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Maintaining a Drug-Free Environment in the Hospitality Industry

Creating a drug-free work environment and executing a management practice help organizations in the hospitality industry recruit and retain ideal and competent staff. Furthermore, hotels, restaurants, travel and tourism companies, and valet parking providers maintain work ethics and offer industry-standard customer care services. Hospitality entities recognize the importance of a drug-free workplace.

It is the prime reason Hospitality Drug Test Services is in practice in most hotels and travel and tourism companies in the USA. A drug-free workplace reduces avoidable accidents, lowers staff liability, decreases customer-associated risks, and alleviates damage to the organization’s reputation.

What is a Drug-Free Workplace Environment?

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It is a workplace where hospitality industry employees comply with state and Federal policies and regulations to offer a safe work environment. It discourages alcohol, substance, and drug abuse and encourages employees to return to companies alcohol and drug-free. A drug-free workplace environment intends to prioritize customer care and safety.

Drug and alcohol abuse results in customer and guest care negligence, health complications in employees, and even death. More hotels and restaurants alongwith valet parking providers and tourism organizations are encouraging drug-free workplace programs to educate employees on the negative impacts of drug abuse on one’s health, personal life, and career. Hospitality industry employees in the country have a reputation for illicit substance and drug abuse. Henceforth, hospitality drug test services and other similar programs in hotels, restaurants, and other facilities are popular.

Why Should Employers Create a Drug-Free Ambience?

Studies reveal that most full-time employees in the hospitality industry are addicted to illegal substances and drugs. Access to drugs has become easier today, making it more prevalent to abuse drugs and illicit substance consumption. Alcohol and substance abuse affects every aspect of an individual’s life. It jeopardizes a flourishing career of an addict along with health and mental hazards. Because hotels, restaurants, and hospitality sectors are highly-sensitive workplaces with several guests, a drug-free-environment becomes more vital.

Hospitality industry employers can prevent drug-related accidents, violence, and negligent and unsafe customer care by imposing an alcohol and drug-free workplace program. The program doesn’t intend to blame anyone, but it is an effective method of preventing alcohol and drug-linked incidents. Such events result in a violent environment, high litigation expenses, unsafe guest treatment, and customer care negligence. Establishing a drug-free workplace program benefits employers and employees in the industry by promising a productive, positive, and safe work environment.

Elements in a Drug-Free Workplace Program

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Several hotels and restaurants in the country collaborate with providers that help establish a drug-free work environment. The elements of such programs include:

  • Employee alcohol and drug awareness and education
  • A strict written policy
  • Regular training
  • Pre-employment, regular, and random drug testing

The state and Federal laws don’t mandate employees to undertake drug screening. Hotel and travel and tourism sector employers don’t have to hamper their reputation and involve in expensive lawsuits, and medical claims. As such they mandate job applicants and regular full-time, and part-time employers to undertake alcohol and drug test. Hospitality industry organizations ensure that part-time staff and other contractors also take the drug screening.

Benefits of a Drug-Free Environment in the Hospitality Industry

The key benefits of introducing alcohol and drug screening are:

Better Customer Care

When hospitality industry employees are under alcohol and drug influence, customer care and treatment fail to reach their potential. Drug abuse, unmotivated employees to work and negatively impacts fellow workers to do the same.

Fewer Drug-Related Accidents

More than half of workplace accidents are associated with drug and illicit substance abuse. If there is a drug-free workplace environment, there are fewer reports of customer care negligence cases and deaths. When employers insist on regular drug screening, customers, guests, and visitors stay safe along with other employees.


With an alcohol and drug-free environment, organizations don’t face expensive lawsuits for customer negligence. Moreover, there are fewer workforce absentees, and avoids spending money on re-hiring and re-training new employees in the hospitality industry.


Studies reveal that most staff in the hospitality industry suffer from substance and drug use disorders. The owners show concern over the statistics and cannot ignore the reality of drug and illicit substance abuse in organizations. Most companies practice regular and random alcohol and drug testing to hold employees accountable and maintain a drug-free work environment. The pre-employment background is a popular tool to evaluate a history of drug and alcohol use and criminal convictions. Hospitality drug test services screen new candidates and existing employees and safeguard the interests of the organizations, customers, and the entire hospitality workforce.

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