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3 Reasons Why Betting on Tennis is so Hard – 2024 Guide

Betting is, without any doubt, one of the commonest ways of gambling. Since there are many different ones to bet on, you will have the opportunity to choose from a wide array of different matches, leagues, cups, and other kinds of competition. It should be said that this kind of betting doesn’t only apply to team sports, like basketball, football, volleyball, and baseball.

What’s more, tennis is one of the most popular sports, especially when it comes to betting. Check out this interesting guide from BetShah to know how to bet on tennis online and what are the important tennis tournaments one can bet online. Due to its popularity, players are superstars and there are a lot of people who follow their whole careers, meaning that their forms are in the focus of bettors interested in these figures. Surely, that will provide them with an idea about what they should bet on.

However, we can say that many bettors who haven’t tried out betting on this sport, that it is much harder than some other sports. Sure, betting on favorites will provide you with a chance to win something. However, if you aiming for higher winnings, you cannot expect to be able to do that by betting on favorites. Therefore, we would like to provide you with a couple of reasons why betting on tennis is harder than some other ones. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. The Surface Plays a Pivotal Role

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For starters, we would like to say that the surface is one of the most important factors you should consider when betting on tennis matches. Anyone who watched at least one match knows there are three main ones, hard courts, grass, and clay. So, all of these have a different effect on the strategy players should apply. For example, clay is the slowest one, meaning that the ball will bounce much higher. What does this mean for the players? Surely, you’ve heard that Rafael Nadal is the best in the world on this surface. He certainly enjoys longer points and takes full advantage of clay

Grass offers an advantage for players who are great servers. The ball bounces pretty low and is preferred by those who have an aggressive style, like Rodger Federer. Last but not least, we would like to talk about hard courts. The situation is not as clear as it is with the other two types of surfaces, the reason being that it varies vastly. In some moments it can be pretty fast, and in some other moments, it can be pretty slow. The trick is to check the virtues of the players and compare them to the surfaces they are currently playing on. Sadly, we can see that not too many people pay attention to that.

2. Head-to-Head Record

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Since we are talking about an individual sport, it should be said that psychology plays a pretty significant role. Pretty much every player has an opponent that doesn’t represent a danger. At the same time, some other ones are always motivated to play at their best against someone. It should be said that these psychological games don’t always have a saying in the result you have at the end of a match. Sometimes, a certain player has his day and there’s no problem with beating his bitter rival. So, you can see that it is pretty hard to make a prediction that will succeed.

Sure, we all know what are the habits of the most popular ones. However, if we are talking about those who are not as popular in the public, we can face some problems when we try to look from this perspective. Not only psychology can play a crucial role, we can see that a certain style can be fatal for some other one. However, the question of motivation is always the most important one. Only one severe defeat could decide all the future matches between two players. So, we can see that a head-to-head record can be pretty important, but that doesn’t mean that it will always provide you with a solution.

3. The Calendar is Pretty Rough

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What many bettors don’t understand is that the calendar for a vast majority of players is pretty rough. That doesn’t mean that you should only take a look at their participation at different tournaments throughout the year. At the same time, you should carefully think about the time they spend traveling. As you can presume, traveling takes a toll on a player and could decide the result of a certain match. Once again, it can be said that monitoring all these figures for the most popular ones is easy. However, finding information about a player who’s not that popular could be a problem.

Let’s say that we have a player who won several tournaments in a row. Pretty much everyone will presume that he or she is in a God-like form and there’s nothing that could change that. However, winning three tournaments in a row is pretty hard and it could have a pretty big impact on the player’s condition and overall form. Making a presumption that someone will win at all the matches he participates in is a mistake. Just think about that, nobody is tireless and no person in the world could be in this kind of form for a long time. At some point, the player will need a long rest, and maybe this fact will have a say in the result of a certain match.


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All-in-all, we can see that tennis is surely one of the hardest sports to predict, which immediately means that the bettors will have a pretty hard job to score it big. Not that the situation is not pretty much the same with other sports, but since we are talking about an individual sport, we need to think about many more factors that could have a pretty big influence on the outcome of a match.

Here, we’ve presented you with the top three reasons why you shouldn’t expect to have an easy job predicting the final result of tennis matches. There are so many things to pay attention to, and that’s exactly what you should do. For more information about how you should be on tennis, be sure to take a look at https://efirbet.com/en/betting-guide/how-to-bet-on-tennis/.

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