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Why A-Frames are the Most Effective Local Marketing Tools

When it comes to marketing for all businesses, local marketing campaigns help you to attract people in the geographical region where your company is based in. Hosting local events in the area help you to attract the attention of the targeted audience with success. You can host a grand store re-opening ceremony or debut a new service or product for your company. You can even host a sale across all your stores, organize charity events and invite customers. This will bring in a lot of foot traffic and benefit your SEO campaign as well online.

How can you get a competitive edge with local marketing campaigns?

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If your local marketing campaigns are properly organized, you can effectively attract a lot of people and media attention. To make your business event a success, you need to pay attention to the other local events that are taking place in the area, especially in your niche business group. Check how many representatives of the media are attending these events and get the names and addresses. Invite them to your event and make it more unique and bigger.

In this way, you are able to get enhanced media coverage, and people will become attracted to it. When you want to grab the strategic edge in the market, you should always come up with an angle to make your event stand out better from your peers in the same business niche. Note that all of the advertising efforts you put into your event will benefit your brand. Those who do not attend the event will even hear about its promotion and will stop in to check out your business as well.

Spread the word around with the right signs

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All businesses that are successful on a local scale have one thing in common: they can entice local communities. With the onset of the digital marketing age, many small business owners have dismissed this fundamental aspect of local marketing. Instead of relying on traditional marketing tools like pamphlets, brochures, or street-side signs, many small businesses are now attempting to entice target customers via their websites and social media pages.

It’s hard to argue against digital marketing, especially when techniques like email marketing generate 42 times the returns on initial investments. But marketing isn’t a simple one-way track process. There are various tools, practices, techniques, and tactics that brands must exploit to achieve their long-term commercial objectives. Although digital marketing strategies will continue to be part of every top brand’s global marketing plans, local businesses still need to employ conventional marketing tools.

That’s where A-Frames(also known as street-side boards or sidewalk signs) can help local businesses. These simple yet highly efficient marketing tools never fail to attract peoples’ attention passing by small businesses. If you’re running a small, locally-based business that relies on foot traffic, sidewalk signs need to be a key part of your marketing toolkit. Here’s why these boards/frames are still the most effective marketing tool for small businesses –

Easiest Way to Inform the Local Masses about the Brand

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Small businesses like local restaurants, retail stores, or cafes face two common challenges –

  • Local audiences are not aware of what their business can offer.
  • Countless potential customers often walk past these establishments without even looking at them.

Sidewalk signs and frames help solve both of these problems. Small business owners can briefly summarize all the qualities that make their establishment unique. They can add names of products, special deals, events, etc., on their sidewalk signs to ensure everyone passing by the store knows what the business is all about. Click here to learn more about A-frames for your local advertising campaigns to get targeted and effective results.

Secondly, you can easily lure potential customers into these stores if the marketing messages on the frames/signs are smart, simple, and eye-catching. Be it a funny joke or a relevant quote – people love and appreciate creativity. If they find a favorite product or service mentioned on these boards alongside a smart marketing caption, they’re almost guaranteed to give the business a shot.

With the right company, you can create attractive signs with legible fonts and designs. They largely help you to spread your business message in a defined and concise manner. When it comes to the layout of the sign, ensure you do not keep it too cluttered. Write the address and contact number of your business. Avoid using bright and bold colors. If your business has a theme color, you can use them but ensure the design invokes high visibility.

Place your sign in a region where the footfall is high. The goal here is to attract attention, so you might have to experiment a bit when ideally placing the sign in an area.

Reusable, Weather-Resistant, and Offers Long-Term Value

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Even if you own the highest grossing business on your street, cost-cutting will always be a business priority. From a cost perspective, high-quality sidewalk signs are possibly the most cost-efficient advertising tool in the market. They’re made of weather-resistant materials like aluminum that can withstand hours of rain, wind, or sunlight damage. So these are perfect for you to use.

Store owners can leave these boards out in the bad weather without having to worry about anything. You can reuse them for years. Local marketing is all about creating instant connections. These tools allow store owners to innovate with their marketing messages at very cost-effective rates. All of these qualities make high-quality sidewalk signs and frames extremely important marketing tools for locally-based businesses.

Therefore, if you want to spread the word about your business locally, relying on A-frames is a cost-effective way to do so. With them, you can catch the attention of residents and people from the media, especially if you are hosting an event for the marketing of company goods and products. With the correct style, design, and placement, A-frames effectively will help you catch attention and attain the desired response for your business with success!

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