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What Is The Difference Between A 5 And 10 Panel Drug Test – 2024 Guide

Through our school system, we are taught that when someone mentions a test, that somehow always causes a little bit of worrying and fear. Of course, you are not going to be frightened by taking some IQ test online, but when it is ACT, well, that certainly changes things. A similar concept is for other types of it as well, but among all of them, one surely is the most common one because you as an employer or employee must have taken or ordered one for the job as it is a part of a P routine. If you still couldn’t figure out what we are talking about, today’s topic is drug tests, and there are good chances that some of you already had to take one since they became a crucial part of employment.

Of course, their main purpose is to determine whether someone is taking their job or school seriously or they are more focused on having a good time getting intoxicated and high. But, even types of these tests vary, and the most often used are 5 and 10-panel ones, and many people are already familiar with them. It’s more likely that you took the first one since it is most often used. Why? You might ask. Well, that’s why we are here, as we will focus on explaining the main differences between these two types, which will help you determine which one is better and provide better results for your company or you, so let’s start.

How does it work?


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For starters, let’s first explain how these tests actually work because once we learn them, it will make things much clearer. Namely, unlike hair follicles, saliva, or blood analyses, urine ones provide a much better insight into the overall state of the tested person. Furthermore, it is a much faster method, as waiting for the results gathered via blood analyses can take some time. Yet another advantage of urine testing is that there is no pain and can be performed at almost any time, unlike the other where a scheduled appointment is a much likely scenario. It is not important if we do the test in the morning or the evening and have we eaten before or not. It may be unpleasant at first because no one likes to be tested, but it is a common practice these days, and many people are used to it.

The number of substances

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Now let’s focus on what substances each of them can detect, and that is where we will find the main difference between them. According to DrugTestPanels.com, the five-panel one is a more basic type as it is used to check for commonly abused substances like:

  • Phencyclidine
  • Opiates
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • PCP

Of course, substances like heroin are considered opiates, along with morphine and codeine, which means they are included. They are one of the most abused drugs, and because of that, they are among the first ones that we search in the test results.

As for the ten-panel test, it’s not something that’s often used, but to get more precise results, this is probably the best choice because, as the name says it, it covers a much larger panel of drugs. Because of that, it is more used after some accident to make sure if the person that caused it was intoxicated or not. It also includes the five substances mentioned above and five more:

For those who think that commonly abused drug like Xanax is not mentioned above, well, let’s say that you are not right as Xanax is actually a type of Benzodiazepine drug and because of that, it is impossible to hide its abuse on the 10-panel test.

The usage

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As we mentioned before, a 5-panel drug test is more common, and people use it in many situations every day. One of them is if we suspect that our family member is using weed or some other so-called traditional drugs that we are all familiar with and want to be sure before we react. It is also a necessary test for pilots and drivers and for those who are currently seeking employment because it is one of the crucial things to get a new job. Many companies are trying to become drug-free environments, and because of that, a 5-panel test is something without which you cannot find a job.

On the other side, the 10-panel test is more detailed and gives us more detailed results, so we can see if someone is abusing drugs that we are maybe not even familiar with. It can show us almost everything, and because of that, it is common among medical workers who work with medicines because it can show us if someone is abusing these medications and take them for personal use. That means that many people from the medical industry are often using this test, and it is also important for people in law enforcement and other security and government-oriented companies. It also represents one of the crucial steps after every accident that happen in the company because it can show if someone caused it due to the influence of drugs.


As you can see, it’s all stated in the name, and the main difference between these two tests is about the number of substances for which they provide results. The first one can provide results for 5 substances, and the second one for 10 of them, hence the name. Even though to get more detailed results, a 10 panel one should be a to-go option, the 5-panel drug test is in most cases enough, as even a small amount of drug stays for quite some time in our system, so it is impossible to hide it. It’s also about with whom to place your trust, and it’s always best to go with a renowned clinic, as some of them, like Health Street, have more experience with laboratory tests. So choose, but choose wisely, because it is about your and your company’s future, and you want it to be bright.

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