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eSports vs Virtual Sports vs Real Sports

These days, there are three types of sports that people in general are interested in, to a certain degree. All of them have something to offer, especially when it comes to iGaming and sports betting.
But first, let’s see what each one of this is all about in the context of sportsbooks. You need to be aware of certain factors regarding each one to be able to understand how odds work and what is the overall scope of each one.

What Are eSports?

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Have you ever played video games? Well, eSports are basically video games played competitively between two or more real players. Think old-school Counter-Strike but for a new generation who play it competitively for money and other prizes.
A decade ago, no one could’ve imagined just how popular multiplayer video games would become among the masses. Yet, here we are rejoicing in the entertainment provided by top players in League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, and other games. With that said, eSports software keeps track of player movements, advanced betting tools, and much more to provide a fair game for everyone, as you can see here.

What Are Virtual Sports?

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Operating under a similar concept, virtual sports allow bettors to wage money on matches but without the interaction of actual human players. Instead, this type of bet-related activity uses a random number generator algorithm to determine which team wins and which team loses. Or if it’s a tie, obviously.
Now, the thing is that the machine learning part of the algorithm takes into account real-world data if you want a simulation between two real teams. However, even if the overall advantage is in favor of the opposite team, the team that you have placed a bet on might still win because of the “random” part of the algorithm. It’s basically the most basic form of betting, and you have the added advantage of being able to skip over matches and see the results directly.

Real Sports and Their Impact on Betting

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We all know what real sports are all about. When it comes to gambling, this is the go-to betting activity for a huge part of the entire casino and sportsbook community. You’ve most likely watched a football, basketball, or tennis match at least once in your life, so you know how much people love them.
But here’s the thing: real sporting events can get canceled much easier than their eSports or virtual sports counterparts. As you have seen during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, sometimes these events can get cancelled altogether. But virtual sports, on the other hand, are always there and always available both for entertainment and betting. eSports, as well, can be played from a distance through the internet, so they are also much safer in this context than real sports.

Do Casino Goers Also Practice Sports Betting?

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It’s safe to say that casino goers are somewhat different from their sports bettor counterparts. While sports bettors rely on data that they’ve gathered over years and years of observing their favorite teams, casino goers usually either rely on sheer luck or practice games that require a bit of skill (like Poker or Blackjack).
However, there are a few among casino goers who do practice sports betting fairly regularly. You see, while the two hobbies are relatively different, they do share loads of similarities. And, on a fundamental level, they’re much more similar than they are set apart. Psychologically speaking, this creates an incentive for casino goers to practice sports betting, and for sports bettors to take their chance with a casino game.

eSports, Virtual Sports, or Real Sports?

At the end of the day, all three of these options have their benefits and downsides when it comes to betting and gambling in general. It’s up to each individual bettor to choose their favorite poison and just roll with it.
On this website, we don’t encourage gambling, but we understand why people are interested in it and we can respect that. Still, if you were to ask us personally to give you a solid advice about gambling, it would be to stay away. But we all know that you won’t be staying away since you’re searching for this topic online, so the next best advice is to try all your options and see what sticks.
In all fairness, any of these can be profitable as long as you create your own business along these lines. With that in mind, we have a few basic pieces of advice that you can follow to make sure you’ll always be breaking a profit instead of fumbling around blindly. Profiting from your work is much better and less risky than gambling your money away on odds, chances, and other “maybes” and “perhaps” situations. Take a look through the following advice and feel free to leave us a comment about your thoughts on them.

The Entrepreneur Way

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Have you ever wondered about creating your own online casino or sportsbook? Well, these days, as long as you have enough money, doing so is relatively easy. However, you do need to learn a couple of rules so that you won’t run into trouble that could have been avoided otherwise.
Make sure to assemble a great web dev team, a solid marketing team, and start investing your money in a smart way. If you want to make it big, the road ahead will be long and arduous, but ultimately worth it. Search for every detail you can on specialized websites to help you on your way into creating a much better alternative to already-existing sportsbooks and online casinos.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about this topic? If you were a video game enthusiast, would you sign up to participate in an eSports tournament? Or have you ever considered a career as a professional sportsman? Let us know in the comment box below what you think about these three sport types and what you’d like to add regarding the subject overall.

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