

Finding an escort in one of the most reputable directories such as Ivy Société and a few others is one of the best decisions you could make for your trip to Perth. These escorts are professional in their work, and you can be sure that you will enjoy your free time with them because of the great services. They are also educated and beautiful. The only homework you have is to find a reputable directory, choose an escort who fits your preferences, reach out to them, and make plans.

2. Visit Various Bars

So, you like hanging out and having drinks in bars or clubs? There is good news for you because the city of Perth has some of the most classic bars and clubs where you can easily make a few friends, drink, dance, and enjoy your time.

Perth offers the best nightlife with vibrant clubs and bars open throughout the night. Maybe you are the night owl who prefers this. Don’t be surprised to find that some even offer great food, so in case you are hungry, you can just order your favorite dish and enjoy. Maybe you can even take your escort with you.

3. Visit an Orchard, Waterfall, or Dam

Source: perthisok.com

Are you the type who loves nature? Great, we love nature too. You must be excited to find out that Perth has some natural places to tour such as Perth Hills. The Hills, as many refer to it, is the best place to be in Perth. This is where you will find vineyards, farmers’ markets, orchards, dams, waterfalls, and more. If you want to have more than one experience in a place, you should visit Perth Hills. You will get to make more than one lasting memory.

4. Take a Tour Around the City

Perth is among the most beautiful cities in Australia, and you surely don’t want to miss seeing the beauty it has. You can visit various stores and get to see what they offer and have your lunch or dinner at some of Perth’s iconic city restaurants. Get to know the locals and some of their culture.

5. Catch a Wave at the Beach

Source: thewest.com.au

Thanks to its beaches, Perth distinguishes itself from other cities. You can spend your free time on the most gorgeous beaches around. You still have time to catch that wave and enjoy swimming or surfing, whether it’s morning or sunset. Additionally, you will be able to meet more people and gain new insights into their cultures.

6. Have a Fun Weekend at Rottnest Island

Tired of the hectic city life? Why don’t you grab your things and head out to Rottnest Island and spend the weekend like never before? There are many activities one can engage in on the island, for example, swimming, taking a tour of the island with a local guide, visiting the island museum to learn more about its history, tasting a variety of local cuisines, and so much more.

7. Participate in Wine Tasting

Source: timeout.com

If you are a wine enthusiast, you are not left out. Perth is home to some of the most iconic wineries in the world. You can visit them and taste some of the finest wines. Some may charge you a small fee, but you will be refunded once you buy a bottle. You do not require a tour guide; hence, this increases your chances of visiting many wineries. Bring a friend or an escort for you to have even more fun ahead.

8. Go Out Clubbing

Perth provides some of the most thrilling nights you can have in a city. The city never sleeps. If you are into fun nightlife, why don’t you try some of the Perth clubs? Each club has its unique features that will leave you wanting more. Some of them include live music events, and on top of that, they offer food and drinks. You can have a Perth escort join you to make the night even more exciting.

9. Catch a Ferry at the Harbor

Source: buggybuddys.com.au

You can’t visit Perth and leave without taking a ferry trip. This is a favorite Perth experience for both locals and tourists. Take advantage of what nature has to offer. You will be astounded by the ocean waves in the evening. Just unwind and take in the sea noises as the ferry takes you on an unforgettable adventure. This is the perfect time to catch up with friends or an escort after a long day of activities.


There is an endless list of activities you can do while in Perth. Just find one that suits you the best, and you will be ready to spend your free time like never before. If you are interested in some of the best places, check out what we have in store for you in the above article.

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