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Top Ways to Deal With a Slow Internet Connection

Everyone wants a fast and high-speed internet connection these days. Who would want to suffer from buffering while enjoying their favorite Netflix show? Of course, anyone would hate to have such a nuisance. There is nothing more annoying than a lagging internet connection these days. Slow internet can mess up our entire work and entertainment routine. In today’s era, slow internet is a nightmare and is something that catches our immediate attention and fixing. This is the reason the choice of a reliable internet connection is extremely important for ensuring seamless online routines. You can check this link to know about the best internet plans that assure a faster and more reliable connectivity experience. Still, there can be times when you experience slower speeds. Luckily, many effective tips work to solve the issue, and we have gathered all of them for you. So let us have a look at some of the easier, faster, and more practical ways to deal with a slow internet connection.

Check Your Speed

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First things first! You need to check your internet speed to know what you are paying for. There can be a possibility that you are paying good money for speeds that are advertised but not practically experienced. So, it is best to run a speed test and then match that internet speed with the one that is advertised. If your internet speed turns out to be slower, then follow these tips to fix it. However, the issue is not resolved, you must call your provider to deal with it, or switch to a faster and more reliable service provider.

Check Your Hardware

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There can be times when a hardware device might be causing the speed issue and not your internet connection. So it is advisable to reset your modem and router and check if the speed gets better. It is a good practice to rest your router every month to refresh your internet connection. In case you are experiencing speed issues frequently, you should reset your router every day. Similarly, turning your modem off and then on again also acts as an easy fix to help improve internet speeds. Remember this might not work like a magic wand, but it will surely make a considerable difference in your connection speed.

Avoid Data Caps

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Data caps can be a potential threat to your internet speeds. They refer to the limited data amount that you are allowed to use in a month. It is recommended to prefer internet plans with no data caps. However, if you have subscribed to an internet plan with a data cap, consuming your data limit can result in an internet slow down or restricted speeds. Internet service providers usually do not advertise data caps, so if you do not know whether you have a data cap or not, you can check your internet bill. If you feel you are exceeding your data cap frequently, it is better to contact your provider and upgrade to a higher or no data cap plan.

Make Use of Ethernet

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No doubt wireless connections seem more convenient and incredible, but the fact is that they can often be slow and pose signal strength issues. So to ensure better speeds, cable connections like ethernet are a faster and more reliable option since it does not involve transmitting the signals through the air, rather you receive the signal to your device directly.

Try Repositioning Your Router

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You should check if your router is present at some corner of the house. In that case, you might experience low signal strength resulting in a lag. You can try repositioning your router somewhere in the center of the house or preferably in the room where you spend most of your time enjoying better speeds and stronger signal strength.

Block Ads

Ad media usually slow down your internet speeds. When you are online, you see so many ads and auto-played videos that can exhaust your connection and result in speed issues. So it is better to block them, so they do not affect your internet speed.

Install an Antivirus

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If you have not installed antivirus software, your system and data can be at big risk. Any malware attack might result in dragging your connection speed and accessing your data. It is extremely important to have protection software and perform a scan on a regular base to stay secure. Use this protection software to remove any existing virus so you can have a seamless browsing experience.

Close Unnecessary Apps

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You must close any unnecessary apps or tabs in the background that might be slowing your internet connection. This helps in avoiding your network from being over-burdened and slowing down. It is a good idea to prioritize your tasks so that you can get done with the lighter bandwidth ones when experiencing a slower speed and finish the heavy bandwidth task when you have a speedier connection.

Time to Call Your Internet Provider

If you have tried the aforementioned tips and still stuck with annoying internet speeds, then it is about time that you call your internet service provider and ask them to fix the issue. If your ISP has good customer service, you are likely to get your problem solved.

Find a Better Provider

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In case the problem persists and contacting the customer support team did not help in improving your internet speeds, then consider finding a new provider that is more reliable and offers better speeds. Make sure they have an effective customer support service, so you do not have to worry about any problem later.

The Bottom Line

These easy and effective ways can help you enjoy faster internet speeds so you can carry on with your online tasks and activities smoothly. Following these tips regularly can allow you to enhance your connection speed and avoid any delays in your online routines. Though, if you feel there is no difference and your slow internet continues to bother you, then it is about time that you call your internet service provider or lookout for new internet packages that can provide you the speed that you want and save you from frustration.

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