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Business Cards: The Corner-Stone of Growth

Do you know how to market your business?

Yes, with a personal touch. That requires a classic business card.

Varieties are available in the market. Plain, bold, or printed.

All have a different story to speak. Some reflect opulence, while others resemble a royal feel. They are bound to attract the audience. It is full of magic and delight.

Apart from this, do you have a business logo?

Have you created a brand tagline?

If you are ready with all these, start exploring Business cards here.

This is the right time to restock the business cards. The right idea to increase the spirit of the brand. But, are you confused between horizontal business cards or vertical cards?

Want some information for selection? Here we go.

Vertical Business Cards

Source: unsplash.com

Are you an artist? Or a musician? Or a writer? Or loves art more than any. Then, this is the appropriate choice for you. Vertical business cards are sure to make your brand stand out. This is not just a piece of card, but a mirror to your business. It acts as a marketing tool to convey professionalism. Designed prominently to inspire the customers.

But, you must take care of a few points. Like, write short and crisp information. No paragraphs are allowed. No more additional data. Keep it short, simple, and precise.

However, the vertical layout gives an extraordinary value, especially when you arrange for an exhibition. Easy to handle and easy to read. Also, the round or elliptical logo has the right place here.

You can explore its designs and outlook. This will make you fall in love. So, try this today to experience the worth.

Horizontal Business Cards

Source: unsplash.com

Are you a business tycoon? Or financial brokers? Real estate agent? Or a sales manager?

If you fall into any of these categories, do not think much. Select horizontal business cards.

They are very much standard. It often gives a professional look. It goes perfectly when you attend expos or trade exhibitions. This gives a minimalistic impression.

So, next time when you greet any on the same table, exchange this. It would bring a charming smile on their face.

Do you know? Because it reflected your professionalism and sophistication. Your designs and selection of color bespoke your elegance and grace.

This is a symbol of trust and integrity. Yes, once you start using it, you will feel the change.

Therefore, do not wait for more. Get a beautiful logo printed in the front. Share it with your networks.

Are you looking for some more options? Yes, something different and chic. Something that goes beyond the trend? Yes, stay tuned here.

Single-Sided Business Cards

Source: unsplash.com

They are always up with the trend. The display of information is very excellent. You can scoop-in information like-

  • Name of Brand
  • Contact Details
  • Website and Logo
  • Email Address

This is easy to remember the details. It gives a quick look at your business. And yes, the chances of future references are very high. It is cost-effective. Fulfills the requirement of the business. Also, it displays more with less.

Search for trending styles and patterns. Book your order now for printing. Do not let it go. This is more precious than ever.

Double-Sided Business Cards

Source: fiverr.com

Do you want more space? Have more information to store?

Or want to display your products?

Yeah, it works when your logo is splendid.

Here, no need to stuff all information at the front. Instead, display the logo at the center in front. Then, mention your contact details at the back. No clustering of images. No more confusion.

It makes your business look simple and chic. However, your selection of designs may give a royal look with a luxurious impact.

Thus, it is visually appealing. Reflects vibrant aesthetics. You can add a map or graphics. Let’s ping the ring and get the best design. Visit the site to get more options. But, do not delay in purchasing. Delay in making business cards means a delay in business representation. Grab the opportunity today with such special treatment.

Transparent Business Cards

Source: free-mockup.com

Do you know they are the modern form of the business card? Yes, elegant in its way.

They are visually appealing to the receiver. And you won’t be able to ignore it more. It adds creativity and uniqueness with a professional touch. You can represent your illustrations.

Do you want your clients to notice more? Something additional about your product. Then, it is a perfect business card. It simply draws undivided attention.

Displays the information. Further, it improves the identity of brands. This results in a long-lasting impression. So, no more compromise with innovation. Try your luck or charm on this card. Once you build it, you would never go back. It gives you promising results.

Transparent business cards come in all forms. Vertical, Horizontal, Double-sided, or Single-sided. Ahh, are you waiting for some beautiful transparent designs? Yeah, we caught you. Stay with us. We have displayed some of the transparent designs. They are-

Big Name Clear

Source: printpeppermint.com

This is one of the most popular designs. Choose this if you are self-employed. Print your name in big, bold letters. Keep it at the upper-center.

Used white fonts with a frosted background. Let’s see how many clients you get. It goes perfectly with freelancers. No additional detail. Nothing. Just place the name at the front and contact details at the footer.

The design is ready for you. Flaunt your services in the crowd. Make head turns as possible. You will get desirable results.

Bold Initials Clear

Source: fitsmallbusiness.com

Now, this one is a remarkable design. It is purely out-of-the-box thinking. Keep your initial in bold size. Place them at the bottom. Cover more than half-space to catch the attention.

At the top, mention the full name. Between top and bottom, share your address. You can mention website links or email addresses. Keep the font size small and readable.

This is a perfect design for sophisticated owners. It shows your business intellectuals. Let’s select the color and print with the best aesthetics.

Cake Decorator

Source: designbybimbo.co.uk

As the name suggests, it is for bakers. It comes with double-sided printing. Display all the products at the front. Mention contact details at the back.

Your business will never take a back seat. It just requires the right business card. Everything else will come into place.

Therefore search online and explore the trend. You won’t find the same again. That’s the power of business cards – to influence others. So, give the right image to your brand. Contact the professional and print it today. Excellent opportunities won’t come again.

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