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6 Common Casino Gambling Facts That Aren’t True

The gambling industry has been here for a long time. It is a huge machine and it makes millions of people happy or sad daily. Gambling has been here for a long time and it has some myths and tales that we all have heard at some point.

When you have an industry such as gambling that is around for as long as it has been some myths and old wife’s tales grow into facts that can be true, but usually aren’t. Today’s article will deal with those myths that grew into facts about gambling that simply aren’t and can’t be true.

Most of these “facts” are revolving around casino games that can be found anywhere on the internet, like in starwarscasinos.com for instance, because casino games have transferred from the world of physical to the world virtual. Thanks to that we all tend to blame our failures on machines since they operate all of the famous casino games.

What we tend to forget is that we are all the makers of our faith and machine can’t be blamed for anything. The machine is operating randomly, at least when it comes to casino games, and it does that thanks to its programming. Strict rules and regulations forbid any kind of tampering and rigging these machines and casinos abide by those rules, yet we still insist on the fact that our misfortune on a machine/system is set up against us. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular gambling facts that just aren’t true.

1. The more you play the more you win

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The amount of games you play does not have to do anything with the chances of you winning small or big. This is the common myth that has turned into a fact that has no sense. It may take one person 100 spins on a slot machine or a roulette table to win a big payout while it can take another person only a few spins to win the same amount. This is all due to the RNG and the luck you have. It does have nothing to do with the machine and its programming. Every time you sit behind a machine or log into your account if you are online, you have the same odds of winning the jackpot or any other prize that the machine offers. There is no link between the amount of time you spent playing to the chances of you winning the jackpot. It’s the bare truth.

2. Increase wagers to increase the chance to win

Some also state that if you increase the stakes every few games it also increases your chance of winning, but that is again totally false. There is no correlation between the amount of cash you drop into a certain game and the increase in your chance to win. What it does affect is your bank if you keep losing and it increases the win amount if you win. Betting a chip or betting a quarter on poker so slot machine gets you only so far, if you increase the wager your winnings will increase, given the fact that you win. If you are not that fortunate you will only burn through your playing money faster and end up finishing earlier than you thought. So stick to a wager you feel comfortable with and don’t increase it every so often to increase a chance to win, that is just a myth.

3. Lucky machines

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Another gambling myth that has turned into a widespread fact is that some machines are luckier than others. This is not true again and it all comes down to the fact that every machine in casino or online casino is a program running on something called Random Numbers Generator or RNG. Everything is therefore randomized and it all comes down to your luck. Someone might have been playing on a machine for a while and it hasn’t played off the entire day while someone else might play a few games and win a big jackpot. This has nothing to do with the luck of you nor the machine it is simply the randomization of numbers that dictates whether you or somebody else will win.

4. There cannot be two jackpots at a time

Most gamblers believe that if a machine just paid out a jackpot that it won’t payout for a while or at least until it has accumulated enough money for another jackpot. Again this is not true and there have been several instances where a single gambling machine paid out two jackpots in a single day, or at least a few hours apart. This means that there is no magic number of games it takes to accumulate cash and that there are no payouts that day if it already paid out a jackpot. Thanks to these real facts, we send these imaginary myth facts to the garbage bin.

5. Casino games are purely luck

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Now, this is a mythical fact that is only partially true. Some games are highly dependent on luck while others like blackjack and poker require a lot of skill. These games have been refined by professionals for ages and these games are based upon your knowledge, possibility of prediction and reading your opponents, as well as the ability to follow each game from beginning to end to calculate your odds or possibly predict an outcome of the game. While casino games based on RNG and in the electric form are purely luck games that have a bit livelier approach are something else and you should look into those as well.

6. If you have a losing streak you are due for a big win

I can’t count how many times I have heard this, and what is even more interesting it is always coming from the people that mostly lose, and lose a lot. This myth turned gambling fact is so wrong that I can’t decide where to start from. Let’s try and keep it simple. The amount of games you lose by any means doesn’t mean that you are due for a win, small or big. It just means that you will more likely continue to lose until you are all dried out. Losing streaks should mean one thing to all of us that embark on a gambling journey – either give up in total because it will cost you dearly, or give up for the day or week until you compose yourself.

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