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Is It Better to Rekey or Change Locks

Being a homeowner is a lovely thing, isn’t it? You have your own space where you can relax and enjoy after a tough day at work.

Renting an apartment is also good, but you will always have in your subconsciousness that the place where you live is not yours. However, many times, this is the only option that people have, so it is understandable why they decide on this move.

Anyway, if you are living in the same house or you recently bought a new one, there is one concern that you surely have. You would want to do whatever it takes to ensure your own security. Adding cameras at the entrance of your home is good, but this won’t stop the intruders to enter your home and get some valuable stuff.

The purpose of this article is not to scare you. We do not want to be negative, but it is always better to be prepared for this sort of problem before it even appears. That is the reason why all the homeowners should put into consideration two different things.

They can either rekey or change locks. The question is – which of these two options is better for you? Well, it depends on the situation you are dealing with. Both options have certain advantages that you should be aware of. Let’s find them out together!

Moments When Changing a Lock Is Necessary

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We will start with the lock changing option first. First of all, it is important to mention that this option will take you a bit more money compared to the second one. However, the costs often won’t be that big, and they can truly provide you some essential benefits.

So, what exactly happens here? If you decide on this move, the professionals for these tasks will change your door hardware completely. You will get the new ones that do not have any gaps. Despite that, you will also pair the look with the completely new keys.

Anyway, there are a couple of reasons why you should decide on this move. First of all, if your locks are too old, then doing this is a lovely opportunity to fix the problem that you have. You will ensure a higher level of security which is an essential thing for every homeowner.

Despite that, the doors inside your house should be designed by the same brand. The reason why suggest this is pretty simple to understand – you won’t have to use different keys to unlock all the doors.

In the end, what if you lose your keys? Well, this can be a pretty tough thing as you will never know what is the best option to do. If, for instance, your home address is written on the key pendant, or you lost the entire wallet where someone can find your address, then changing the lock urgently is the only option you have. Don’t expect to be lucky as you never know who will find your wallet or key.

All these reasons are probably going to change your perspective. Many people decide to rekey their locks only because it is a cheaper solution. However, homeowners should not hesitate to spend more and ensure their own security.

The good news for all the people is that many companies can change locks in your entire house and help you reach your goal. If finding the one that deserves your attention, then visiting this website after reading the article may be the right thing to do. You will manage to see there which options you have and how much money you will have to spend.

Scenarios When You Should Decide on Rekeying

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As previously mentioned, both options have certain advantages that you should be aware of. Because of that, we would like to analyze the moments when you should rekey your locks.

Once again, let’s explain how the entire process goes. First of all, the experts come to see your locks and check out how they can exactly change them. They are not going to change the complete mechanism like in the previous case. Their duty will be to change only one part of the lock and ensure that the only way you can unlock the door is with new keys.

This option is good for many reasons as well. First of all, let’s imagine that you have the same brand of doors in the entire house. However, there is one small difference – they do not have the same keyhole. Because of that, every time you want to unlock them, you will have to use different keys.

In case you want to prevent this from happening, the better option would be to only rekey your doors. With only one key, you will manage to open all the doors. Finding the appropriate key can sometimes be time-consuming, doesn’t it?

Another option you have is when you, once again, lose the key. Both options are good (we recommend you read once again the previous part), but this can be a better option that can’t afford to change the entire mechanism.

As mentioned, you must react on time when something like this happens. Of course, there is always an option that no one will enter, but why would you expose yourself and your family to such a risk? If changing the lock is expensive, use this alternative end to ensure your own safety.

Finally, if you recently purchased a new house, we strongly recommend you rekey your doors. We do believe that the previous owners are honest people that would never keep a copy of the key for themselves and enter your house while you are not there. The question is, once again, why would you expose yourself to such a risk? For complete peace of mind, the best option is to rekey the locks and design a couple of them only for your family.

Final Thought

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As you see, both options can be beneficial for you. Rekeying your locks is a more affordable solution. However, if your locks are too old, why would you replace them with completely new ones and ensure a high level of security that way?

Besides, if you plan to sell the house one day, this can also boost its value. Choose the option that seems more logical to you and ensure that your investment will be long-lasting by finding the right professionals to complete the job.

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