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Destiny 2 VS Destiny 1

When studio Bungie came out with the game Destiny, they made a big marketing boom in the gaming market before they even launched this game. Some players were happy, but some were disappointed. Later, of course, a sequel came out, and everyone who is a passionate gamer tried both versions. Still, can we decide which version is better: Destiny 1 or Destiny 2? Well, we’ll try to do that.

Destiny 1 and Destiny 2: Which to Choose?

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Although most players find Destiny 1 and Destiny to be very similar, the differences are more than noticeable.

Before entering the gaming market, Destiny was a game that was bombastically announced and marketed.

Maybe that’s why every one of its shortcomings was sharply criticized by the players. And let’s not fool ourselves, there were a lot of omissions in the first Destiny game. Still, it seems like Destiny 2 has significantly improved the impression among the players. Although Destiny 2 at first glance seems quite similar to Destiny 1 – during the game you will realize that the second sequel to the game has evolved quite a bit. The question of choosing between Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 is always very ungrateful because each of these two versions has its advantages but also disadvantages. Ultimately, it all depends on the affinity of the players themselves.

Whether you are a fan of Destiny 1 or its second sequel – here are some differences between them based on which you will be able to judge for yourself which one is better.

Destiny 2 has a better story structure

Since many players had a problem with the structure of the story – this has changed significantly with the advent of Destiny 2. This is more than an obvious advantage for Destiny 2, and you will notice it as soon as you start playing. In Destiny 2 you will fight battles with the Red Legion and its leader Ghaul. In addition, you will be able to enjoy better fight scenes, new tasks, battles – but also new missions that are marked as Adventures.

Destiny 1 has a poorer choice of weapons

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Although you have three types of weapons in both games – they are still different and classified differently in these two versions of the game. Namely, in Destiny 2, the weapon is divided into three categories: powerful, kinetic, and energetic. Destiny 1 offered options like heavy and secondary weapons – so the option you get in the second sequel of this game is certainly better and more advanced. Whether you want your character in the game to carry a conservative weapon or be equipped with rifles, one thing is for sure – arming your Guardian is far simpler in Destiny 2.

Significantly improved new capabilities in the second game sequel

Although there are so many common points that connect Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, even the similarities in these two sequels can differ. A real example of this is the advanced capabilities offered in the second sequel of this game. What the first and the second sequel do have in common – is the fact that you can still choose to play the game as Hunter, Warlock, or Titan. However, the differences in capabilities are still significant. Namely, in Destiny 2 these abilities are very improved – so for example, if you play the game as Warlock – you can use the phenomenal fiery Dawnblade. An electric rod further enhanced by Arcstrider capability can be used by Hunters – while the Titans have powerful energy shields at their disposal. If you look at specialized sites such as destiny2-sherpa.com – you will realize that you can further have the most diverse and powerful boosters available. Such options were not so easily available in Destiny 1, although this game also had the possibility of additional “reinforcement”.

Traveling between worlds is easier in Destiny 2

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In the second sequel of the famous game, we have four worlds available that we can explore. What is a noticeable difference is the ease of traveling between worlds in Destiny 2. Whether you are exploring Nessus, Earth, Titan, or Io – you no longer have to return to orbit, as was the case in Destiny 1. Of course, this way you will save much more time that will be more available to you to explore the worlds and adventures that await you on the planets.

More raids in Destiny 2

You certainly know that raids are the hardest tasks to complete whether you play Destiny 1 or Destiny 2. However, the significant difference is that in Destiny 1, you only have four raids – while in the second sequel you are allowed a total of seven raids, which is almost double. In addition, in Destiny 1 you can only have a team of 6 players, while in Destiny 2 you will have the chance to join forces with other players to complete missions that you can not do alone.

Destiny 2 has a far better player base

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Since we talked about forming teams with other solo players, you should know that in this way, Destiny 2 has a far greater advantage over the original game. Namely, since its appearance on the market, Destiny 2 has attracted almost close to 20 million players – which is certainly not the case with Destiny 1, even though today this data is no longer available to us. When you don’t have your team of players to play with constantly – it’s far easier to find them within the large base, such as the one offered by Destiny 2.

The Bottom Line

Although it is very ungrateful to make a comparison between the original version of the game and its next sequel we can still say that, by all criteria, Destiny 2 prevails as a better and improved version of the game. Although there are similarities, the differences are very obvious – so during the game, try to evaluate and make the judgment yourself.

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